BMI racing chassis upgades

  • Guys, I have never been able to find anybody online that sells BMI chassis upgrades and top decks. Also I have never seen their website.

    I did come across but i think thats a company that makes 12th scale cars and I didnt see anything there about chassis'. Please tell me thats not their website, if blown away.
  • BMI doesn't produce the upgrades anymore. They are now just producing a very nice 1/12 car.
  • I may start doing TC kits again someday but i decided to back out for a bit until i can see the direction these cars are going. For the time being we are making a car for 1/12th,1/10th and accessories for both.
  • Hey Sam, if you're looking for a hot bodies chassis kit try up at Maximus. I know the last few times I've been there he had 1 on the wall. If you want to call, 207-351-1520.
  • Hey Jason, I mentioned this elsewhere, but I wanted to get your opinion on it.

    If you've seen how a battery mounts in a Type-R, you know that a tray bolts in from the bottom to hold a battery in place. This can be really useful with LiPo, since you can use a steel tray and easily get to weight. Do you think this kind of mounting could work on a more traditional chassis layout? It would require a large rectangular cutout in place of battery slots which could potentially do weird things with flex, though maybe having the tray bolted in could fix that?
  • hey all:What type of 1/10th car is bmi making i don't see it listed on your web site?Thanks
  • We will be releasing a 1/10th pan car in february/march. It will be 200mm and use HPI 200mm GT bodies.
  • new bmi 1/10th car
    hey there:Thanks for the quick response,but i kinda thought it would be a new oval car to compete in the increasingly popular 10th oval pan car class.
  • You never know what will happen.
  • hey Jason, I need a chassis kit for the RDX Phi in silver. Oh yeah, rubber tires on carpet. And make it lipo friendly like syndrome said.

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