Novak power capacitor

  • Hello guys i got the first series novak cyclone and i have misplaced the power capacitor, the question is, is there any possibility that it could be used without it? without it smoking or shorting out plz let me know its preety urgent im in the middle of nowhere so i hope you guys could help me.
  • you can use any ESC without a power capacitor. Will not smoke.
    You can buy a new power capacitor at any electronic parts shop for a few cents. You can ask for a 4700 uF/ 10V capacitor, but if you have more free space near the ESC you can ask for 10000 uF/10V. (more capacitance is better).
  • CAN you use it without a power cap? Yes. SHOULD you run without one? NO. Novak specified one for a reason, to protect the ESC, so while it is possible to run without, I wouldn't reccomend it....
  • The power capacitor on my cyclone got detatched from the esc while i was playing with it. I was running my car not knowing that my tires were not the only thing making contact with the asphalt. As a result, around 25% of the capacitor's material got worn out. Do I need to replace my capacitor? Thanks.
  • It would be best to replace the power cap. If not, could have a short and smoke your esc or maybe fry your battery pack.
  • thanks
    ttr: Thanks heaps for your help dude, i put on a 10000uF/10v it goes nice man

    for the others thanks heaps

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