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Default Idea for a New 1/10 onroad class

With all of the recent talk of the Pro10 class, and the meeting of the minds of a lot of the manufactures to agree on this new class, I thought I would provide my input to how this new look at 1/10 onroad racing should look like.

First off, let me preface with this. I'm not a regular racer, I do not have new equipment or cars, and I just got back into the hobby 2 years ago. For all intents and purposes I'm an outsider looking in. Very possibly a fresh perspective for all of you to hear from.

When I first went back to the track to witness some racing, my first thoughts were:

-The cars barely look like cars.
-THey are incredibly fast, too fast infact.
-THe technology is awesome, but insanely too expensive.

All in all, as a guy who wanted to get to the track on a regular basis, I found I didn't have the money or the time to even begin competing with the current racers. THere was no class available that could cater to newbies, old schoolers with thier old equipment, or casual racers. All of which I'm sure the track owners would love to have racing to swell the drivers coming in to thier facilities.

With this Pro10 class being looked at with a fresh set of eyes from a lot of manufactures to help the hobby/sport of RC racing, why don't we take this oppurtunity to create a class that can fill this void I feel exists.

In my humble opinion, I think the class should be structured as such.

-Spec a Brushless and a brushed motor that will be equal in speed, but slower than the current crop of "stock" class brushed motors. The current stock motors are too fast.

-Do not allow Carbon Fiber chassis. Yes, I said it. DO NOT ALLOW CARBON FIBER CHASSIS. Cut the costs of the cars almost in half by using fiberglass. God forbid a car cost considerably less than $200.00. The designs are already done and the CNC cutters can cut fiberglass instead of carbon fiber. Yes the cars will NOT be as good as if they had carbon fiber, but they will run just fine if the speeds are dramatically slower.

-Run both Pro10 cars as well as current touring cars in a single class. Allow the Pro10 cars to run only 4 cells, or thier Lipo voltage equivilant, and the touring cars to run 6 cells, or thier Lipo equivilant which best matches the speed of the Pro10 car. If 6 cells is too fast try 5 cells. Either way use the batery voltage as a way to create parrety between the two cars types.

-Pro10 cars only run 1.5 inch wide wheels in back and 1 inch in front, touring cars run 1 inch wheels front and back.

-I would highly suggest rubber, or rubber caps only.

-The currently agreed 200mm width would be perfect.

-I would also HIGHLY recommend only the use of car bodies that are fashioned after REAL cars. No more MohawkPleasers. Only real cars. There are plenty of really good looking bodies, particularly from the drifting scene, that would suit nicely.

-I would image the above rules would get the Pro10 cars and the touring close, but if more parrety is still needed, slow the faster car by dictating a Max roll out, or Min. final drive ratio.

THese are the rules I have been contemplating for hte past 2 years trying to figure out a way to create a class that allows for diversity in the cars, has realistic looking cars, has slower easier to drive cars, is easeier on the car bodies, and does not reguire the current high investment to participate. From what I've gathered most racers would rather change classes to the class with the MOST competition, then the FASTEST cars. So the more people we can get involved into the hobby the better for everyone.

Thanks for listening

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Some very good points but if you rule out the use of carbon fibre there goes most of the competition also there goes the strength factor. 540 Novice and 540 Pro were created to cater for newer drivers that have set rules as restricted gear ratios, tires etc etc so these two classes come down to more of the driver than the car itself so someone could have a $500 chassis and another a $250 chassis they both have equal chance of winning the competition because they all run the same motor, gears etc etc
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Already discussed


Originally Posted by trailranger View Post
Why not a SPEC10 and PRO10 class.

4-cell NiMH
Damperner Sidetubes or Swash Plate (No Pricey Side Shocks)
Center Shock allowed
G10 main Chassis
17.5 Motor class.
Spec Tires (Banded white)
NO SPEC Battery packs, those are just carppy cells and cause racers to speed more money . Use normal packs.

Classes start at 13.5 Motors
Restrictions removed
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A SPEC class could be fun, but it limits the speeds and the idea is to go faster.

In my suggestions months back I wanted to keep it all simple. So that a PRO10 chassis maker could just swap out the graphite for G10 and make some cheaper cars.

No need to mess with changing the tires. SPEC foam tires can be had for about $12~15 a pair and normally last a little longer than the exotic foams used in hard core racing due to the more natural rubber.

The dampener tubes or swash plate is good for keeping the prices down in the long term. Rubuilds just need to clean off the old grease and apply new grease. Oil shocks are better but need new o-rings, variety of oils, foam bobbins ect.

The center shock, is needed and is not as hard to rebuild as sideshocks. It would be worth the upgrade from fuel tube and piano wire.

Since the 21.5 motor is gaining popularity, maybe running it with a 6.6V lithium pack instead of a 7.4V LiPO can slow the speeds down enough. If not, impose a gear ratio rule. But I wanted to keep things simple.
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Send a message via AIM to bigmac567

We have this class at the track I race at. We all run the Speedmerchant Speedspec car, its a 200mm pan car, we use a mabuchi silver can motor, no damper tubes what so ever (don't need them at the slower speeds) and we all run bodies that are molded after real cars. Sometimes we even do themes (muscle cars, super cars, GT cars, etc.) The cars are almost indestructible and very affordable. The speedspec II was recently released and is even beefier the the original, there is a mix at our track of the II's and the originals and there really is not a whole lot of difference other than the weight, and durability, I have had to original for about a year and a half now, and have only broken one part the entire time. these cars are a lot of fun, and I would recommend a class like this at every track, its fun and cheap.

Speedspec II

Speedspec Original
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The Speedspec's look good, and I have seen it posted on the PRO10 thread.

I was somewhat looking forward to other companies making a several SPEC cars like with SKOR SK racing. It may or may not happen, recession?

As for side dampner tubes, if you don't need them great, but I would love to get rid of the progresive springs that the Speedspec uses. Maybe using the IRS style tubes could work, or enlarging the tubes diameter to use the larger springs that don't wear out so fast.

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i think my track has these classes already but we just simplify it with stock class and modified classes much easier that way not so many rules to worry about run what you brung and if you are too fast you get bumped to mod class and if you are too slow we laugh at you for about three minutes and then see what we can do to help you with your cars set up.

just my 2 pennys """"make too many rules and none will be followed"""
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