good drift car.


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Default good drift car.

I am looking to get a good but affordable drift car. electric of course. but i want to know what some of the good ones are. i want facts not opinions. and dont say a certain one because you own it
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Default b

quite demanding. get a drift RTR. HPI E10 drift...Tamiya TT-01d...or a Tc4
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Any 4wd chassis will do and you dont have to buy the latest or drift specific kits.
Just a good set of drift tyres is needed after which you can tweek and set it up to suit.
Difference between drift and grip is mainly tyres and you can lock the rear diff as well as adjust cambers for the tyres to be flat to the surface.
From there you can play with different types of drift tyres which would suit slow speed, high speed drifting.
The most popular for us locally is Odyssey Garage drift tyres which are hard polyethylene plastic but not as hard as pvc so still give great control even with slow motors.

There is lots of accessories that can be bought for drifters these days with a lot of it for the show appeal of drifting.
Check out or for more info and advice.
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This one should work out great!!!!
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^^ ive seen it run
stock tires are crap dont hold a drift very long at all
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the Drift-R is a pretty good car when you put on some polyethylene tires on. although it was kind of hard to tell how good that car was because a few new guys were driving it.
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any 4Wd chassis will do. Throw on a GTB and a 3.5T Novak and your ready to hit the streets with Jacos!
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have a look at a yokomo sdssg
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he said affordable.. yokomos are a little up there in price.

but for dirt cheap.. check craigslist!
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I have the hpi drift e10 with a 17turn and the tc4 with the hpi drift spec pro tires and a 10.5 brushless. I like the hpi e10 better, it is more durable and it has a front motor design that allows it to drift awesome right out of the box.

For $80 the e10 drift is awesome.
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Hmm... Trust me, you're going to want opinions. Plus, if you're asking people to tell you, they have to say their opinions. Saying anything about the cars will be an opinion. There is no clear "Best" chassis since people have different styles and preferences. The only facts you can really get is what parts are available, and the prices.

The E10 right now is the most affordable drifter. (Fact) You can get an RTR kit

For 170. That's truly RTR, minus 8 AA batteries.

If you are going to Drift, that chassis was specifically made to drift. I am pretty sure this is one of the few, if not only chassis designed to drift. There are drift spec chassis kits, but they are more expensive and are touring cars with upgrades to try to get it to drift. The E10 setup I hear, and by most of the posts I've seen and on this thread, is really well done.

I personally use a TT01, and love it. Locking the rear diff is not always necessary and depends on your drifting style. This is stuff you need to experiment with. However, it will be more expensive to get a TT01 running, which prior to the E10 ,was the cheapest setup to drift. Again, this chassis was designed for touring, not racing--so out of the box it will be harder to drift.

Oh btw, ABS tires are the standard now. You can buy 2" tubing and cut to 26mm (the width of a rim) and put it on your rims. But if you're busy, I would suggest ordering them online. Ebay in particular has stores that sell pre made AND routed edges that make it smooth. Sushi Drift Tires go for around 10 shipped for 12 tires (3 sets).

Good luck!
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