good 1st car?

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Your Novak stuff should drop into just about any car. I can't imagine there being any problem with any Novak ESC and/or brushless motor fitting in any car.

All the radio stuff is pretty universal, too. It would be rare not to fit in any car.

I can speak to the belt/shaft issue as I have only had belt cars, however, I know that the belt/shaft debate is kind of like tastes great/less filling around this forum.
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for parking lots an enclosed diff housing would be a little better, but the grit will still get into the spur and pinion gears sometimes.

I used to run an associated tc3 for almost 8 years in parking lot races, no problems. I would say that the associated tc4 would be a good choice for you since your lhs sells associated. it is a good car.

I've driven belt and shaft, there are only minor differences in performances of both cars. the belt car is quieter and smoother, probably easier to control with modified motors. but for begginer you probably wouldn't notice any difference.

as for traxxas. i have never seen one at parking lot race yet. There must be a reason why they are not being used. probably no hop ups and limited adjustments. It's probably fine to learn on for beginner.

If you want to start racing, go to your local track and see what the begginers and sportsman class are driving.

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Thanks for all the suggestions, I really appreciate it. I ordered a TT-01 today, with a pre-painted Ferrari 430 body from my LHS.

I also ordered a full bearing kit and may upgrade to oil shocks and aluminum shaft later, but for now it should be good enough. After I get some drive time I intend to drop my Novak brushless system into it.

The TT-01R kit looked really good, but there were some things I didn't like:

1. still had to buy body + paint + reamer + lexan scissors = $
-and I had to still paint it, and I'm no Michelangelo
-can't paint inside [per 'she who must be obeyed']
2. didn't actually want the adjustable suspension right now
-more stuff to mess with [may regret it later, who knows...]
3. didn't want slicks, for parking lot bashing I wanted treads
4. don't need the better motor, I have a 10.5 brushless

I would have liked the oil shocks, bearings, aluminum shaft though, but I can always add them later if absolutely necessary. The cost of the pre-painted body is a good trade to me for convenience and simplicity instead of some things I don't value that much.

My only real question is whether I will regret the non-adjustable suspension at some point, but for bashing I'm guessing it won't matter; unless I actually start racing, but I don't see that happening. I got a little freaked out at a club race event once; these guys had electric tire warmers, triple stack Snap-On tool boxes, trailer rigs, pavilions, and more expensive looking gear and equipment than I care to think about. My wife would freakin' kill me if I spent 20k on crap to race my RC car. Certain, painful and permanent doom. No, I think I will just be content with a $110 kit and a package of bearings for now.
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HA!HA! Yeah man, I'll have to agree with you, some of those guys really take their hobby seriously. I guess they really want to impress the new guys.

donlt' let them fool you. I have been in the sport(hobby) for over 20 years. I still race with a plastice tackle box. folding chair(from work) and collapsing table from walmart. I finally broke down and bought a pop up tent from Target. used it once. last month.

as for hop ups, you'll definitely need th allum. drive shaft if you go to the 10.5. the stock one is plastic!!

but you have plenty for now to have fun with.

as for the bodies, tamiya has made it very easy for us non-inside the body people. Just spray the inside the color you desire. the outside has mask already on it. Just peel it off when finished painting. the windows are sticker that go on the out side of the shell after you have peeled the mask. very simpel. so even I can have a very detailed looking car. the tamiya paint dries almost instanltly. but you should wait for at least 30 min to an hour before the next coat or pulling of the mask.

I have a prepainted car also. it sure looks nice!!! and for the price and not having the agro of paintiing and stickering it a deal.

i'm waiting for a shipment of new bodies from tamiya right now. I want the nsx for racing at the tamiya fun race, and their TCS racing series.

go have fun and congradulations on your tt!!!

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