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  • Ive noticed in the UK some clubs dont mind if a marshall repairs a car off the track if needs be during a race, while others are against it and ask marshals to remove the car from the track and maybe even switch it off.

    Whats everyones take on this? should even minor repairs be allowed?

    I guess if youre looking at improving your TQ and your car is off pace you've already lost that chance anyway.
  • The corner marshalls should never work on the cars. Their responsibility is to the cars on the track. Pull the car off, set it on its side, get back to watching your area. If a mechanic wants to work on go right ahead. I know some tracks do not allow a car to be placed back on the track once it has been removed in electric racing.
  • Marshals can pull out a tucked body at most. Other than that they should pull the car off the track and get back to their job. If they pull the car off and you or a buddy fixes the car I don't see anything wrong with that. After fixing your car chances are you're not racing for much other than practice.
  • most local clubs in my part of the uk (club meetings) allow repairs as long as youre not on the track itself, I personally cant see any problem with popping a ball joint back on, but for some its still a no no.

    I guess if youre unlucky enough to crash, or break your car thats youre own doing (or can be).
  • My opinion is that repairs are fine, as long as a Marshal is not performing them. Marshals must concentrate on the cars that are on the track, if a marshal is doing repairs, then the cars still on the track are getting shortchanged.
  • I reluctantly agree.

    If I had something very simple wrong with my car, I would hope that a marshal would see it, and quickly fix it, but at the same time, it does take away from the real marshal's task of watching the race and getting car righted or off the track.
  • a marshall should pull out or push down a body or even straighten a wheel otherwise they should pull it off and let someone on the sidelines fix it then they can put in on the track as long as they stay out of the way of the leaders since they will prob loose a lap

    iv been take out of the leed many times by someone who got a late start or was broke and fixed
  • at my local club in the uk, the marshalls do have a go at fixing the car if it crashes and doesnt work, but if i feel it cant be fixed, like a tyre is hanging out for example i will ask them to turn it off and leave it.
  • For club racing it is fine .... fix a body tuck .... pop a ball cup back on ..... no big deal. Everyone racing in a club race is there to have fun, the more time you can be on the track the better. Of course beyond the club level is a different story.
  • IMHO...marshals should NOT repair any damaged car, other than maybe pulling the body off a tire, or popping a big dent out caused in a crash.

    The car/driver involved in the crash should NOT be racing with the other cars on the track after suffering a big crash (In qualifying) because HE may ruin a top run by someone who HASN'T been involved in a wreck.

    Too often guys who have been wrecked..and repaired come back on the track and cause additional crashes...and HURT other guys runs.

    We use to have a rule, that if a cars 4 wheels left the track during qualifying...they didn't go back on the track (In other words, if the car was picked up and worked on...it was DONE for that qualifier.

    It's really maddening when a guy on a TQ run gets taken out by a guy who is 3-4 laps off the pace and has a ill handling car that has been in a wreck...
  • Quote:
    We use to have a rule, that if a cars 4 wheels left the track during qualifying...they didn't go back on the track (In other words, if the car was picked up and worked on...it was DONE for that qualifier.

    Your offroad races must be short and sweet
  • i don't see any problem with repairing the car, for example, if the wheels need straightening, body needs popping or batteries need reconnecting, its not a problem. At the end of the day its just practise and if your worried about tenths of a second, then your probbly in a heat where there's driver ability similar to your own and there won't be many crashes as your opposition are more consistent and if they do have a crash it's normally a good one and they come off good and proper. If you had a crash and all it was, was a balljoint popping, would you want the chance to get back the 20 seconds you lost?
  • Just wanted to see what peoples take is on it, imho if its something simple and has happened on the same corner the marshal gets the car from, get them going again.

    If its a wheel off or anything more serious needing tools, its off the track, end of.
  • Around my area when some of the more experienced racers are running and they pop a ball end off or something they will just pull off and call it a race. When some of the younger less experienced racers run we'll try to fix their car if its just a quick fix, mainly so they don't get frustrated and quit the hobby because they keep breaking in the first minute of the race...
  • "We use to have a rule, that if a cars 4 wheels left the track during qualifying...they didn't go back on the track (In other words, if the car was picked up and worked on...it was DONE for that qualifier."

    If the 4 wheels left the track? I have pulled off some pretty amazing aerobatics would that count. We will try to fix anyones car after a crash to get them back on the track. Ball cup, battery flew out, pop out the body, what ever. Something that needs tools def end the heat for you.

    What happens when you have a hack with a tank that takes out all the other cars on the track shouldn't that end it for the hack? There should be a rule if you take out more than one car in a race, be it a qualifier or main you should be done. A couple weeks a go while racing a hack, took out my car after going way to wide in a corner and ended up going the wrong way on the track. Snapped my front left suspension arm and steering knuckle, ended that heat. Last race day he took out another car doing the same thing. Now my parts where not that expensive to fix what broke for me, but the second crash that he cause did thrash the other guys front one way, and CVD, on a 007. Not cheap parts., yeah I know part of racing but when does it end, how many cars does he have to break. Yeah I have banged doors with a few drivers and spun out a few as well, not intentional at all, I have not gone head-on and broken stuff on others cars. I have however sat and watched my car spin helplessly on its roof because a marshal just was not paying attention.

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