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  • I also take the bearings apart but only for big races and you can't open all bearings. The trick to rebuild you bearing is: You take the clean outer ring and but some thick shock oil in it. Now you can stick the balls in the oil and assemble the bearing. Afterwards you spray out the thick oil and lube it with thin oil.
  • Bearing Cleaners

    Seems like the real deal. Trying to get it over here might be hard and expensive though.


    Awful cheap for a True Ultra Sonic cleaner. Though the ripples without the whole unit vibrating sound like it is real.
    With the cheap ones (sonic cleaners), the whole unit vibrates like crazy.
    Guess I'll have to look around some more.
  • Re: Bearing Cleaners
    Originally posted by popsracer

    Seems like the real deal. Trying to get it over here might be hard and expensive though.
    Geez another thing I didn't think of, we run 240v in Aus so you couldn't plug it in over here without a converter anyway.....
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    Originally posted by CustomfibreR/C
    Just wondering if anyone else out there has gone to this extent of bearing maintainence.....(see pic below)

    I totally dismantled a bearing and rebuilt it and even with one of the balls missing, which is lost in the carpet somewhere, the difference was absolutely amazing.

    This thing just spins and spins 8 - 10 times longer than it did before the rebuild......

    Takes a lot of patience to rebuild it though.....
    Yeah, done that. Kinda tiring though and for me, quite tedious.

    But there's a good way of cleaning your bearings (only traditional bearings - not the sealed ones) without having to go to this extent.

    Here it is:

    1. Get an empty film canister (you know, those 35mm camera film canisters made of plastic).
    2. Half fill it with kerosene (or any weak solvent).
    3. Put about 3 bearings at a time and shake it for about 5 mins.
    4. Open the canister and see the dirt that came out of the bearings!
    5. Now boil about 3 teaspoonfuls of clean motor oil (40W is good) in a small aluminum kettle.
    6. Turn off the heat. Let cool for about 2 mins.
    7. Put the cleaned ("shaken") bearings in this kettle and let it stay there until the oil total cools down and turns viscous again.
    8. Take off bearings and wipe off excess oil with paper towels.

    Now you have a perfectly clean and OILED set of bearings!

    Try it!