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Old 04-09-2008, 11:35 PM   #46
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Y'know, I've been hearing the LiPo argument a lot lately. The pro side of the argument seems to come from people who are obsessed with tweaking that last little teensy bit of performance out of their car, and don't have a problem spending money to do it.

For someone like me, the switch to LiPo is a bit of an investment. I figure it'd take about $300-$500, maybe more. Is that fair? Not really. Not right away, anyhow.

So, to keep things fair for those of us who don't have a bunch of money to throw at their hobby, cars running LiPos are weighted down a little. Get over it.

This is (essentially) formula racing, so that pretty much anyone that wants to can afford to participate. Besides that, it's a hobby.

Relax. The switch to LiPo is coming for everyone. Let us save up our pennies so we can all play.

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Old 07-26-2008, 12:11 PM   #47
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Originally Posted by zenithrr View Post
without changing the x2, 416, etc layout, adding a lighter or shorter can bushless motor is way to go. I found using a lighter servo do help a lot too. the goal is to move more weight toward the center point without sacrifice performance.

Here's what I would use, but in need of a 5mm shaft pinion to make such setup works.

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Old 07-26-2008, 01:07 PM   #48
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Originally Posted by monkeyracing View Post
Let us save up our pennies so we can all play.


some of you may be new to the game but I have a lot of legacy equipment that doesn't work with lipo plus your talking club racing not national level racing...

what wins on sunday sells on monday still applies somewhat to this sport. so untill toso or cyrul or massami wins the worlds with a lipo the only one that is going to have this kind of push for the basher club racer is going to be losi. and don't give me the fairtrace arugment he could of won with any car he's a good driver. just wish 5cell would of come along 5 years ago like the europeans so this wouldn't be an argument right now. run within the prescribed rules so everybody is on a level playing field.

think about this if I have a 12 cyclinder steel 6 liter motor and you have a 8 cyclinder aluminum 6 liter motor should the rules change just because you can make your car lighter.
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Originally Posted by nashrcracer View Post
think about this if I have a 12 cyclinder steel 6 liter motor and you have a 8 cyclinder aluminum 6 liter motor should the rules change just because you can make your car lighter.
What should happen is a minimum weight rule should be added to the list. Happened in F1, so why not for TC racing?
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Old 07-27-2008, 02:00 AM   #50
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This debate is a bit disappointing. Trying to get an existing technology (LiPo) into applications it isn't designed for isn't evolving anyone or anything. The debate, if we want to evolve, should be how we get the future technologies into RC.

LiFePo4 seems to be more suited to RC. The 6.6v is applicable to all electric RC classes, allowing everyone to use the same cells irrespective of class. We can all use the existing motors and electronics, and the cells are naturally inert (don't explode in an accident) come wrapped in a hard case (auminium cased in all applications) and give the discharge rates we are looking for. In addition, they charge much faster than current cells.

If we want to evolve, then we should be pressing A123 Batteries to come up with sizes and shape to suit 12th, TC, Oval, 1/18th, etc. and then adapting battery locations in current cars (can't use current 'slots') to suit. Most cars are overweight as they are, so taking 50g out of a 12th battery would bring the car to the current minimum weight, and I can still use existing motors to avoid the lack of traction when using 380 motors.

If we want to move forward, LiFePo4 is the way to go. LiPo is just a transitionary phase, so like FredB says, let's get onto A123 to expand their range into batteries that fit current cars, not try to lever the wrong technology (LiPo) into things. That would be evolution.
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Old 07-27-2008, 01:28 PM   #51
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My LiFePO4 cells look like any other NiMH pack with 4 or 6 cells....but weigh 2/3rd.

Convincing a large battery manufacture to retool just for our hobby will be hard when they are in full swing making batteries for EV's. The smaller battery companines are the ones to convince since they need the sales.
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