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  • ok ive been thinking bout a couple things ive heard/read and wondered if the pro's do it and how.

    if u read rcca u might have read an article bout a bump box and what it is is 10 cells in series which u hook up to your 6 cells race pack for 30 sec to boost the voltage for a hole shot of the start.
    does any one do this? is it bad for your cells?

    secondly when pros charge there packs for a run do the charge them out of the car in a heat sink (if it hot) or warmer. or do they charge them in the car so they dont waste time putting the pack in after its peaked?

    also how close to a race should u aim for a pack to peak? i know ideally as close to but realisticly? 5 min before?? more less?

    cheers guys just curious bout these little things
  • I haven't seen a bump box used for a while. Ideally, a single charge peaked right before you go out to race is the best. Keep in mind how long it takes to get through tech when calculating charge time. Re-peaking batteries is not ideal, but if a race drags out and your cells peaked, may be necessary. Re-peaking at a high rate will drive up the voltage. However, the first turn you severely hammer the pack (wall hit, or even hard on the throttle) that peak will be lost.

    Most times, especially at club races, people will perfect peak, then drive the car around the track to trim in the car. This will take the top off a peak, although usually doesn't hurt the duration of the race perceptibly.
  • how long after charging should i re peak my cells?
  • any one?
  • I have seen people at Nationals using chargers that have a timer on them. You have to work out how long it will take to get the cells charged just in time for your heat, put that time into the charger and hopefully (if no hold ups during the heats before yours) your cells are fully charged and peak out just before your heat starts. The poeple I saw doing this were using a Nosram charger.
  • in the old days some used a 12v battery to do this.
    yes i know
    but the 1100 and 1200 batterys could handle it and they liked it hot.
    this was done in oval racing.

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