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Originally Posted by Kevin CBR View Post
Rather than focus on the negative as some like to do, here are some positives that we learned at the last 4-hour enduro we ran at the Tamiya R&D track in California. Note that the three drivers on our team were all "unsponsored" drivers. We supplied our own cars, equipment and tires and we had a blast doing it. Tearing the front corner off the car three laps in was not our plan but we awere able to replace the corner quickly and drove back up to finish fourth at the end with 833 laps completed. The top three teams did not have any mechanical repairs during the race and the 1st and 2nd place teams finished on the same lap just 6 seconds apart !

As a series, difficult to do. You use up a lot of car parts running a car hard for four hours straight. I replaced most of the drive train components and chassis on my TA05 after it was all over but that was also due to running a mod class motor.

There was just one "open class". Most drivers ran LIPO's and brushless. Motors were more to what the team could handle. We ran a 6.5 Novak system.

Tires and bodies - unless you are getting reduced prices and support from the "spec" tire and body required that you can pass on to the racers, don't make entrants have to use one brand. You can specify certain types of bodies and no dish rims but let people run what they want or have. For your Porsche class as an examlpe, in addition to HPI, Tamiya made a 911 GT-3 body from a TL-01 kit and just released another 911 GT-3 body on a TT-01 kit.

Turn marshalling - each team was required to supply there own marshalls. Seemed tough seeing a person just stand next to a car that was turtled but if a team does not want to get friends to help with the marshalling, that is their decision and their fate.

Good luck on your race plans !
Kevin, thanks for the information. I've made changes based off of your reccommendations. It's great to get info from guys that have run these races before to determine reasonable guidelines to follow.

I believe you're correct that it would be tough to make this a series. Maybe this will serve better as a seasonal event. Maybe a spring opener and a fall finale.
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I posed an interesting suggestion earlier that I think might have been overlooked:

I think that it would be a fun thing to have a couple different enduros and make a weekend of it. Have the 500 lap enduro as the capstone and have a couple other enduros for other classes over the weekend.
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Old 06-03-2008, 07:24 AM   #33
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Just popping in, missed this one sorry Boosted

This totally sounds like something I would love to do, especially as the proposed rules have evolved. I wanted to organize a 2.4hr race myself with 1/10th and super-size nitro cars but that never got off the ground - this was before PTs and other things (like Li-po batteries) that would have made things much easier to do.

Random thoughts:
  • I think the current limit of AMB software is 20 cars, right? I think there are other solutions that can handle more cars but I'm not up to speed on race software.
  • It might be interesting to try limiting the size of the racing teams to, say, 4 for the LMP class, 5 for the GT1 class and 6 for the GT3 class. Or maybe just 6 total members per team. The idea I have is to encourage rookie or sportsman racers to join the GT3 class, so they have a bigger team and not be as intimidated to join the race.
  • IMO a series would be very ambitious, depending on the location. Of course with Road Atlanta in your back yard that's a pretty good draw but maybe you could schedule the race the weekend of the Petit LeMans, have a BBQ and drinks there, a real laid-back atmosphere, and also the race on a couple of TVs (if possible). Maybe get together with a club (not sure if you're already affiliated with one) to have the 2.4hr qualifying and a normal club race on a Saturday or a Friday night, then the long race the next day.
  • Definitely have a concours competition, extra points for working lights

that's all I can think of for now...hope these suggestions give some ideas
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Our local legends racers have put together a similar series for the summer. www.rclegends.com

Once a month, 1 hour long in 20 minute segments, 5 minutes between each segment for driver/marshal/pitman changes.
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Old 06-03-2008, 08:42 AM   #35
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I vaguely recall there being a 1/10 scale class for enduro racing back when direct drive was really popular. If i remember there were even manufacturers that made quick change battery setups for their cars adn 3 and 4 second pit stops were the norm.

I am also interested in enduro racing but it hink that other poster has got it all wrong. A quick for instance:

I was out of racing when the touring car craze hit, adn i decided to get back into it. To become competitive in 1/10 touring today it cost me around 4.5k spread out over the last 18 months. I bought a car (then had to upgrade that car because it wasn't a good enough car) then i had to get parts because my hobby shop didn't stock parts for my car, then i had to get brushless because my doors were getting blown off (and i'm lazy and cheap i didn't want to have to buy and use a lathe and brushes etc!), then i had to get lipo because again ... my doors were getting blown off (and again i'm lazy and cheap, i didn't want to maintain nimh and get the latest greatest ep ib or energ), then there is the tire issue (40$ a pop!!!!)oh and the radio lets not forget about the pit tools and all the various sauces fluids and other tuning aids one needs. Here is the thing: i did it on the CHEAP i bought everything used, i don't own 1 new thing, period (technically not true, my parts are new but ebayed from liquidation and sellouts, and i bought 2 new lipo's because i don't trust lipo's enough tobuy them used)!! I have a friend that spent almost double that because he liked Xray hahah!

I see enduro as a way to keep the costs DOWN because if you have super hot super fast super modified you will be broken or dnf'ed mighty fast, so the slower smoother guys that can last the race will win, funny but that is EXACTLY what happens in full scale racing. It's not the jackrabbits that win le mans, it's the ones that stay out on the track hahaha.

The other point i see in this thread that i will whole heartedly agree with is the vintage racing, what is the point of having vintage racing w/ a 500$ xray t2008 w/ another 500$ in electronics under the camaro!? I don't really get that. Check out the HPI challenge, that kind of thing is fun! I had a blast at the challenge and i'm dusting off a vintage rc car to run in the vintage class there because it is open enough to allow tinkering but controlled enough to make sure the better mousetrap comes out of your head not your wallet hahaha.

I would love to compete in an enduro, i'm not so sure the cars can't handle it, because i haven't really replaced any parts (other than those destroyed by the wall reaching out and grabbing my car) in the last 2 months of racing 3 heats and a main every weekend.
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We run Enduro’s every Sunday. 1 Hour. We run GT and LMP at the same time. In the fall we run at night also, with headlights on the cars. WHAT A BLAST IT IS! www.ttminisports.com
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back in 89...wow that was a bit ago. I ran an enduro in a 60x40 indoor dirt track for 2 hours. http://ww.nashrcracer.com/rh89/RobbyHobby89enduro.htm i think the final lap count was like 600 to 900 range for the 4 teams we had the same deal 4 cars 1 driver 1 marshall 2 in the pits doing batteries and cars. the only bad thing was we only had 3 drivers so I got to drive for about 50 minutes of the 2 hours. if it's a once a year thing it makes for a fun 2 hours. we painted all the bodies up similar paint. the Team I was on finished 3rd and these were the days of 1400s and all brushed motors. so to say it would be easier today would be a vast understatement. just something to change up the norm. as for running all classes together. the challenge for that is closing speed between class are way to fast as it is now. passing would be a bit touchy. now if you were all running like 21.5 4 cell in 10th pan and 10th tc now that could be cool because one class would be faster then the other. tc being more heavy and thus slower and pan being gtp bodies with better handling. I think that would be the biggest problem between classes, closing speed. trust me I have see someone peel off the side of a car in open practice at the nats because it was stock and mod tc on the track. not fun. but maybe cars closer to speed with each other. even all 17.5 in pan and tc would make for some difference but not 17.5 and mod tc which is just looking for a reason to break someone.
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My local track once heald a 1hour Stock Oval enduro

Rules were simple.
Three Man Teams
Each driver had to drive twice!
Each driver had to have at least 15min of driving
Only one team car on the track at a time.
Turn marshal must be in place while team is driving.
Shared Transponder per team

It was a crazy crazy race. I had my car working and I was able to do 15min runs off my 4200's and still laping the other teams. At one point my team was in the lead by 20laps and I forgot to put in the transponder. No one was manning the computer, so my team ended up lossing 30 laps before my mistake was caught. By time my second time to drive was there, my team was about 10 laps down and I fought hard to make it back to the lead lap just before the buzzer went off. Lost by a 1/4 lap....
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I know that with the addional capacity longer races could be held, but it just makes for long race days.

If the scoring software could be updated to allow mixed class racing, the LeMans style racing could be a hit. I would encourage a reduction in min weights so that tire wear would be better.

In pancar, a 21.5 and 17.5 Lipo classes would cool.
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We have run 2h 45m races and 4h races with multiple classes. I've loved it and the only complaints I've heard had to do with the lack of announcing and track issues (temporary circuit so you pay your money and take your chances 8)).

Endurance racing is a blast. Equipment is what it is. We've seen cheap cars win and expensive stuff pull it off. The best part is new strategies, teammates, troubleshooting, team work, concentration for more than a sprint race, and on and on. People who don't participate are just scared of looking bad or just don't get it. Which is fine. To each their own. We joke about those "shelf-princesses" that won't get dirty or scratched. It's too bad because you should just use and enjoy your gear. When something breaks replace it or figure out how to fix it.

I've maintained 20 - 30 minutes out of our packs with 4200's being the longest lasting. If you run high-bite tracks that require little throttle control you will run through the packs a lot quicker. Track set up is everything for battery life. You'll never know until you run the first race and then everyone will be bench racing non-stop until the next show.

Run your race and have a good time. You will make some believers along the way and add to your email list of those to invite for the next race.
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We've done enduros for the last four years. Started with 2.4 hour events, three man teams each with their own car just switching the transponder between each car. We have run two classes, 1/12th and Touring, anything goes, brushed/brushless, Lipo/NiMh, foam/rubber. Racing was really fun with some close racing and finishes. Ran Minis at our last race, 1.2 hours, three man teams and only one car, turned out awesome!!

We'll be running two enduro races on Wednesday June 25th, both the 1.2 hour format. One for Minis and the second for our Vintage Trans Am class. Seven Mini and six Trans Am teams signed up so far, should be a blast!! They will be on LiveRC.com if anyone would like to check it out.

We'll be having our annual enduro in January this year with a 2.4 hour Mini race and a 4 hour Open race. Here are the results from our previous races:

Tim Ski
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I think LRP a few year back had an invitational 24 hours enduro race held in Germany.

This will be nice, specially if diffferent Companies sponsor each team.


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i heard of 1/8th nitro races lasting 24 hours in france somewhere... can't find the website though...
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