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Old 01-29-2007, 11:00 PM   #256
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Originally Posted by BillyCaldwell
Man Brant you aint right LMAO. Cant wait to chill in Tulsa.

It will be a blast!!! Tell MackCrackin that he can run Sportsman but he has to let me tune his brusless ESC!!!

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Originally Posted by syndr0me

Boredom at it's finest.
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Originally Posted by syndr0me
R/C needs a little levity now and then. Well played, men, you've shattered my attempt at reform and made the day entertaining. I may never climb out of the hole I've dug. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go build this new T2'007 kit I bought on the way home.
Seriously? Alright then! Looks like you took me up on my invitation after all - it just took you nearly three months.

Let me know if you get those 3 tenths I promised ;>
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Originally Posted by adamge
Seriously? Alright then! Looks like you took me up on my invitation after all - it just took you nearly three months.

Let me know if you get those 3 tenths I promised ;>
Sadly, I was only kidding. I'd love to try the car out, but I don't think it would make me any better, and that's a lot of expense in parts and a kit. I've got a capable car now that seems to do okay when it turns, the diffs aren't falling apart, and the roll centers don't need adjusting, and the bulkheads aren't bent, and the shock bladders aren't expanding, and the arms don't combust when they touch a carpet fiber. I'm leaning toward a Type R when it comes out since we're using LiPo locally, and it's been miserable trying to balance them on a traditional chassis.

Thanks for the invite, though. I'm not so sure your buddies would be so warm, I hear they've got syndr0me doll they stick pins in.
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Syndr0me-Mating unicorns under a rainbow sky....... Sounds like a really bad trip!! LMAO!!
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Originally Posted by Kave
This comment is very interesting due to the fact that plain and simple, its true. However I think the redesign comes from the standpoint that no one teams budget is big enough to try each and every thing that might make their car better, nor do they have the time (This is in my opinion why the losi car has taken so long, they are simply trying to test everything). Had the losi car been in xrays hands we would have seen the 3 deck car come to production, and then the 2 deck car, atleast, this is not good or bad, its just getting every development to the customers as soon as possible. I know I am not alone in the fact that I decided to not run the losi sedan simply because I couldent get it.
But back on track, budgets. I know that the new AE sedan had 1 engineer, just 1, and it would not be possible for him to try each and every thing out there to make their sedan better so they use economic decesions to determine at what point they are better just releasing the sedan without any more revisions. However then say a made up company we will call BMI comes out with something that the guys at Xray say HEY this can make our car faster! So bam then they resdesign that into their current platform and you get a new and faster car. Fast being relative here, you might not see a second a lap, but moreso just a 10th, or not even that, the end result is that the new car is an upgrade.

Hope the rambling made sense to someone
Your rambling was just fine, I think I understood it...

I agree that its nearly impossible to plan for every condition, but I would be pretty confident in saying that every company that makes a "racing" chassis has at LEAST one R&D driver. That one driver is paid to test prototype parts, all day long, at club races and major events.

Cliff Lett was no slouch when he was racing, I'm sure he's quite competent when designing a part, and he uses team driver feedback to verify that the part is an improvement. IIRC, AE released two different one-ways for the TC3, one that had some issues, and (I think in conjunction with Yokomo) another that held up much better. In fact the TC3 was about two years in the making, Losi had the Street Weapon, HPI had the RS4Pro2, Yokomo had the MR4-TC, and along comes AE with a shaft drive. Then everyone else follows suit. I left the hobby around the time the TC4 came out, so I could never really got to compare it to my TC3, but I'm sure the improvements were honed and tested over time (three years maybe?).

I know that the HPI Pro4 had one main designer, but they had both Hara and Thad to test it and give their input. Likewise, HPI's Stratus body (the racing one) had one guy who shaped the body, and used driver input to finalize the shape.

Proline has their own test track (IIRC), and they have the ability to test tire designs all day long.

My point is, these companies do have time to test new parts.

BK is an example of this, I can remember going to SoCal and seeing him in the pits, tinkering with his car, at various days during the week. He'd run a few hot laps, then go back into his pit to wrench some more.

As far as good design, lets look at the Xray T1 and the Tamiya 414M2. While not the "tourer du jour", they both are STILL competitive platforms that in the right hands can be dialed in to a track. How? They both come from a solid, proven, layout and have provisions to adjust things like anti-squat/roll center/shock angles etc. Can anyone remember the days when you couldn't make all those adjustments (ala TA02/RS4/YR4)?

Call me "old school", but to me, evolving a r/c chassis takes two years (maybe more), and if you have to issue new parts, then perhaps you need to go back into the R&D stage. This is coming from someone who has seen first hand the process in which a product goes from conception to being released for public consumption. Yes, its great that a company will develop parts at a faster rate to get them into consumer's hands, but if there is no dramatic difference, or you *may* gain 10ths of a second (as you put it), why even bother? As someone mentioned earlier, those 10ths don't mean jack when someone taps you from behind, spins you out, and you lose race positions.

Look at what an improvement the JRX-S is over the XXX-S and the Street Weapon. Adjustability is leaps and bounds better, and the design (at least to me) takes cues from a proven offroad-style layout. The "R" reminds me of what we used to do with the Kyosho Ultima, turning the motor 180 degrees to make it a mid-mount, for better balance.

Sorry to take the thread off topic and further on tangent...
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Default Xray issue`s

over here in the UK xray have not got a good team of drivers atall & they don`t win much atall

mod class (what`s left of it) is dominated by the RDX & schuy & cyclone

guy`s over here are going away from xray due to the fact they keep fleecing racers by bringing yet `another` release car out & i know for a fact they have a 5 cell conversion or car coming out soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yet it is popular as hell club side wins 27t & 19t class`s no probs
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Sorry Guys,

There is to much reading to go through I think AE will have there TC out first

Kevin Boyle
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Holy Jesus, Mary and Joseph..how did I miss this thread and all the fun. This was almost as good as the Roar to 4-cell thread. But my $.02 on this....I don't really care. Good drivers win. Support the company you want to. All this junk about release dates from junkies that need the latest chassis fix is just insane and most people will see absolutely no improvement with their lap-times by buying a new chassis. It's all bragging rights to say you have the "latest" chassis that isn't innovative, isn't a departure from the norm, and in reality doesn't work any better then the previous one. Just because a certain company seems to win all the time doesn't mean you'll win with it. I see to many guys getting their XRayCorallyShumacherETC..cars beaten by used xxx-s', TC3s and TA05s. Yep, the cheap stuff wins too.

If you all want different and innovative...the only really different chassis out there that people race on a regular basis is...are you ready...no really...you ready....THE M-CHASSIS. Yep, Tamiya Minis. Different, fun and the only design like that on the market. It's different and guess what...an M-chassis wins every Tamiya Mini class race at every TCS and at many local tracks all over the world. It's truly different and innovative....
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Originally Posted by Alex Lopez
This thread is too funny. You got team managers that care and have amazing customer support to their clients. Team managers that take pride in trying to test a product that they believe will succeed in the future, even if means encountering many bumos in the road. Then you have other team managers that have no customer support whatsoever and stand behind a team of potheads with a great product. Then you got company lackies standing in for a team manager that i bet doesnt even know what rctech is. Which side do you pick?
Whats your point?
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Alex.. Todd is still in rest mode.. I hear he will make his appearance at noon, So till then all go get some snacks and we will see you all at noon EST....

Who will be first thread has beat 24 TV show in the most viewed rankings....
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i think all this bashing is good for us because it's fun, but makes no sense because the first guys to buy the new and supposedly improved are the fast guys at your LHS and what happens with that ? you get all the guys that want to get faster follow suit because supposedly the thing to do is run what the majority run because of parts availability and setup help. then all of a sudden the fast guys have a change of mind and try a different car. it's almost like their own R&D. the fast guys actually dictate the car to run at your LHS. i personally think it's also easier to run the newest kit because it seems to come with a stock setup that is faster than the previous car since some of us want to be fast guys don't know how to change things to accomodate to different track conditions. til i can do so i'm just going to have to follow suit just like others.

just my .02 cents
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Originally Posted by MR JOLLY
over here in the UK xray have not got a good team of drivers atall & they don`t win much atall
Do Ben Cosgrove, Guy Thornton and BIWS ring a bell?
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