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Cheating Stockers...

Cheating Stockers...

Old 03-25-2003, 12:36 AM
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Default Cheating Stockers...

I came across this 'for sale' post and wanted to share or more like warn all of the cheated racers in this area:

"hey i have a hand wound stock motor wound by Dell *****. he winds motorsnamed Big Blocks in our area (michigan). many of the fast guys in our area use this motor. This is a big block stock. as far as i know its the only hand wound stock i know of. great motor. used a couple races. will let go for $20. email me at ******"

I think that it is shameful and nothing sucks more than working your ass off and spending hard earned cash to support your racing program only to be cheated by people like these.

All out there be warned because I'm sure the motor was sold and I bet there are a lot more like 'em....
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Old 03-25-2003, 03:11 AM
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Old 03-25-2003, 05:36 AM
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We have one guy here in KC that is famous for doing this. He is wathced extremely closely for sudden changes in lap times. More then once he has had his motor claimed and torn apart to find out it is 2 or 3 winds short. That just really ticks a person off in stock to work your butt off to have some guy come in and cheat!

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Old 03-25-2003, 06:30 AM
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CRASH, Why do the track operators continue to let him Run ?
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Old 03-25-2003, 10:04 AM
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That is a good question? I do not know why. I have not seen him for a quite a while know. Maybe he was told not to come back, but I have not heard anything.

I believe if you have to cheat to win a club race then you need to just stay home!

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Old 03-25-2003, 10:08 AM
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Yeah Crash,

So cheating at a national or international is OK?!

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Old 03-25-2003, 10:12 AM
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If you have to cheat to win a club race how do you expect to win a national or international event when th ecompetition is so much higher.

Cheating at any level is wrong! Look at the guy that got busted at the Snowbirds this year. If you get busted for cheating you are tagged a cheater and will always be accused of cheating. I would rather be slow then be tagged a cheater. What about everyone else out there?

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Old 03-25-2003, 10:48 AM
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You are absolutely right about being labled. Once the word gets around that you are a cheater, not only will it get around fast, it will stay around for a long long time.
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Old 03-25-2003, 01:04 PM
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at my local track theres only a couple tenths a second difference in lap times between mod and stock foam fast guys....and that with a 80 foot straight
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Old 03-25-2003, 01:37 PM
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Thumbs down Bad JuJu

It suck that people have to resort to this to win
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Old 03-25-2003, 01:45 PM
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I know that Stock is pretty competetive but what good is a victory if you have to cheat to win? That is pretty sad. I have a Big Jim MVP that really opened some people's eyes at the track. I mean, it's that simple to get a really good legal motor from him or any other motor tuner. Oh well, I guess I'll just never understand what drives someone to cheat to win.
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Old 03-25-2003, 01:47 PM
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When a track finds someone cheating like this, just force them to race the motor in open mod, where the motor will be legal......


Now Roar has a 10 turn motor limit in mod , how many guys will get busted for running 7-9 turn arms?!?!?!?
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Old 03-25-2003, 02:11 PM
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I've never understood the motivation to cheat for a win. I know that some people have a stronger desire for a win than others, but it still doesn't make sense. Even if you do win, it is tainted. You didn't play by the same rules, so it doesn't mean anything.

I was told a story by a local track owner about a cheater he caught. When confronted, the offender just said 'Everybody cheats, I just got caught'. This guy just didn't get it. He didn't have any remorse for his actions at all.

In my opinion, when a cheater is caught, they should be banned from the track. We need a zero tolerance policy with this. But, the process of catching a cheater needs to be done with discretion. It is too easy to have an accusation become a conviction by rumor.

Jeff Gilligan
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Old 03-25-2003, 03:07 PM
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Most of the time cheaters don't win anyways. If you cheat and don't win then you really must suck. it just isn't worth it. These are silly little cars and it just doesn't matter where you finish.
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Old 03-25-2003, 06:38 PM
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Out of curiosity, Crash, that guy who cheated at the Snowbirds, what did he do? I never heard about it...
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