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This is a response to a guy who wanted to drift and drag over 100mph. I think I get a little fired up, so don't be offended since this wasn't written for you

There are a lot of factors for trying to go that fast. Tires, pavement, do you have enough space to go that far, how is the transmitter range, will your car lift off the ground if some air gets underneath etc...

Originally Posted by Mooshu Beef
Hi Basher,

If you're asking what a "sensored" brushless motor is, or that the velion motor can go 70 mph...

There is a lot more you need to read to understand the brushless motor, and how those people reach those insane speeds. Because to get to those speeds, the people build custom chassis' or reinforce an existing one. You need a strong chassis to stay stable at those incredible speeds, and a body that won't let too much air go under your chassis, or it will flip and start rolling.

Drifting and Drag racing are absolutely on opposite ends of the spectrum. Drifting is about controlling the car while it is sliding around. Drag racing is solely on speed and grip. Consequently, a brushless system and gearing for drifting will absolutely NOT work to Drag race, and vice versa.

Are you trying to win drag races with an RC car? I would focus on drag racing then.

Turning a TC3 into a drag racer that goes 115mph... good luck with that. You're going to need:

-Tires that won't blow up at those speeds
-Gearing to so the motor can actually make those speeds...
-A Brushless motor That can turn that fast
-The ESC that can handle it (The Mamba Max might be able to)
-The VOLTAGE to supply your motor
-A body that won't make your car fly at over 100mph
-A Radio with good range and won't glitch on you

A Drag strip.


To give you an idea of how much work, time and money this will take, look at this blog. This guy is using a 1:8 scale car that was made for a nitro engine. He's taken a motor that is larger than the normal 540 sized brushless motor. Even this can't get over 90 mph.

I like your enthusiasm...but that is a very hard task for you to do with your budget and experience.


Realistically you can:

Get a 2s or 3s Lipo setup with a mamba Max ESC. This in combination with a 5700kV motor. Read up a bit more here:


Again your problem will be cost. Lipo is not cheap, and you have to get a charger/balancer as well.

I am not sure if anyone on this forum drag races, seeing as it is a drift forum, but you never know . We can definitely help you out with a drift setup, however. Many use Novak GTBs with a 10.5 or 7.5 motor. Since GTBs are sensored ESCs, many say they are more smooth. I personally own a Mamba Max with a 6900kV motor, and will be switching from a HPI Pro2 to TA-05.

Quick explanation: Brushless motors are different from brushed in that brushless motors have the windings in the motor can, and the magnets are on the armature. Therefore, the voltage must alternate between the coils to more the armature.

Sensored motors can detect where the rotor is, and won't "cog" or stall. Sensorless motors cannot communicate with the ESC, so the ESC has to guess, and can sometimes send voltage to the wrong coil, and the motor "cogs". This does not damage anything, just the car doesn't move right away. I personally don't have any trouble with this, but in a competition situation, you always want your motor going when you pull the throttle.

If you got through this entire thing, I congratulate you. But I just ask you review what you have asked and everything you've said. You said yourself that you do not need that much speed/power to drift. That's incorrect. It will be extremely inconvenient to TRY to drift with that much speed. I can't even imagine trying to drift with the car I sent in the link.
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ok well i just recieved my maxamps 5000 3s lipo and charger and hhave ordered the mamba maxx 5700 from my local shop for 205.

I was just trying to go insane but to be honest ive only owned the novak 3.5 with the 6 Nickel medal Hydride pack. so i prolly wasnt going fast at all even tho it felt like it. Ive read what oyu had to say and i went to the link you posted and they said the fastest they have is the 5700 with 3s and will hit 60's so we will see.

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Old 07-29-2008, 11:13 AM   #18
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Originally Posted by capone View Post
I cant remember my Old name on here so I have Created a New one. I got out of RC for about a year so I could just spend more time with my New Daughter n such but Now Im coming back.

I have a 1/10th Cyclone S Kit that I bought and now am in the market for a Motor and ESC. I am looking for SPEEEEEEEED so what do you recommend to be the Fastest. I used to have a Novak 3.5 and it was fast but I just want Faster.

please include Pics and Links. Also will a 3S Lipo fit in my Cyclone or can I put more or is that basicly the limit for most motors.
You want to use a Cyclone S for speed runs? If so, it wont happen. The Cyclone S is not made to run those kind of speeds.

You must first make sure to build an aluminum diff, and make sure it's tight enough for mod speeds. If the car comes with a front diff, then take that out and put an aluminum spool in there as well.

You might have to upgrade the drive shafts as well...dont know if the stock ones can with stand those speeds you're talking about.

Remember the Cyclone S is a Touring car, meant to be run driven in on-road course track, as an entry level car for novice drivers to learn how to drive around a track.

If you want to get in to electric/nitro drag racing, there's kits that are made specifically for this, which u would enjoy much more.
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I've seen over 80mph on a slighly modified TC5. Trust me, that is faster than it seems. There is so much power that you can break the wheels loose almost at will up to say 50-60 mph. Even small steering corrections can be nerve wracking at that speed - obviously you'll want a transmitter where you can configure a setting for top speed stuff - as you'll want completely different settings than a normal bashing or TC racing type setup.

Small bumps @ 80mph on a 1/10th touring car are quite exciting. You start to worry about things like gusts of wind, radio range, and enough room to shut the thing down w/o causing any damage.

Here's video of a guy's TC5 experiencing a very entertaining blowover at about 100 mph. If $'s are a concern, 100 mph blowovers are not going to be enjoyable though.

Also, if $'s are a concern, you should be aware that the faster the thing is going, the more things you're going to break when it crashes (it happens to the best of us) or just from general stress.

For some perspective on that speed:

Spektrum 2.4 GHz radios have a roughly 300' range, so that's 600' of radio range (unmodified) using max enpoints. I find that with that radio, I'm at least as limited by radio range and braking as I am by engine performance acceleration and speed-wise.

Accelerating to that speed, while under control, on any "normal" surface, quickly is not as easy as you might think. At 80 mph you're doing 117 feet per second. That's about 4 seconds of acceleration and speed before transitioning to shutdown. I find that the car is still capable of further acceleration when I have to transition to slowing down, or I risk something "bad" happening. The real go-fast guys have a lot more runway (both radio and pavement) than I have easy access to.

It's to the point where I ordered a 3pk with the FASST module as the true "go fast" pros on http://www.fast-rc.co.uk/forum/index.php have convinced me that even though no one can technically explain why it is (its voodoo essentially) the range on that particular transmitter is about 3x that of the Spektrum.

With a 5700kv on 3S Lipo, geared right I think you'll find the speed is at least a very good place to start. If you need more after that, on 3S the Castle 7700kv would be faster still. While it isn't "supported" it'll work at least some of the time. I would guess that with a fast motor, sufficiently tall gearing, sufficient radio range, and a nice smooth stretch of asphalt, 3S Lipo would break 100mph.

Here is the same thing on 4S Lipo @ 122mph

Here is the same thing on 5S Lipo @ 135mph

At speeds beyond 100mph, crazier voltages, more aerodynamic bodies, tire reliabilty, etc all start to play issues. Drag is a bitch.

Once I get a longer range radio, hopefully I'll be able to tell you what it took to break 100 mph from personal experience. Heck, some of the project cars designed to go really fast have frickin rudders as steering. (or at least partial/high speed steering)


FWIW, top speed setups and drag setups are different. Drag setups are designed to cover a set distance in as short a time as possible. They're all about the launch and acceleration, so lower gearing, lighter weight, hooking up, etc (and keeping it under control) Top speed setups are less about acceleration, and more about stability, tall gearing/rollout and voltage. (well, and aerodynamics, etc) Another thing to keep in mind, is that not all kv ratings are created equal. Ultimately if you can gear properly (and rollout properly), wattage (or horsepower) would be a better motor indicator I think.

Now, with all those disclaimers and warnings, it is also completely true, that there's something sickly fascinating about seeing how fast you can get one of these little electric monsters to go.

I've shown 70+ mph to some people that aren't even that into rc cars, and they're like Holy Crap WTF was that!?!?!

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Geek that was great

Where are you at now with your progress? Do you have a blog? I'd be interested to read about your ventures...
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I'm waiting for the new transmitter to arrive, and just received a new more aero body shell.

I think I've got all the necessary spurs and pinions such that once everything arrives, it should just be a matter of finding the time, sufficient space, and sufficient cojones to see if I can get it to 100 mph on 3S, or break something trying.

I have a 4S pack just in case though.

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