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  • I usually cut the outside edge as it gets chunked. Be doing that for a long time. Remember Bolink made two types of rear rims for many years- 1 1/2" and 2" wide rears.
  • Quote: I usually cut the outside edge as it gets chunked. Be doing that for a long time. Remember Bolink made two types of rear rims for many years- 1 1/2" and 2" wide rears.
    I am glad to find somebody else does that. Now I know I am not crazy.
  • GenX 10 LE - Base set up for medium grip outdoor asphalt track?
    Hi Guys. After 5 years out of the hobby, having previously run 1/12th, the WGT class has sparked my interest and brought me back to the track. A few guys at my local track have started running the class with 10.5 motors, open ESC's and 1S LiPo's and so far the racing looks pretty good and like a lot of fun.

    I've just built up a GenX 10 LE and was wondering if anyone has any pointers or tips on a base set up for running on an medium grip outdoor asphalt track?? I say medium grip as we race outdoor at night under lights and in the cooler months the track temp drops considerably. From my 1/12 experience on a similar track the grip decreases a fair bit on the colder track, so in summer you can have tons of grip and in winter it can be pretty slippery.

    I've been reading through alot of the previous posts on this thread and as many setup sheets as I can find here and elsewhere online, but it seems that most of them are for carpet setups. Just wondering if anyone has a good starting point for asphalt?

    I'm also a bi confused about the battery position, what are the pro's and con's of running a 1S LiPo in either the full forward or full aft position? What about sideways?

    Cheers and thanks in advance

    Bill, I still have the Yokomo YRX-12 I bought from you 6 years ago, in mint condition
  • I've asked that question also. The last page has some set-ups to try.Last weekend was my first try at racing the car. Still coming to grips with the new car and how to set it up for asphalt. Try their set-ups as they are a very good starting point for what I tried.
  • I would contact the guys at CRC I am sure they can point in the right direction. Dumper helped me with my car for carpet racing and it has been dead on know matter what size track it has been on.
  • Quote: Not quite! Far better drivers out there fill that bill. Frank C, Brian W (Dumper), Brian B, Dave E are my hero setup technicians and drivers...ALL Being both very knowledgable and friendly souls. Each of them has mentored me at one time or another with my WGT setups at major races over the past 2-3 years.

    Much of the time, I am just passing on the information they have previously given to me.

    My goal is to promote the WGT class on both carpet and asphalt. Frank recognized that last year and did recruit me into Team CRC.

    Should be seeing them at the Carpet Nats in a couple weeks...for more tips.

    The World GT car has kept in carpet racing. Brian Wynn has helped me with WGT and it is awesome car. To bad the driver has limited abilities. Old age resulting in slow reaction times and vision problems. Awesome class.
  • For World GT on asphalt I would just start with one of our setups for carpet. Softer center spring probably too. Start the tires a little bigger. 2.09"-2.12" range.
  • Found it!
    I have been racing 5 month's, on road carpet. Our particular layout has been set up for 6 weeks....changing it this week...anywho. The fastest lap I could turn was a 10.2 and turn about 28 laps, good enough for the top half of B main.

    I really felt like my motor was lacking, but most it's just track time...I didn't want to believe that but was looking like maybe that was it. Oh I failed to mention the A main guys are turning around 9.8 and 30 I am a good 4 tenths off the pace

    Last week I put a brand new motor in and same results...10.2, now here's the good stuff!
    I friend of mine said, let me re soldier everything on your car...I thought cool, but no high hopes. He was finishing up and said, this should make you faster...again, didn't want to get my hopes up and be let down.

    I'm on the stand and he puts the car on the track and I start turning laps....
    10.4...10.1...10.1...10.1...9.9...9.8...9.8...I ran the main in B main and turned 30 laps, good enough to put me solid in the A main....So, if anyone out there feels like their motor is down a bit after several gear changes and timing never know, you just might have a bad soldier joint or two?
    Happy Racing!
  • update from the weekends racing! Had a good day but definitely need more practice.
  • So it appears that the new Xi 1/8th axles/steering blocks are popular items on the X10 LE... I take it that means most people are running the front axles in the trailing position?

    I also noticed that a lot of the other WGTs on the market use the inline axle position. Is there a reason why the CRC favors the trailing config?
  • I run my GT with the inline axles.
  • axle position
    I have ran the front axles both ways, I think the car has a little better feel in trailing position. If your car is handling great and your smooth and keeping it off the barriers...running it straight with the kingpin is fine....if your struggling with it at all, put them in trailing position and gain some drivability....but everyone is different....try it both ways, easy enough to change.
  • I ran trailing outdoors, steeering was a little softer.
    Not got around to indoor racing yet.
    (actually havent raced for 6 months now)
  • We just finished up our indoor carpet season and our point series and state champs were all CRC 10th and 12th cars. All ran trailing position. We used 10.5 boosted 1s setups in 10th and no boost 10.5 in 12th. Good fun and fast enough to make good racing. No disrespect, but I'm excited to get outside and smell the nitro again. There were some other brands in the mix, but the CRC was the car to have.
  • anyone know where to contact crc for missing parts from car kit?