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  • I've got a Novak XBR and a 17.5 in my RWD TC. I've got the latest software in my Sidewinder and it's mounted in my KX1 4WD TC. I would like to have a motor that would run like the 17.5 for the 4WD. I also have a Yokomo YR-F2 FWD with a brushed 27T stock. I'd like to be able to compare the 3 with similar power systems. Thanks, Don
  • Quote: M.Hoffer on the GM BL thread keeps repeating that NONE of the GM team drivers use sensors .." NO DIFFERENCE ", he says... and I do believe him !
    Control/response - sensor vs no sensor = IS DIFFERENCE!!
  • Quote: Control/response - sensor vs no sensor = IS DIFFERENCE!!
    HAve you run the gm unit? having run both lrp and gm the gm run sensorless is far superior in feel and control
  • Quote: This is very interesting thread. I don't think I've ever seen as many supposedly informed people telling others as many wrong things.

    The rules for brushless motor were not written by Roar on a blank sheet. They were written using suggestions from brushless motor manufacturers. It was long time ago and there were few manufacturers interested in the market, which is why the rules suited one manufacturer very well.

    Do not forget by that time there was allready a big market for brushless motors. By that time they were sensorless model airplanes. Model airplanes use a lot of different sizes of motors. 1/10 cars use one size of those motors, so every maker allways had a motor the same size as cars use.

    "Unknown" makers like Hacker, Kontronik, ElectronicModel, just to name a few, had by that time motors for 1:10 cars. The "problem" was those motors had by that time twice the power of the "known" makers. Perhaps now you understand why the rules where written that was not a problem of nobody wanted to come in, was a problem of not letting others to come in.
  • which explains why ROAR went with a wind rating instead of a kv rating.
  • PDM, you're forgetting Aviox, one of, if not the largest RC brushless manufacturer of that time. They had RC Car specific brushless system (sensorless) on the market before Novak even started designing theirs.
  • Hacker, too. I had one. Master Car Competition, was the name. Sensorless, needless to say.
  • Quote: PDM, you're forgetting Aviox, one of, if not the largest RC brushless manufacturer of that time. They had RC Car specific brushless system (sensorless) on the market before Novak even started designing theirs.
    You are right. I did not forget, I just mention a few, and European (they are closer to me). You wrote Aviox. Aveox is what I have in my mind.

    Yes they were a major developer of brushless motors, they were for a lot of people a reference.

    I have the ideia that since 2002 (or around that) all major makers use sensorless systems.
  • Hey there,

    many of you do miss one very important point which was pushed by the federations (ROAR, IFMAR, EFRA, etc) and the brushed motor companies. Which is that the rules had to be written in a way so that the new brushless technology would not "blow away" brushed and the the two could compete with eachother in the same class and with similar performance.
    This is why the rules for brushless are the way they are and not some other conspiracy theory...
  • Conspiracy
    I know that all these brushless companies existed before Novak and LRP developed thiers but there is one major difference.... Those companies didn't promote them for racing and couldn't even begin to write brushless rules which would have been practical to the racing organizations and members...
  • I've tested quite many esc's and motors, the difference is visible in "older" systems, especially on start or when you spin on turn, then a little cogging appears (worst in old style Lehner/BK Electronics ESC, old hacker ESC is smoother & weaker on start, but worse on turns).
    Now in new systems, especially like GM I prefer, there is no real difference, even with other companies motors like Tekin or Hacker. Real improvement is easy to see in this category, soon it will be I think cheaper to buy simple sensored system than non-sensored, as it will be easier to make smooth sensored set.
  • mamba max
    hi guys i have several Brushless esc already LRP tc spec, Novak GTB, Ko BMC. i recently bought Mamba max 7700kv, can i use my novak velocity 3.5 BL motor and Lrp 4.5 Motor with mamba max? thanks in advance.

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