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TFR 08-19-2001 08:12 PM

Tamiya F013 Forum
Have to start this great forum again to keep the F1 or Leman alive.

post here question you have about this car, or you couls share your stories racing with this machine.


AE_Racer 08-19-2001 08:14 PM

I thought the bodies and stuff for this car were hard to get? didnt Tamiya discontinue the F1 bodies?

TFR 08-19-2001 08:30 PM

Ya, too bad they discontinued...

i think there should be still some NIB F1 body around LHS.
but they are still having the TCS, dont know why they discontinue the F1 bodies:rolleyes:

AE_Racer 08-19-2001 08:31 PM

Yea, I may get one with a LeMAns body to play around with

TFR 08-19-2001 08:34 PM

that's good...

very inexpensive. yet, a direct drive car with a 540 is so fast...

AE_Racer 08-19-2001 08:35 PM

Yes, I had an oval car a while back..very fasy and fun:cool:

TFR 08-19-2001 08:45 PM

but find a NIB F103 Kit is hard now:(

dcracer 08-20-2001 08:12 AM

FYI, Tamiya has re released an F! body in limited numbers. Here is the link http://www.tamiya.com/english/news/n...ews1.htm#49187

jcr 08-20-2001 08:57 AM

From what I've heard, Tamiya is goingto release a F1 kit with a lexan body and a hard plastic body but don't have any other info on that.

If you really want F-1 bodies, get the Hot Bodies F1 bodies. They might not be the best but they do make it.

AE_Racer 08-20-2001 12:13 PM

Well as I said, I may get one, but if parts will be hard to get then I dunno if I will or not

Radweld 08-20-2001 01:38 PM

Bodies is no problem! Protoform make a Nice Porsche GT1 shell which I use on mine, tyres are the real issue as the Tamiya rubber is pants!

Getting hold of the larger wheels so that you can use Pro10 foam is the way to go but unless Tamiya or a 3rd party start making stuff for it, its going to get harder and harder to keep it running.

AE_Racer 08-20-2001 03:06 PM

I was talking about the F1 bodies...

jcr 08-20-2001 05:46 PM

as for tires, there's a couple of company that makes the F-1 tires and i don't remember the company but they made a rubber tire like the real ones with the groove.

see if you can get a hold of one of those Hot Bodies F-1 bodies.

TFR 08-20-2001 05:58 PM

i was wondering if anybody has the 93T spur?

because when I install this and dont know why the gear doesnts fit that perfectly, it moves side to side...:flaming:

another body know how i could fix this:confused:

TFR 08-20-2001 06:00 PM

oh ya, about this Springs
there is three different springs
Silver, Gold, and Black

i was wondering which one is Soft, Medium, and Hard?

is it like this?
Silver = Soft
Gold = Medium
Black = Hard

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