Schumacher Mission help!!!

  • Hi i just bought a schumacher mission and its very nice i installed a novak brushless system in it and then a jr propo high speed servo.I was wondering if anyone knows maybe a mod motor setup i am running on an asphalt track,pretty tight turns and i need alot of traction! tell me springs,shock oil,sway bars and tires i should run!and anyone who want to tell me how there mission handles if they have one! thansk alot-
  • well hello there RiCeRoCkEt

    i say go with some soft springs in da rear and some avergae stiffnes in the front, you should run the 2 thickest swaybar, and some Take Off CS-27 tires. Where did u get the car, i am lookin into buyin one. ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Whatup?
    what part of va u live in cuz i hope you dont hate on my ride dawg!---it's no rice look at my signature!!oh yeah thanks 4 the help!leep the posts coming!
  • check out this forum

    King_G and Oasis2003 are the posts you should look at for setups on ashphelt with rubber
  • you kno that ride is fake,

    my car is a 01' SVT lightning, with a 200 shot and a bigger blower,, with some dot approved slicks, BEAT THAT YOU RICER!!
    i live over in Williamsburg

  • what times you doing? dont lie i ran an 12.76 on slicks w/o nitrous so i could probably get down to like a 12.23 with nitrous!-peace
  • Hey, Come on guys, no flaming. If you want to talk about your rides, take it to Private Message.

    For Mission help, I would suggest checking out the Schumacher Corner thread.

  • aight i wont im done wit with him anyways! thanks for youre help~

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