LRP Sucks

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Man I had a lrp sport speedo and cooked the curicut board and sent it back then they replaced it but not only did they fix it they gave me a pro sport too brand new. I still think novak is the top dog for speedos and constumer service.
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Default another

Add another person to the list of the LRP "Gotta wait for the next shipment" of Sphere comps from warranty service.

Said it will be two weeks before next shipment of speedos comes in, but couldn't tell me if they would replace under warranty.

Figure I will have to wait a few more shipments after this one since there are so many people waiting in line.

And I'm pretty sure they will have to fill distributor pre/back orders before doing all the warranty replacements.
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I must be one of the few, but I just bought my sphere comp and 5.5 combo and it has worked flawlessly. It keeps shutting off on me say 5 minutes into my 12th scale runs, but someone said that if it is on lipo mode then when the voltage drops the motor will cut off. So all in all not bad
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ok ill say this here
i run a gtx in my 1/12
last year the button broke on it so i sent it in and they gave me another one (a re done one)
when i went to go use it it was junk,it had no top end and i thot it was my batts or motors.
but when i put in a new gtx that i got from the store i had speed again.

this happend to me a long time ago too so ill never do the warranty thing again,
so novak is fast in service but you dont know what your gona get.
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Default What I like about Novak

Bob Novak treated me way more betta than Eddie-O ever has.....

O -Yeah !
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Originally Posted by NovakTwo
I'm not sure whether this answers your question, but Novak BL ESCs and motors have motor thermal overload circuitry built-in.

So, as long as you use them together, the motor is protected. Other companies do not include this protection, which is why you can see motors thermal with other BL controllers.
Yeah I hear ya. I really think there may be a connection.
It seems maybe there is a feed back or some thing?

I've been running the GTB and its the smoothest, from bottom to top end its so proportional. Thats why I stuck with it. The LRP felt quick on the punch but felt slow on the top end which really only worked good on the choppy tracks.
With the GTB I can roll on the throttle as if it were a brushed motor and really not feel the difference even with a mod.

Novak simply has the best quality in the brushless market.

No disrespect to LRP. I ran Novaks for years And with good luck and have never burnt one not even worn one out. And when I started 12th scale I ran the QC2's with no problems. This is the first speedo in 11 years that has ever gone bad in my cars.
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For everyone, concerned with warranty issues.
Don't get a sphere or anything LRP.

Sent in a Sphere comp 07...only 1 1/2 weeks old ( so count the possible runs)
solder tab broke off on the positive.

After 3 1/2 weeks of waiting they called me up and said they can't replace the unit under warranty.

LRP implied I soldered incorrectly or had an impact.

funny...I never even soldered the connection....right from factory.
my tabs never face the outside of the chassis...ever..ever...

LRP stated the board used for solder points is as strong as carbon fiber....hahaha....if that were true we would running cars made from that material.

I told them to throw it away.....i refuse spend more money...on a defective unit.

LRP is not anything like the company is used to be....this seems to be more common with them.

I told them I would be posting in every forum I can to make sure everyone knows about their Customer Service.

Novak doesn't do this......I sent in a GTB to them....which I knew that I messed up....and they charged me the usual replacement fee...I had no problem paying...since it was my fault...
but I refuse to pay for something that is not.


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Sorry to hear you got had too Orlando. Sounds like pretty much exactly the same "story" I got but a 18 months later. probably don't want to hear this, but that GTB/Velociti system I bought from you at about that same time still runs like a champ.

Novak, KO, Horizon ALL provide excellent customer service. LRP has plenty of industry examples they could look to for creating a new paradigm.

Instead they just continue to piss people off. They need to realize the pool is only SO deep.

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Default NOVAK

it sucks...I'm going back to Novak....this week...but glad yours is still running like a champ.

I refuse to do business with a company...that doesn't even want to think they have a defective unit....
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Originally Posted by olhipster1
I refuse to do business with a company...that doesn't even want to think they have a defective unit....
Yup..."denial: NOT a river in Egypt."

I think they get so caught up in the "all these racers are trying to screw us" mentality that it SERIOUSLY affects their judgement in these matters. And even IF it is a 100% operator screwup, why not offer a non-warranty replacement plan like Novaks where it at least only bites about half as bad. I don't see any evidence that the plan is crimping Novak's style at all, and it buys a LOT of goodwill.

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My LRP speedo failed after owning it for 2 months, I sent it back and it was replaced with a brand new factory sealed one about 2 1/2 weeks later.

Now, having said that I will buy Novak speedos from here on out because I've heard too many horror stories about LRP and customer service.
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Originally Posted by Scottrik
Yup..."denial: NOT a river in Egypt."
Haha, denial would be thinking there is no river in Egypt
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I was just at the LRP race and talked to them about their service. They promised me that things are changing. The service managers weren't doing anything and that is why they were behind, expecially to the US. Things have been changed in the last few weeks and new managers are in place. They said they are still catching up, but hope to be in the next week.
Their new brushless stuff is pretty trick, I wouldn't give up on them totally yet
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I'll pop in with another Orange story from last week - Charlie can confirm...

I have some older Orange ESC's, CYclones, TC2's, and a pit wizard as well as a Millennium Pro with built-in pit wizard. I emailed asking for some of the pit-wizard cables, and Charlie probably about fell out of his chair laughing, I;d assume - I would've!

So Charlie and Jackie start turning Novak Electronics upside-down looking for (3) $5 cables!!!

So, they finally find 'em, Jackie emails me, I call her and give her the C/C info, and we're good to go.

I call her this past MOnday, and she said they shipped out on Thursday, but they weren;t going to charge me anything because the delay in finding them, and the delay in shipping them out (I mean, we're talking 2 days here!!!).

Um, I really don't know any other company that would do that.
I never b!tched, never complained, nothing. These were *NOT* a pressing need at ALL.

Guys, seriously, can you beat that customer service? They didn;t even charge me for SHIPPING! This is for 3 stupid discontinued pit-wizard cables we're talking about!!!

I mean, I know $20-25 isn't going to bankrupt Novak, but
I never said a word, and they just did it on their own.

Charlie/Jackie/Novak - Not like I really ever left, but I really am not, now.

A friend got an RC18T about 3-4 months ago, had a problem almost immediately with the RTR Tx, and it took like 4 weeks to get it repaired/replaced.
This thing was basically broken in 2 minutes!!!!!


What do you expect from a company named ASS.....ociated
And I believe someone else said LRP = Lacking Reliable Products
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Guys, you think waiting for 2 month is bad? I have sent my LRP ESC for repair after got it for 2 month. Now 6 months in waiting and i still haven't got my ESC back. I'm staying in singapore.
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