Bulk Brushes?

  • Anyone know where I can buy Bulk brushes? Something like reedy 766's and 767's.

    -Sushi Boy
  • You can find Trinity 4505s at Kinetix:

  • I was thinking about those, but I never really had good luck with the crosscuts.

    -Sushi Boy
  • I've been running the 4505's and they are working great for me. Kinetix has a great price on them..
  • Will they hold up in mod? I'm using a Reedy Kr 10x2.

    -Sushi Boy
  • No, run 766s
  • I think you can get some PUTNAM PROPUSION brushes from SCHUMACHER USA, bag of 30 I think.
  • Quote:
    Originally posted by Axiom5B
    No, run 766s
    Yeah, thats kinda what I thought.

    -Sushi Boy
  • You can buy in pairs of 12 from http://www.bigjimracing.com/accessories.php
  • you can get the reedy 767's in bulk, just add a B to the end of the part number.

    for the 767 i think it is: ASC767B

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