To tech or not to tech, Thats is the question

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  • We had something come up at the Region 1 carpet regional a few wekks ago... several racers had some qualifyiong runs disqualified during the event. None were for intentional cheating, just a strict interpretation of the rulebook.

    Cars were inspected before and after every heat. One well known driver's car passed the pre-race tech, but after the run came up a bit low on the ride height. The tech inspector DQ'd that run, which caused a bit of a "lively discussion"

    I'm not sure what the proper call would have been to make... On the one hand, you have a very well known sponsored racer, on the other you have a regional director who in the fifteen years I have known him has never had an axe to grind with anyone and has been an enthusiastic racer and done a great job as regional director.

    Perhaps the answer is a clarification of the rules... There was room for interpretation here. Perhaps a drivers meeting before the days racing should have been held to explain exactly how things would be carried out.

    I'm of the opinion that he made the right (although unpopular) call at the time, but I seemed to be in the minority on that one.

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