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Sparky7B 08-27-2007 06:34 PM

TC4 Setup help
Can someone give me a little advice on setup please. I have a team factory TC4 (not the carbon one) and we race what we call stockcars. We build a metal chassis around the running gear and racing is full contact (ie roll, bowl and a**hole) the other cars.

We race in a steel oval circuit which is about 18 to 20 metres on the straights with 5 to 6 metre curves. lap times are usually 5 to 6 seconds and we only race for say 20 laps....My car weighs in at about 3.1kgs (7 to 8lbs), I run a Epix X 27turn motor, with 72spur and 21pinion... we race typically on concrete or wooden floors...

Questions are:
For this type of track, and bearing in mind weight of car, what would be a better gearing ratio? Should i go for more torque to drive out of corners or rpm for the straights.....Can someone explain significance on changing spur size and pinion but keeping the same relative gear ratio (ie is this a function of the type of motor you run...) Id prefer to not overheat the motor if possible so have always thought gear ratio was main issue here - but not really sure....ie does a spur/pinion gear ratio mean the same thing if the spur/gear is changed but gear ratio kept the same/similar....

In terms of toe in /toe out etc any tips here? what about spring rates? Are foam tyres better for concrete than rubber?

Thanks in advance......


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