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You know the US Indoor Champs were presented by TRINITY.... one of Car Action's most lucrative advertisers. Perhaps if Trinity, (a company founded on and dedicated to racing) were to pull all of their advertising from Air Age's less than stellar publication, things might change.
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I totally agree that the rc magazines have really dropped the ball over the last year. By admission I am a magazine fanatic and really look forward to seeing the new issue of the three rc magazines. I could not care less about the rtr market or monster trucks and their coverage. That leaves me with about ten pages in a 100 or so page magazine to read. Very dissapointing when it comes to race coverage. Very bad race description and crummy pics. What happened to rccaractions under the hood look at the pros cars? The only magazine that even comes close is XRC. Their series last year or so with the touring car shootout was awesome, where has this kind of imagination gone? The racers may be a small percentage of the rc market but they deserve as much coverage as the drifters.
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There is a fourth R/C magizine. I think it is called 'Tourque's R/C'? It has planes, boats and cars in one magizine.
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someone told me years ago that the percentage of rc racers that participate in organized racing, is 5 percent of the rc population.

I would hope it is more, but when I asked the same question, some years ago, that are asked here about more race coverage in the rc mags this is what i was told.

I appears that the magezines cover what the manufacturers want. I used to work at a Local Hobby shop and the RTR cars and trucks are a large part of what is sold at the hobby shops. and so this you get the rtr articles.

Most of the patrons that came in rarely asked about racing, they merely want a rtr and or hop ups to make them faster and handle better so the can beat their buddis at the next bash. in fact we used to do that, which was semi sponsored by the hobby shop. We met at best buys after house and orginally ran rc nitro. then rc drift as drift came on.

Most of the rc enthusiast are bashers, and 5 percent maybe a correct percentage.

I always tried to steer anyone new to the rc to buy a electric kit as their first car. but the rtr nitro monster trucks just have this allure to the new people.
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Sigh, I miss doing event coverage
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Have anyone notice the nitro RTR is getting faster year after year?
one of my friend just got a Jato... just because it hits 65mph...
isn't that too fast just for someone who is starting this hobby??
speed sells... just like some girl posed next to a car sells...
as long as manufacture keep cranking out any saying their kit reaches 100mph...
ppl are going to buy them off the shelf a lot quicker then anything else.

Hey Cuff..
If you forgot to closed your hatch door again on your lime civic while going to an event... I think those magazine people are going to do a 6 page report on how you arrived there with all you stuff gone missing.. just an idea

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I think racers make up much more than 5 percent. If that figure is based only on hobby shop or distributor sales totals, than it does not include the hundreds or thousands of sponsored drivers who get thier stuff for free or at a reduced price from the manufacture. Also, just because someone buys an RTR or a backyard basher, doesn't mean that vehicle won't be raced. I'm sure most of those vehicles are raced, just not the way we race ours.
My point to the magazine editors is that just because the majority of the people are not actively involved in sanctioned racing, does not mean they don't want to read about the parts, people, cars, and events that make "racing" rc cars so much fun.
I think the magazines will only change if enough of the readers step up and tell them they want more racing coverage.
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I do agree that I hardly even break the cover of an RC mag anymore, and mainly because of the material that is published not being an interest of what I would read about.

Even though I don't take there side in not publishing the race events, the justification behind the RTR, drifters, and what we die hard racers would call non-sense, is this, what did most of us start with?

The people cruising news stands and hobby shops shelves and picking up a mag aren't interested in dropping cash on a high end race machine, GFX's, starter boxes, modded race breed engines, or 6 cell matched packs, etc... I remember when the magazines got me interested in the things, then I bought an RTR while learning the hobby. Most of the readers are in the "getting hooked" stage and not the hard core racer stage. At that point is when you are looking for upgrades and how to "hop up" your RTR or drifter etc.. That's why you see what you see. Ask a chain hobby shop or advertising shop in the mags around Christmas time if they sell more TMaxx's, RTR's, drifters, or if they sell more RDX's 007's and so forth. The anser isn't what we do.

Just compare it to import or Mustang mags and the like. The average reader of a Mustang magazine isn't the guy running 8.5's in the quarter mile, it's the guy who drives it to work and goes to the track for fun, looking to do the "next thing" to his car. The guy running 8.5's was most likely at the race that he would be reading about. And the guy reading about it in the mag REALLY only cares what kind of parts the winners and fast cars were running, not necessarily a play by play of the race recap.
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The racers may be a small percentage of the overall but if you go back to the beginning of this sport/ hobby, it would have never gotten to where it is without racers! I have dropped all of my subcriptions simply because of the lack of race and racing car articles. For some stupid reason I have shopping bags full of past issues. Why do I save them, who knows. I think I'll put them in the recycle bin this week!
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Thumbs up

Originally Posted by MrBlack
A grass roots mag would be awesome but it would have to be low quality and non profit to deliver the demands of hardcore racers...

Anyone remember Competition Plus or R/C Racing News? Two of the best R/C car magazines in the last 30 years, and they were both relatively low-end production for the time. They both were almost swallowed up when RCCA hit the news stands with full color, 80-page issues.

What did they both have in common? They covered RACING and events, and did it all over, from the smallest carpet off road races on club levels to the World Championships. When was the last major race covered for more than a few graphs on a single spread in any current mag? How about photos of people and car shots bigger than a postage stamp?

RCCA was bad a long time ago. Filled with 15 ads from EPIC, and half of their production from mail-order companies. They never had a bad word to say about ANY product, even if it was obviously a horrible piece.

RCDriver started out great, and had even <gasp> dirt oval racing articles, but in the last 12 months that I have had a subscription, their content is almost entirely trucks or gas buggies, with some rock crawling and boating thrown in to spread the diversity out. Every issue looks alike and offers almost NOTHING to the reader of any substance.

RCxtreme is still the best magazine out there currently, but that is like being the tallest midget. They at least cover races and racers, and speak to the competition side of the hobby more. It can be too sophomoric for me, at times, but then again, these are R/C cars we're talking about here.

I would love to see a grassroots RACING magazine back again, like Competition Plus. I don't need fancy (though digital printing has changed the magazine industry), but honest reviews and serious race coverage would be a start. Leave the fluff nOOb articles and pages of ads for the other rags.

If someone has deep pockets that would like to see a worthwhile idea bloom, I'd run and manage the thing, too. It isn't much different than building a website, only with printing and mail distribution. I know how to get it done and how to distribute it... just needs the funds to happen.

It wouldn't be much worse than what's available to us today.

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two words "racer x"

anyone who follows motorcross reads racer x becuase it is the best of the best. racer x is full of adds just like any other magazine but it is also full of amazing photgraphs, industry insights and other cool statistics, pretty much everything to do with supercross and motorcross, there is no test ride articles no comparison articles, just pure racing with great pics. It also focuses on the people involved in the sport. if you get a chance flip thru one even if you don't follow motorcross you can dream about an r/c version.
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5% Is more than it really is, I personally know almost all the racers in my area and I know that's a very low percentage of the amount of people that have RC cars. In a town that's close by their are 500,000 people and yet their are about 25 guys who come out and race, Their are 2 hobby shops in this town and they both do a good business, They sell MT and 1/8 scale for the most part, a few drift cars and TC's now and again. But us racers make up such a small percentage of the Hobby. darnold's post made the most sense, I have owned a hobby/race track and found that what darnold said to be true..How many of you guys remember R/C News or Competition Plus, R/C News was all race coverage, From all over the country..It went under because it seems that the only people who were interested in it were racers and as we all know theirs not enough of them to support a magazine..
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Did not see ApexSpeed's post.. That's why the question..
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back when rcca took over from the grass roots mags they covered racing much more than they do now, it used to be if you made the a-main you made a magazine now you have to be top 5 to make the magazine soon it will be top 3.
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Its sad. I have had the subscription twice now, and ended it both times. Once from 1999 - 2001 and it was a pretty good mag with a lot of neat stuff about race weekend prep, how to make a twin motor TA03, building the perfect cars for a Tamiya TCS race, etc. Now its all trucks, mostly nitro. Just plain reviews with little more to offer. Race coverage has gone from covering TCS Nats, Reedy, etc to a couple of pages of the years big 5 races, and usually less than a page on each.

My subscription just ran out and I am not renewing. I paid for two years and only saw one or two issues with any talk of touring cars. A couple cars released during this time were the Tamiya Evo 5, 415MSX, 415MRE, 30th Anniversary Porsche, and more from other companies that were not reviewed, and/or barely given a mention.
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