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Ok, so I had to check to see if there was a link to this on RCCA's forums and didnt see a link unless it has been pulled. Wouldnt be GREAT to see it posted up there. Someone registered there ( own up to it or not ) should post it and see if it lasts. I did however find a thread along the lines of "What to do w/ old issues of RCCA". This was one of the more amusing responses along w/ an editors feelings towards it.

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Originally Posted by ^jynx^
throw them away...... its about all they are worth.

And that comment is worth so much.

Maybe they just dont care what readers think just as long as traxxas is buying ad space. I made the mistake of subscribing after getting back in to the hobby after a long hiatus. Long ago they had some good info, but I guess they dont make things like they used to. I WILL NOT BE RENEWING. I would rather buy some "high performance decals"
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XRC.......Woo Hoo! Thanks to all who have supported XRC.....
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Competition Plus was definitely the racers magazine. They did great articles on all the big races, and printed FULL results. From the A main down to the P. If you were at the race, you made it in the magazine.

The didn't do a ton of pictures, and those that they did were usually black and white. But, you could hear about all the big events around the world.

Now, with the internet, the era of the magazine is about to end. With such long lead times, they just don't contains any "news" when they finally reach their readers. We've become a society that expects instant gratification. Heck, just look at the posts complaining about the live video being slow and results not being posted when the race only ended 2 minutes ago!

Don't waste your time or money creating a new magazine, there are better things to invest your money and time into.
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Besides Trinity having pulled their ads, Tamiya used to have the inside cover two pages for their new products but dropped that a while ago as well. That was something in the magazine for at least 6 years before it stopped. Pretty sad.
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Originally Posted by Scrubb
I say we Kidnapp Jimmy Oople and bring him here to the US, he has the best race coverage and race car reviews (at least for off-road) over any of the r/c magazines....
Thanks for that vote! I will try do more on-road stuff, honest! when time allows.
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This has to be one of the better threads on here

RCCA- enough with the 20 page Traxxas pull-outs, maybe that's why they can't cover races, no more room in the fluff filled mag.

XRC-nice car reviews, but why is it that every test shows 6 pictures of the car in action and maybe 2-3 pictures of what's underneath the body? We all know what an 1/8 looks like on a race track, we all know what a 1/10 touring sedan looks like on a paved course, but what most of us dont' know is what separates one particular car from another. Show us the details in the vehicle and why one would by this vehicle over another, aside from the flashy paint job.

RCDriver- just picked up my first mag last month, and it surely wont be my last.

Oople- I"ll vote for you too!
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Originally Posted by R.Dalnogare
I got my last issue a few months ago and never renewed. But my favorite thing in some of there recent issues was the 24 pages in a row traxxas ad. I mean come on 24 freakin pages of junk!
Hey my Traxxas was ahead of yours for most of the main!
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Originally Posted by fpart
Hey my Traxxas was ahead of yours for most of the main!
probably because you woulnd't get out of the way when he was coming up to lap you
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I sympathize with you guys, but the races have a lot to do with it. Last year, I had a ooportunity to cover the ROAR Carpet Nats and contacted the organizer. He informed me the race was full and it didn't look good. I decided that even though the race needed coverage, spending a week in a hotel room, spending a ton of my own money, air ticket, etc. was going to be hard to swallow. In spite of this, I decided to go and hang out with friends and hope that I could find a way in to justify all of my own expendatures (dispite what you may think, at the time contributing writers are only getting money enough to cover only a small portion of the costs needed to go to a race). I finally made it there, and they told me they pulled some strings and were able to get me in to stock 1/10th sedan only. No other classes, no 1/12th, etc. Okay, no problem, I'll do that and hang with my friends. They charged me full price, slapped a late fee on me, etc. After the race and shooting tons and taking notes, they lost the driver's sponsor sheets as well. So, it can get discouraging to cover the races, but in spite it got a full coverage. I've only scratched the surface of what we have to deal with. If you guys want more coverage, teach the organizers a little about Public Relations.Any other industry knows the value of the media.
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Originally Posted by Matt Howard
probably because you woulnd't get out of the way when he was coming up to lap you
hahaha lol, to bad my car caught on fire!

Tom you comming to Jammin Jeffs race at hobby town?
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Edseb- The Roar Carpet Nats? Do you mean the Roar On-Road Carpet Nats or the Roar Oval Carpet Nats?
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Originally Posted by Jeff Cuffs
Got to love them 4 pages on how to drift a micro, 2 pages on the us indoor champs. I guess we all have to start drifting micros to get magazine coverage. Pretty sad

It is a hobby, and not everyone races.
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Jeff-You're just mad because they wouldn't review the ButterCuffs V1.3rrr.
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my friend soviet why u edit your post
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Was anyone from the media (besides Boomer )
present at the recent Novak Race at Trackside????
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