Intellect World Class Cells

  • Anyone know if these cells come from the manufacturer already zapped? Or do they still require an inital zap to get some of the higher numbers we are seeing.

  • Ken,
    Try this to see if this what you looking for. I puschase from them, Intellence Batt., great outcome.
  • The cells that come from Intellect directly are not zapped, however cells that come from the various matching companies (SMC, Brood etc) most probably will be zapped. Hope this helps.
  • what are the risk of buying unmatch cells? like danger. or something
  • There is no risk. Only that batteries will perform, most likely, worst than when you buy them from a matcher.

    A matcher will determine which cells are good and which are bad. Then take all good sells and give you a pack that all 4,5 or 6 cells are more or less the same. That means when you run them, all cells to dump at same time hence giving you full power for the rest time.

    Actually, most likely those cells (unmatched) might last longer since they haven't "abused" by a matcher

    I hope I explained it sufficiently

    By the way, is there a way to determine on the IB cells if they WC or juct SHV?

  • Nick, I belive on the Intellect label it self, they changed the way the cell looks alittle bit, for the WC cells, there is like a Yellow Star picture after the word Intellect

    Your also right about what you said about unmatched and matched packs.. I like the work, "Matched" better then the older word "zapped" which is from teh older cells a long time ago where they came "zapped" but with no labels on them.
  • The WC cells say World Champion on them while the SHV cells say SHV on them. If you look closely it shouldn't be too difficult to tell them apart.

    As far as zapping and matching goes, every cell outfit out there will have cells zapped to increase the voltage. This has been something that's been done for quite some time and is pretty much industry standard now. When you are buying unmatched cells it's 50/50, you might get cells that are untouched or you might get cells that have been zapped and cycled on the matcher.

    When we sell batteries as "economy" versions they are zapped and cycled on the matchers and actually have regular labels on them. They are not matched up with other cells having numbers that are extremely close like our race packs and are below our minimum spec for race packs. We sell them as "unmatched or economy" to simply indicate the level of performance our customers can expect from them. The cells will work and work well but do not offer the optimum level of performance a high quality (and of course expensive) matched pack will provide you.

  • I agree totaly. I think matched sells are the way to go nomater what kind of racing or playing you do. I don't just say this because I match cells eather. Matching does take some of the life out of the cells, but what you end up with is cells that have been tested and only the best ones make it in to matched packs. normally the low end cells are used for sport packs. When buying un matched cells you take the chance of getting a couple of bad cells in the pack. it only takes one bad cell in the pack to lower the voltage and run time of the pack quite a bit. If you have two bad cells the pack will proforme very badly. also if one or two of the cells have alot less run time then the rest of the cells they will dye a lot soner and can be damaged from being taken down to far. The manufatuer, such as Intelect, cycle the cells once to make sure they will tack a charge but that is all they do. SMC and other componies then buy them by the truck load and then zapp them. they take some of them and match them for there own sales and sell the rest to other coponies. Some of those coponies take the time to match them and make them into killer packs and other coponies just grab cells out of a box and make them into packs bcause it's cheaper and in turn, they can sell them for less. And that is why I belive that you are better off to spend a little more money and buy matched packs that have been tested rather then untested packs.

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