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Default Idea for a New 1/10 onroad class

With all of the recent talk of the Pro10 class, and the meeting of the minds of a lot of the manufactures to agree on this new class, I thought I would provide my input to how this new look at 1/10 onroad racing should look like.

First off, let me preface with this. I'm not a regular racer, I do not have new equipment or cars, and I just got back into the hobby 2 years ago. For all intents and purposes I'm an outsider looking in. Very possibly a fresh perspective for all of you to hear from.

When I first went back to the track to witness some racing, my first thoughts were:

-The cars barely look like cars.
-THey are incredibly fast, too fast infact.
-THe technology is awesome, but insanely too expensive.

All in all, as a guy who wanted to get to the track on a regular basis, I found I didn't have the money or the time to even begin competing with the current racers. THere was no class available that could cater to newbies, old schoolers with thier old equipment, or casual racers. All of which I'm sure the track owners would love to have racing to swell the drivers coming in to thier facilities.

With this Pro10 class being looked at with a fresh set of eyes from a lot of manufactures to help the hobby/sport of RC racing, why don't we take this oppurtunity to create a class that can fill this void I feel exists.

In my humble opinion, I think the class should be structured as such.

-Spec a Brushless and a brushed motor that will be equal in speed, but slower than the current crop of "stock" class brushed motors. The current stock motors are too fast.

-Do not allow Carbon Fiber chassis. Yes, I said it. DO NOT ALLOW CARBON FIBER CHASSIS. Cut the costs of the cars almost in half by using fiberglass. God forbid a car cost considerably less than $200.00. The designs are already done and the CNC cutters can cut fiberglass instead of carbon fiber. Yes the cars will NOT be as good as if they had carbon fiber, but they will run just fine if the speeds are dramatically slower.

-Run both Pro10 cars as well as current touring cars in a single class. Allow the Pro10 cars to run only 4 cells, or thier Lipo voltage equivilant, and the touring cars to run 6 cells, or thier Lipo equivilant which best matches the speed of the Pro10 car. If 6 cells is too fast try 5 cells. Either way use the batery voltage as a way to create parrety between the two cars types.

-Pro10 cars only run 1.5 inch wide wheels in back and 1 inch in front, touring cars run 1 inch wheels front and back.

-I would highly suggest rubber, or rubber caps only.

-The currently agreed 200mm width would be perfect.

-I would also HIGHLY recommend only the use of car bodies that are fashioned after REAL cars. No more MohawkPleasers. Only real cars. There are plenty of really good looking bodies, particularly from the drifting scene, that would suit nicely.

-I would image the above rules would get the Pro10 cars and the touring close, but if more parrety is still needed, slow the faster car by dictating a Max roll out, or Min. final drive ratio.

THese are the rules I have been contemplating for hte past 2 years trying to figure out a way to create a class that allows for diversity in the cars, has realistic looking cars, has slower easier to drive cars, is easeier on the car bodies, and does not reguire the current high investment to participate. From what I've gathered most racers would rather change classes to the class with the MOST competition, then the FASTEST cars. So the more people we can get involved into the hobby the better for everyone.

Thanks for listening

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The Tamiya F103 GT already fits this spec, and is already under 200 dollars I believe with rubber tires. All you need is a electronics and your good to go.

As far as 200mm pan cars go, the F1GT's already offer low cost racing option, unfortunately there's not alot of people running them.
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We have a sepred class for the F103GT cars.
Al the cars must use.
LRP 3000 stikpacks
NOSRAM esc (the same as the LRP A1)
Carson CUP motor.
tires are for this year the cs27 and the vtec30
It's a cheaper class then the 4wd tc.

Still most racers prever the 4wd. This because when the car is setup wel it drives easyer and you don't have to buy an other car as you want to go to a faster class.

The stock 4wd tc is also with a carson cup motor and the same tires. the rest is free.

To drive those 2 classes together gives a lot of problemes.
On the strait the F103GT's are faster but in the corners the 4wd's are faster.
The cars go also difrend arround the corner and on the F103 cars go also difrend in the corner.
I notost that when i race against them for fun i must watch out before a corner. A 4wd can enter a corner a lot faster than a F103GT and at that point a lot of collisions happen.

There are some rc racers that hope that there will come a class again for the pro10 (drive better than the F103GT) with a 19t motor.

I drove a pro10 and it goes great for a direct driven car.
I have a F103GT and i'm not going to drive it annymore.
The Pro10 is so mutch better.
Also in the 4wd it looks to go verry fast but the cars are muts easyer to handle.
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Get the kits then come up with your own rules.Pan car run foam tires the only company that make a 1.5" rear tire is a green dot by RJSpeed.Stick with the current foam tires.Local clubs can run what they want.
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I know there are "spec" classes that currently exist, ie. Legends cars, or the
F103GT your mentioning. But there is no diversity, plus noone can use thier older cars that fit within the 200mm width. I'm not talking about a "spec" class, I'm pushing a class that allows for diversity in the cars, that are SLOWER, and that look more realistic. Spec classes have been tried for 20 years, and I think they don't gain wide popularity becuase everyone eventually wants to try somethng different, and then you can't run in the spec chassis class anymore, your running in the current touring car class.

The argument that the Pro10 cars and the touring cars drive differently really bothers me. I think we need to get out of the mentality that all the cars should drive exactly the same around the track. So what if the touring cars handle better in the corners, but not as fast as the Pro10 cars on the straights. GREAT, some diversity. The drivers need to drive the cars. If the cars were considerably slower, everyone would have more time to react to the different driving styles and lines of the different cars.

Regarding the argument for the rear tires needing to be 2 inchs for the Pro10 cars. I thought Oval cars used 1.5 inch rears. I just looked at the BSR website, and they still look to offer 1.5 inch capped rear tires. BUT, if 1.5 inch rear wheels aren't readily available, I can understand allowing 2 inch rears. I think you all get my thinking though, 1.5 inch rears on Pro10 cars are more realistic.

I hope I don't sound too harsh, but every racer I talk to seems to have a mindset that nothing needs to change. Yet, I don't see many newcomers entering into the hobby, and going to the weekly club races. I wanted back into the hobby, but wasn't pleased with the current racing available. How many others are also in my situation.
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