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  • Re: TA04 -TRF414 parts
    Originally posted by rough512
    Is the front hub carrier of the TA04PRO the same as that of the original TRF414? Currently, my 414 is fitted with the racing hub carrier (the one with the ball studs for camber link and torsion bar).
  • Found out t is the receiver....
    It is fine when mounted on top of the servo, but when I mount the receiver under the bulkheads I have problems....but it is only happening to 2 of my 3 receivers.
    So I guess I just will change the receiver...
    Problem started when I stripped all my cars down to clean them and didn't take notice of which receiver was in my 414M, 12L3 and micro RS4 (receivers are all the same...KO KR297). I wasn't happening before then so I must have put a different receiver in the car....
  • is hiro's rc page still active? cuz i emailed them about some parts i needed and havent' gotten a response. maybe cuz it's veteran's day? lol. jk. i dont kno then?


  • rough512

    Yes it's the same hub carrier as the Ta04


    I don't know whats up with Hiro. I'm awaiting a reply from him to see if he recieved my payment for some parts he sent early. He usaually replies around USA 10pm-8am EST.
  • hey,

    whats ur guys' experience with HIRO? is it reliable? and how long does it take to recieve ur item? thanx.
  • I've spent a few thousand dollars (about 15-20 orders) doing transactions with Hiro, and never had any problems. This is the 1st time I've had any difficulties with an order. I'm waiting for an e-mail from him telling he recieved my money so that I can order more.

    Once your payment is recieved, it usually takes about 5 buisness days for your items.
  • x414x, about your signature...
    Didn't you say you could get them from someone?
  • I don't recall at the moment I must have meant the silver 414 setting wheels which I got from Hiro and Tamiya USA only has 1 (yes 1, not 4) damn setting wheel. So, I'm still looking.
  • that's funny that TAMIYA USA, the major distributor of tamiya only has ONE setting wheel. hahahaaha. ok.

    thanx x414x! i feel comfortable to buy from hiro now. kinda expensive tho??? 20 bucks for shipping! i better buy a lot to take advantage of that. peaches.
  • $20? What all you ordering for that much? I've orderd all this for $6.80 shipping....

    9805683 3x25.3mm shaft (2 pcs.)
    9805682 3x30mm shaft (2 pcs.)
    9805652 Center Shaft
    9805648 5x2mm Spacer (10 pcs.) x2
    9805651 7x3mm Spacer (10 pcs.)
    4304023 Spur Gear Holder
    3459064 Spur Gear Hub
    9805646 630 Flanged Bearing (2 pcs.)
    9805768 6x6.5mm Aluminum Ball Nut (10 pcs.)

    53284 5mm Aluminum Ball Connector (10 pcs.)
    53308 Aluminum Servo Stay
    53388 Turnbuckle Tie-Rod Set
    50961 6mm Ball Collar (8 pcs.)
    50873 TA04 Spur Gear Set (0.4 Module:112T,120T,128T)
    53008 1150 Sealed Ball Bearing (4 pcs.) x2
    53030 850 Sealed Ball Bearing (4 pcs.) x2
    53065 1260 Sealed Ball Bearing (2 pcs.)
    53126 1510 Sealed Ball Bearing (2 pcs.)
  • oops...

    i accidentally referred to

    n/m. hiro said the bearings cost 6 bucks plus 3 bucks shipping. so 9 bucks total . woo hoo. but ... i just noticed a problem on my car.

    i installed spacers under all my suspension blocks.


    FRONT/FRONT: 4mm
    FRONT/BACK: 5mm


    BACK/FRONT: 6mm
    BACK/BACK: 5mm

    however, there's a problem with the rear of my car. after i installed the spacers, it raised the suspenion arms. but apparently, raising the suspension arms in the rear, the arms touch the delrin Light Weight Diff Joints, those outdrives in the rear. as u can see in the pictures, the arms is up close to it, so the shocks can't work cuz the outdrives get in the way. do i have to cut the arms or something? need help ASAP!

  • a close up...

    u can see how they both are verrrry close to each other. so this doesn't give space for the shocks to work on the suspension.

  • final close up...

  • reflekt,

    don't cut away anything on the arm. just change the spacers! since you are looking for only 1mm difference between suspension blocks, try something smaller, like 2mm to 3 mm. it is good to set the chassis low and close to the ground but not too close. the way you have your car set up, i think you will be scratching the road every time you make a turn.

    just change the spacer, buy the tamiya blue spacers, they give you many assorted sizes and you can set up your car better that way.
  • Hi,

    I am fairly new to the site and also quite new having a TRF 414M, I had my first race with this beauty and was able to finis 3rd but I had a small problem the car was throwing its back a little.
    I am thinking whether I should have more or less camber in the front compared to the rear and what effects does it have.
    I would have another question toe-in in front does it help to have more traction at the rear going in or coming out of a corner?


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