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Old 11-13-2007, 04:01 PM   #46
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I got 1 - TC3

Had many!

I like Tamiya great cars!!
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Old 11-13-2007, 04:40 PM   #47
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I have:

5 TC3's
1 TC4
2 Stampede's
2 Xray FK04's
1 Xray T2
1 Tamiya Dark Impact
1 Tamiya Falcon (1984)
2 Kyosho H.O.R. Motorcycles
1 Kyosho Mini Inferno
1 Kyosho Nitro Mini Inferno 09ST
1 Kyosho Lazer ZX-5
1 18T
1 Mini-LST
1 BG2 Mini-T
1 BG2 Micro-T
1 HPI Nitro Mini RS4
1 HPI E-Savage
1 Axial AX10 rock crawler
2 Sportwerks Recoils
2 HB Lightning 1/8 buggies
1 Blade CX2 heli
1 Blade CP heli
1 Align T-Rex Heli
1 GWS SlowStick airplane

That is all of the ones I own as of this post.
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Old 11-13-2007, 06:46 PM   #48
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can you say......

BMI DB10R, Corally RDX PHi, BMI 12R..!!
Need a "real" car... contact me at:
www.beardmorechevy.com -or- www.beardmoresubaru.com
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Old 11-08-2009, 03:37 PM   #49
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Heres what I have:
- Traxxas slash
-Team associated RC10 B4
-Duratrax Evader BX
Slash::FT B4::Evader BX::XXX-T-CR::TB-02::TR04::Slash 4x4 Platinum Edition::TT01
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Old 11-08-2009, 03:49 PM   #50
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Got a:

Corally SP10VN
Corally SP12
Corally SP12G
Corally SP12V (x2)
Corally SP12X

Always on the lookout for older Corally cars or ESC's.

I guess you could say I was a Corally fan!


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Old 11-08-2009, 04:12 PM   #51
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Join Date: Sep 2009
Location: http://www.fastharry.com NJ
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Hi guys....

Saw this thread from 2007 pop up in my email due to a recent post. I have some good news and bad news....

I have sold many of my 100 plus on ebay.....

Here is the good news. I still own over 80, and I have a website up showing them slowly but surely....

Here is the current list...You can see them at fastharry.com.

Use the Highlighted Links to view the radio control cars currently displayed.

* Team Associated Nitro Dual Sport Trans Am Mustang
* Team Associated Nitro TC-3 Factory Team Cars
* Team Associated RC10 GT with Holeshot Racing chassis and MIP Stinger
* Team Associated B4 buggy Factory Team (Current Build for winter racing at Barnstormers RC, Chester NY)
* Ofna Twin Titan Monster Truck Limited Edition Chromed Chassis with Serial Number New In Box (TWIN Nitro Motors!)
* HPI Hara R40
* HPI Hara PRO4
* HPI RS4-3 Nitro Stock HPI Challenge winner, 7th place A Main HPI World Finals Halifax, England 2004
* 3 HPI Racer 2’s
* HPI rs4-3 SS
* HPI Nitro Mini RS4
* HPI Nitro Mini Rs4 (new in box)
* HPI MT Racer FOR SALE!! (new in box..with many optional hop ups)
* HPI MT 4wd Electric
* HPI Nitro Rush
* HPI Super Nitro RS4 RB equipped
* HPI Super Nitro RS4 OS 15 CV-R equipped
* HPI Super Nitro RS4 HPI 12R XS equipped
* HPI Electric 4WD RS4 Rally car
* HPI Micro Corvette
* HPI Super RS4 Electric
* Cox 049 Vega Funny Car (Vintage from 1975)
* Team Losi xxx Kinwald 2wd buggy FOR SALE!
* Team Losi Mini T
* Kyosho GP Spider
* Kyosho GP Spider MK II (Parts and Options for sale)
* Kyosho Inferno 7.5 Kanai Rb S7 turbo
* Kyosho Nitro Blizzard
* Kyosho EV Blizzard
* Kyosho Blizzard DX with plow and lights
* Kyosho Heavy Metal Tank Car Crusher
* Kyosho Nitro Crusher OS RG Engine
* Kyosho Nitro Wheelie Car
* Kyosho Nitro Wheelie Car (new in box)
* Kyosho Mooneyes Street Van
* Kyosho Landmax Rally (Castrol Livery)
* Kyosho Waverunner
* Kyosho Vintage Go Kart (new in box)
* Kyosho MR-01 Mini Z Warsteiner Mercedes
* Kyosho MR-02 Mini Z Ferrari Testarossa
* Kyosho MR-015 Mini Z Mini Cooper Convertible (Current build for winter racing at Cruizin with RC’s, Waldwick, NJ)
* Kyosho F-Ten Series Formula 1 Nitro car
* Kyosho “The Boss” Car Crusher ( Made for Germany only, cousin to the Big Boss)
* Kyosho Sideways Sprint car
* Kyosho Williams F1 electric
* Kyosho Pure Ten Nostalgic Series Nitro GP Spyder Shelby Daytona Coupe
* Kyosho Pure Ten Nostalgic Series Nitro GP Spyder Lotus Europa
* Kyosho Pure Ten Nostalgic Series Nitro GP Spyder 1967 Chevrolet Corvette
* Kyosho Pure Ten Nostalgic Series Nitro GP Ford GT 40
* Kyosho Pure Ten Nostalgic Series Electric Shelby Cobra
* Kyosho Pure Ten Nostalgic Series Electric MGB
* Kyosho Pure Ten Nostalgic Series Electric 1967 Corvette
* Kyosho Pegaus 1980’s vintage 2WD Buggy
* Kyosho Icarus 1980’s vintage 2WD buggy
* Kyosho ROCKY 4WD (Chain Driven) Buggy
* Kyosho-Peerless Nitro PEANUTS .09 Nitro Powered Dune Buggy (from 1976)
* Kyosho-Peerless Eleck PEANUTS Dune buggy (first Kyosho Electric car manufactured in 1978)
* Nike Labs Radio Control UGO Sneaker Limited Edition
* Nylint 1/6th scale Rock Crawler
* Nylint 1/10th scale Rock Crawler
* Tamiya Vintage Daytona Thunder Stock Car #58153
* Tamiya Vintage Fiat Abarth Berlina Corsa #58158
* Tamiya Vintage Nissan R91CP #58109
* Tamiya Vintage Alpine A110 #58168
* Tamiya Vintage AMG Mercedes Benz DTM Promarkt #58145
* Tamiya Vintage Monster Beetle with Parma 56 Ford Body and Thorp options
* Tamiya Vintage Nismo GT-R LM Clarion 1995 Lemans winner
* Tamiya Vintage B2B Racing Sidecar 1/8th scale #58107
* Tamiya Street Devil #58174 New In Box
* Tamiya Porsche Turbo RSR Type 934 30th anniversary #49499 New in box, sealed
* Tamiya RC King Hauler Special Metallic edition #56308
* Tamiya Sand Scorcher #58106 Purchased 1979
* Tamiya PIAA Porsche 911 TA03R-S #58215 New In Box
* Tamiya PIAA Reynard 97D Nakajima F-1 car #58198 New In Box
* Tamiya PIAA Accord VTEC FWD #58186 New In Box
* Tamiya Mobil One NSX TA-03 #58220 New In Box
* Tamiya Monster Beetle #58060 New In Box
* Tamiya Vanessa’s Lunch Box #58063 New In Box
* Tamiya Striker #58061 New In Box
* Traxxas TMAXX Racing Monster truck
* Serpent Impulse Nitro Touring Car
* Serpent Veteq 1/8th scale Nitro On Road

contact me
visit fastharry.com We are always updating the site with new cars and cool rc stuff.
old user name "fastharry"Posts: 2,845 Original join date 2001..HPI Challenge Winner.
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Old 11-08-2009, 06:51 PM   #52
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Well, you got your racers, bashers, collectors, and any person with a combination of all three...

Then you blend in the willingness to trade in our blood, sweat, and tears, i.e. paycheck, for this hobby.

While my fleet isn't as big as some of these guys, I told myself to cut my vehicle count from 3 down to "no more than 2" and now I'm up to 8!

1. Fire Dragon re-re? Had to buy it, it's my childhood buggy that I wanted

2. RC10CE Graphite - it's my childhood RC that i've had, can't sell it,

3. RC10LSS Graphite - it's another vehicle from my childhood, can't sell it,

4. SC10 - AE's version of the SC truck craze, I just GOTTA have one!

5. Tamiya DF-03MS - It's a 4wd buggy that has a layout of a 2wd buggy, ultimate experimentation chassis

6. B44 - Needed a stable, 4wd buggy platform as a successor to my BJ4WE. The choice was obvious

7. Vintage, NIB, Tamiya FF01 PIAA Honda Accord kit - these chassis are neat...

8. NIB, soon-to-be built TA05 v2 - This will be the on-road platform to race with, it's modern, it's solid, parts are plentiful, etc...

I keep telling myself "NO MORE RC FOR A WHILE" with an assertive tone, but that's as likely as saying "RC Companies will not be producing anything fun anymore."

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Old 11-11-2009, 02:19 PM   #53
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Losi XX-CR
Schumacher Cat 2000 ('94 original upright shocks)
HPI Super F1
Corally SP12M Euro
Mardave V12
Schumacher Mi2.5 (foam car)
Schumacher Mi2 (saddle pack project rubber car)
Associated TC4 (bought to steal parts from)

Everything is race ready apart from the TC4 and the Losi, a little service and the Losi would be good to go as well. They all get used on occasion as well, not just shelf queens.
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Old 11-11-2009, 02:37 PM   #54
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I doubt many beat Masami's collection:

(BTW I count 93)
Attached Thumbnails
Rc Collection. How many do u have?-masami.jpg  
OOMSGFX.COM (no longer painting, but take a look for fun!), Roadrunners RC Club
"Racing drivers have balls, unfortunately, none of them are crystal" (David Coulthard)
"I believe the average IQ of a NASCAR fan is only marginally above the things that hit the windscreen during the race. "
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Old 11-11-2009, 02:54 PM   #55
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TT-01 Golf GTI
F201 2005 Mclaren Mercedes
TL-01 Lightning McQueen
Yokomo YRF001
AE B5m
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Old 11-11-2009, 02:56 PM   #56
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Originally Posted by rezenclowd3 View Post
I doubt many beat Masami's collection:

(BTW I count 93)
That's ridiculous.
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Old 11-11-2009, 03:07 PM   #57
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I've got two new in the un-opened plastic seald boxes- Traxxas 1/12th cars. Also two new in the bag painted Pontiac GTP bodies for the cars and two new in the bag replacement gears sets.
Also a Losi links supension Off road truck- Delta 1/10th quickchange battery pan car- Delta 1/18th fireball-Bolink california Flyer and the last 1/12th car by bolink.
Bodies new in the bag- Nissan/ Datun 240Z( 1/12th) various Nissan 1/10th bodies (wide 235). Radio - Futaba brown box new with reciever and 2 servos, Futaba siler box (not working).The instructions for the Losi links truck and hop information from Losi. Leisure Electronics catalog from 1979 along with a prototype car . A friend has a 1/8th car that ran in the 24 hours of Miami -rebuilt. Also a Corallyr RDX complete rtr with brushless motor stepup.
No pictures for anything mention.
Team Epic/Trinity -Michael Bruce Hobbies-Team CRC ,Kimbrough Products and GForce.
WGT-R, GT-12 Racing USA (21.5 ), Formula 1 and Home Track is 386 RaceWay,ROAR #7540.
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Hi mate, I met you a couple of years ago at a state race at TQ Hobbies, I think you said you were a Corally fan and had some stuff from back in the day, is that right? You don't happen to have anything left do you? All the best, Chris.
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Old 11-11-2009, 10:08 PM   #59
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I think I'm pushing close to 500, plus or minus. They tend to add up over 25-30 years... I'm not as bad as I used to be. It's a 12 step program.

I think I tend to enjoy the older 1/10th pan stuff from the mid 80's. Lot of little mom and pop shops making very obscure cars during that period. 1/12th stuff from the 70's and 80's. You gotta kinda target your efforts. I still like the original 6-gear RC10 stuff too. I think that period kicked off the aftermarket and really started a lot of companys. I'm also more of a "hands on" collector. Stuff new in the box isn't as interesting to me as something I can hold and feel and work the bits. I've taken a LOT of boxed collector cars out of the boxes and built them. They should be out of the box so you can really see what was going on during that period. A car you can put in someones hands is always more interesting than a "box". I find as I get older what's irritating the crap out of me is I occasionally pull a store car out of a box... I can't remember the name of it or the story behind it.

I have a soft spot for MRP, I drove for them in the early 80's and they were out here in the northwest, so we got to see those guys from time to time. I feel MRP kinda started 1/10 pan. 410 shotgun was a cool car too. Soft spot for Delta as well.

When it gets to that kind of quantity, you don't own them... They own you. I love them all, and they each tell a story. Right now the story they are telling my wife, is sell that junk and build an indoor track again. *sniff* BUT... BUT... I LOVE THEM!!!!

<---(goes to search eBay for vintage pan stuff) *sigh*, and so it goes...
www.stormerhobbies.com "Where the world shops for radio control."™

looking for....vintage 1/10-1/12 pan, need Schumacher 1/12th cars and parts.

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Bob- Bolink started the 1/10th cars down here at the Winternationals in Orlando.I do remember the MRP car and there two team drivers here in Florida- Paul Wynn and his dad.Also remember Delta- I drove for them for many years..I've got one 1/12 scale car on the wall and the 1/18th fireball and 1/10th quick change battery car.
Team Epic/Trinity -Michael Bruce Hobbies-Team CRC ,Kimbrough Products and GForce.
WGT-R, GT-12 Racing USA (21.5 ), Formula 1 and Home Track is 386 RaceWay,ROAR #7540.
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