Formula 1 Electric who makes em ??

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  • LOW ET, I watched the vid of the new Corally at the 'Birds. It's the fastest thing I've ever seen. Going against Hyprdrives and CRC's and lapping them say's a lot for it...GET ONE!
    HEAVY, If you look at the 108 it is a Tamiya frame, Cross (I think) aluminum pod, TRG front end. 103 wheels, a few off the shelf items to hold it together. Not sure about the spur though. Depends on the supplier. Check the they could probably give the answer. Not a bad combo and should work. I'm waiting to see one out there.
    Tally, I told you wrong on the F201 wheels. The fronts will not work because of the offset unless you find a way to use the F201 a-arms on it...$$$. Marty will have a kit though with a machined front hub that he says worked perfect, he is testing it now.
    To everyone else, Marty will be back on his feet soon and he is doing all he can to get MLP where it should be. He has some help now and a lot of people cheering for him to make it as it should be. Just stand by.
  • mxrich,


    Thank you
  • anyone out there using a brushless motor in their f1 cars?
  • Yep,
    we race with 10.5T + Lipo
    a lot a fun long drive times
  • Dangit! I wish I could get you guys to this years F1 cup race. What a show that would make.
  • Think this class will grow quick due the release of the new Tamiya F103RM.
    we see all other brands are busy to get this class back
    2WD rules!
  • Yes, there are more brands out there than ever before for racing. TCS will rule of course in sales but that's ok. For all the non-TCS stuff there is plenty to chose from and it seems all of them are fast. I can't wait for my mew MLP 2wd to get here. I would like to see them take home the F1 Cup this year. The new Alpha is rock steady also. I like how he has one chassis for 6 cell and another for 4 cell racing. Both of them throwdown some serious laptimes. Don't forget RCindycars, that is still the smoothest running car I have ever seen. 2009 could be a good year.
  • Someone asked if you can run 1/10 scale pan car foam tires on a F103.

    Well you can the Tamiya Front Bearings will push into the 1/10 scale pan car front wheels. however you must use a wheel that is made for a none flange bearing. there are stops in the wheel.

    I am working on a set of 4 bolt hubs for the Tamiya rear axle.
    So you will be able to run the 1/10 scale pan car wheels and tires on the Tamiya.

    Next I have made a set of rear hubs and front knuckles and front axles to let you run 12mm hex hub wheels on pan cars Like our New Viper GT10 or cars with the 4 bolt hubs. Like this car here if one wanted to run F201 Rubber wheels and tires. and it will also work for the F103 or F103GT but you need the F103GT rear axle setup and our new kuckles.

    This is just one of our New Cars it is the Viper F1 and should be out by the end of Sept 2008

    bye see ya next year
  • Marty i thought someone bought your company and changed it to LMP

    If your still in the game as MLP thats awesome.....

    There is some talk of F1 cars running on the carpet this fall in Illinois !!!
  • Hey wallstreet Thanks.

    Well the sale of MLP turned bad.

    he had some family problems and backed out.

    hey if you would be upto doing some testing for me or if you know someone have them email me off the website and I will put a car in there hands to test and race with this fall in your or that series ok.
  • that is a sweet looking car
  • sorry to hear!
    but our collection is getting bigger and bigger
    today we did get the diffusers in
  • Back in teh days when we used to run a lot of F1 we used to use 48pitch gears - there was a brass bush that enabled teh use of Kimborough spurs - I seem to remember that teh Kimborough spurs had a larger diameter center hole as well - any idea where I can get teh stuff to convert a Tamiya F1 to 48 pitch ?
  • Do the tower hobbies thing and get the gearset (or two) for the Duratrax Delphi Indycar while they last. Standard 48 pitch and fit perfect.With the intro of the new F103RM maybe Robinson will get back to making spurs for them. Then if we could talk TM into making mounted tires for the 103's again...
  • ore chck this page middle section

    look for Cross Racing Special washer for spurgear cfp-08

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