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  • Quote: should the brushes be replaced every cut and how offen do you do a cut?
    No, in fact unless the brushes are burned, you can use them. Alot of people change their bushes way too much, there is an advantage to running the same brushes, they are already broken in, and conformed to the shape of the comm. If you like you can reserrate them with one of the many tools availible (integy one is good). As far as the comm being too small, it depends on the motor, but I think .280mm is the smallest you want it to be (could be wrong on the #). Also if you are using comm drops, they are probably gumming up the comm, comm drops are really overratted, you don't need them, the boost if any is so small the average racer cant notice it. Be sure to lube your bearings or bushings.

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