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Old 07-05-2007, 02:28 PM   #91
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Originally Posted by skypilot View Post
another way to look at it is, i'm old, i can spend all the time and money i want, i have peaked. so spending hours cutting motors and changing brushes, rebuilding diffs, and going thru tires like no tomorrow has no appeal to me. my goal is help the new guy get better, faster, its not even about winning for me anymore, its about having a good time and helping others, so if i'm ruining the hobby, well shame on me.

jonny, hows it been long time no see. come runs nats, i got a sedan all dailed in for you.

Thats the feeling locally. As my club has matured as well as us members. The day of rebuilding a diff and skimming a comm between runs are behind me and many others. Call it lazy or what ever, maybe the comp level had dropped(less members then before so it had dropped). But many of us at our club are in our 30s with young families... So alot of guys just wanna race and not go through the xtra work at the track save it for at home.

Having fun helping others, and of course smack talking is always a blast at the track.

I think FUN is lost at clubs that are loaded with sponsored joe racers
"Without Rules its just Backyard Bashing!"
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Originally Posted by skypilot View Post
ok now your my favorite poster of all time. at least one person understands my point of view. can i send you some cash or a new car or something. oh wait, but then you would be sponsored and not allowed to race anymore. so never mind.
I'll be moving to 19t Spec pretty soon please send RP30 premounts and Sorex 36Rs with Yokomo 39F inserts and Yokomo 1012 dish rims THanx
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Old 07-05-2007, 04:48 PM   #93
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you want sponsored guys out of stock take stock out of the mix. I think the 17.5 or even a 20.5 would be a good start. just a note the rookie 12th class at Frank Calandra's track is a 55turn lathe motor. talk about having to drive a fine line to get faster. just think if you had a 20.5 novak you could run 8 minutes in TC for the rookies and not only would they not break as much going slow they would get more track time making them better racers.
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Originally Posted by GCracker View Post
Some of the discussion boggles the mind....................

Why is everyone obsessed with separating the good drivers from the mediocre. The only way you will ever improve is to run with the sponsored drivers on a regular basis. Im not just referring to watching them navigate the course but the sponsored guys for the most part are the most helpful at the track, they will quite readily get into a discussion with you about your setup what could be changed to shave 1/10ths off your lap times and generally help YOU become a better driver/mechanic.

Honestly how do you improve if you dont have the requisite knowledge and you race with a bunch of people who are in the same position as you?

Other than that I agree with the no prototype discussion for club racing, if the companies want to do R&D testing they should do it in their own time and not disadvantage the club racers, although I have yet to see much of this behavior at club level.
Its the American way! If you can't win then create new classes and new rules so you can win. God forbid getting waxed every weekend would cause people to learn how to properlly setup cars, tires and motors...or practice more....
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Old 07-05-2007, 07:44 PM   #95
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I'm confused on which racers you guys want out of stock class. Do you guys want professional r/c drivers (pros) out, or do you want sponsored drivers out? or both? There are alot of sponsored drivers that suck. Having a sponsor dosen't make you any faster of a driver. If fact, you normally only get sponsored after your fast. I think most people need to face the truth that they are slow and are not going to win unless they devote more time and effort into the hobby and become a better driver. Do racers that only show up on race day for a few practice packs and the racing program really expect to win if pro and sponsored drivers were not in the class?

Drivers are faster than others because they have talent and practice more than the slower drivers. If losing to a better driver gets you upset, don't get angry at the better driver, figure out how to improve you own driving and learn how to win. Just driving the little cars around the track with others should be fun, a win is icing on the cake. If you HAVE TO WIN to have fun, then this is not the right hobby for you.

You really want sponsored and pro drivers out of stock class? Then boycott the sponsor. Write letters to the sponsor and tell them you will no longer buy their products as long as their drivers race in stock class.
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Scrubb....I am with you on this.

I said it over an over....you dont win because you suck....your not fast because you suck....you lap times are all over the board because you suck. It not the other racers ,sponsored, factory [email protected]#@! whatever you want to call them it is you!!! You can eliminate what ever type of drivers you want and your still going to lose to the guy that practices more.

Practice more...spend less time on the net. I see new guys come and go and it always come down to lack of dedication....you will only get better with practice.

I dont know why people can not grasp this.

I have no sponsors. I enjoy the competition and I prefer to run with the so called sponsored drivers. I do ok on the regional level. I usually can sneek it in the a main at most races.

You can order online or purchase from your lhs the motor, packs etc every item these so called "factory stock drivers" have that is just as good.

Danny at SMC sell some pretty kick ass batteries over the shelf. If you cant win with them it is not the batteries.

The real problem is trying to sell slow....everyone markets rtr that go 70 mph in big letters on the box and guys go into the store and buy ballistic cars that they cant get around the track without breaking.

It is very difficult to generate interest in novice type class. This is what everyone should try to put on their thinking caps and solve. Brushless 13.5 or stock is just way to fast for first timers.

If your club racing to only win and you dont want to put the time in then this is probably not the best use of your time.


still looking for the magical solution to get and keep new guys at the track.

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Old 07-05-2007, 09:26 PM   #97
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To be honest guys i think the thread lost its way from post #1.

This thread has fragmented into so many different issues and topics. So many levels of driver, levels of clubs, levels of membership,levels of sponsorship.... ect ect ect..

What one guy bitches about at one track is common place and accepted at another. A club with 40 members vs a club with 200 members have differnent views of how a sponsored guy is affecting racing...
"Without Rules its just Backyard Bashing!"
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Originally Posted by senna555 View Post
The real problem is trying to sell slow...
Good luck with that.

I remember when I first got into onroad like it was yesterday. I stopped by the local paved onroad track and watched a sponsored AE guy (Steve Rossi) driving a TC3 with a 9x1 and he was probably going 45+ mph on the straightaway, but it looked like 90+ mph from where I was standing. Would I have stuck around and bought my own TC3 if he had been running a stock motor? Probably not.

Last year, I tried to get my nephews interested in onroad at a small ozite track where all the fast guys run stock. It didn't happen. Would they have gotten into the hobby if the fast guys still ran mod sedan at local parking lot races? I'll never know because that little chunk of ozite made parking lot races extinct in my area.

Speed sells and it's the reason why a lot of people get into this hobby. We all find out later that "slower is faster" and it's best to drive your car "smooth and in the groove", but that's not what excites noobs. They want to see these cars going faster than they ever imagined possible for RC cars. IMO, Parking Lots + Tub Chassis + Lipo + BL = New Blood, but that would mean onroad would have to quit being a perverted form of 1/12 (I've got nothin' against 1/12) and get back to its roots with the new technology.

Edit to add: I guess my point in this long post is that I'm not one of "those guys" who doesn't like seeing sponsored guys in stock because they beat me every week. Heck, I don't even run stock. I have more fun finishing 5th in a mod D Main than winning a Stock A Main. I don't like to see the fast guys running slow motors because I think it isn't helping to bring in new blood.

Back on-topic: I agree with Rick.

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I have problems with my newly bought Mamba Max Combo 6900.

I would like to verify if this is TRUE or HOAX ??


As of 2007July17, NovakTwo replied and validated that the offer is legitimate.

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