novak brushless motor problems

  • hey all i opened my novak velociti 4.5r brushless motor today to service the bearing in the endbell and vound that the little brown caps have fallen off and broken

    is there any real value to having those on there?

    if its an RFI issue im running DSM so it has no effect

    ineed some help


    PS the pix are a little crappy because their done on and IMAC wiht the built in camera

    novak brushless motor problems-photo-2.jpg   novak brushless motor problems-photo-3.jpg   novak brushless motor problems-photo-5.jpg   novak brushless motor problems-photo-12.jpg  

  • I had the same thing happen. Its from getting the solder tabs to hot. In my case anyway.
    I took some off of a stock motor and put back on. I think the are just capacitors .
  • and another thing

    is a cooling fan really needed on the GTB?
  • for a 4.5r, yes its essential
  • If the caps are not present on your motor it is not a problem... we started out with the caps on the motors but found that the motors actually seemed to cause less radio interferance without the caps.
  • ok

    thanks steve

    i just wanted to be shure

    i dont like the idea of a new car puddle lol

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