What brushed motor?

  • I run stock class, so 27 turn. I hear from many people that brand X is best or brand Y is best. Running on a pretty open (not to technical) asphalt layout. I am not at the point where I want to drop a couple hundred on a new BL system so I wanted some feedback! Any help or recommendations will be appreciated.
  • I would recommend a tuned stock motor from EA Motorsports www.teameamotorsports.com
  • Quote: I would recommend a tuned stock motor from EA Motorsports www.eamotorsports.com

    I agree, about the best Ive seen (good batteries as well). There was another good one , but they went under
  • Ok I checked out the site, no clue what the C,M,R,And X stands for any ideas?
  • check out www.teamkwik.com their stock motor got tons of rip.
  • Just about any stock motor "tuner" will sell you a good motor. Check with the local racers, see what they are doing. Or talk to your local hobby store, I'm sure they will help also.
  • Charley.....check out t-bang.ca If you are running on a wide open track the X-Stock is a good bet....use f-brushes and red springs. Gear for a final drive ratio of about 6.8-7.0 to start. You can also trim the trailing edge of the brushes for a little extra rip.
  • Go with brand X, it sounds cooler than brand Y. Brand Y sounds like a lubricant...
  • Went to my LHS last night to pick up some parts, the guy there is super cool. I asked what kind if any "tuned motors" he had. They don't really carry any, however he did give me a bunch of good info to "tune" my own. All the guys that I race with -1 run brushless, so I want to be able to stick with the pack running brushed, and of course lay it down on them once in awhile.
    A final drive of 6.8-7.0 is pretty tall. wouldn't that just put a bunch of strain on the motor? Wouldn't I have to rebuild it more often and risk damaging my ESC?

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