TC3 Pushing

  • I race TC3 Stock on Carpet.

    I seem to have a heavy 'push' leading into the corners of a tight track. Is this a setup issue and/or a driver skill issue?

    Car Setup:
    Stock Motor
    72T Spur, 20T Pinion
    Front Shocks: Threaded Ubo, 70wt, purple, mid mount upper, #2 pistons
    Rear Shocks: Threaded Ubo, 50wt, gold, mid mount upper, #2 pistons
    Droop: 6mm F&R
    Ride Height: 5 mm F&R
    Plaid Front, Purple Rear
    Front Sway Bar, Silver
    Batt Forward
    Miss anything?

    Driver Skill:
    Novice at best!!
    I have learned and understand drag brake and how it affects car balance leading into the corners. However, this track it would seem that there is not enough speed leading up to the next curve to allow drag brake to fully take effect.

    I can finally make it around in a heat without hitting the barriers (too much). My completed laps are at about 75-80% of TQ.

    Anything for me to look at regarding car setup and or driver skill would be appreciated.

    The RC Barn, Hampton, MN

  • The only thing I see you may have missed listing is what tires your running!
    Foam? Rubber?? What compound??
  • Thanks edited to add tires
  • things
    looking at your setup the first thing I would change is go to 50 wt oil in front. If that doesn't neutralize the pushing try a softer sprig up front.

    Tires can make a big difference too. How are you coating the front tires with traction compound?

    Also I was looking at your gearing. It looks way too low. When we ran TC3's on carpet the straightaway was maybe 70 feet long if that. I ran a 72/25 or 72/28 combo.

    Check this out:

    plug in your TC3. I'd think you'd want to be around 6.8 or 6.9 not 9.0 like you are now.

    Although the gearing probably isn't the cause of your pushing.

    Also try not using drag brake. Take your throttle trim and set it so the car rolls when in neutral, then back off a click or two.

    Obviously try one thing at a time then run the car.
  • Thanks, I really appreciate all the advice, thats why I posted. Keep it coming.
    Shock Oil: I have been told that some use up to 80 wt in front.

    The track is roughly 36x58 (I think) quite small but loads of fun. That is the reason for the gearing. Other's, similar in equipment, run 72T/18T gears, I do have a 64p 100T/30T that I plan to switch over to soon. Then experiment with roll-out to get a good gearing set.

    Most guys at this track just sauce the inner 1/2" of the fronts, I tend to follow their lead, rears full. All four every heat.

    If I have no drag brake, I roll way too fast and miss the corner. If I slow down any sooner, then I am going about half speed from the other drivers.

  • If your not already doing so, you should run 6deg caster blocks. Also, no kickup/anti -dive up front and no anti-squat rear, and 2 deg toe out back.

    A couple things you could try is 1mm more rear droop, alows more weight transfer to the front off power allowing the car to turn in better. Another thing would be to go to Dbl-pink/orange and dbl pink tires. They have less sidebite and more forward bite and help the car to rotate better.
  • I have 4 deg blocks up front, then 2 deg kickup

    Rear is 2 deg anti-squat and 3 deg toe

    Does more droop mean rear squats more?

    Thanks for the info. I will experiment on the track.

  • try this set up
  • one more
  • Quote: I have 4 deg blocks up front, then 2 deg kickup

    Rear is 2 deg anti-squat and 3 deg toe

    Does more droop mean rear squats more?

    Thanks for the info. I will experiment on the track.

    The kickup is probably waht is making it push on corner entry. I would go to 6eg casters and take the kickup out first. I would also try 2deg rear toe unless your car gets squirrely on power. This will free up the back of the car, and it will have less drag in a straightline.

    More rear droop means the rear suspension has more travel, it allows the rear of the car to come up higher when you are slowing down putting more weight on the front tires.
  • lot of stuff to try...

  • Quote: The kickup is probably waht is making it push on corner entry.
    KICK-UP/PRO-DIVE shouldn't make the car push. It will transfer more weight forward increasing off-power steering and front grip on corner entry.

    The ANTI-SQUAT in the rear is not helping the car at corner entry. It's actually keeping the rear from lifting on corner entry reducing off-power steering.
    Start with the rear end FLAT. Most guys run the rear FLAT on carpet with foams.

    Are you running sway bars? Is your battery in the forward position? What shock pistons are you running. #1, #2, #3 refers to number of holes in the piston. Most guys run #2. But some run #3 with heavy oil. Try changing rear springs from gold to copper. Remove all ANTI-SQUAT in the rear. Make it FLAT.

    Make one change at a time. And see what happens.

    Good Luck!
  • More info & question
    Updated info

    Thanks guys!

    I can't wait for Thursday Night to try these things.

    Will I notice an immediate difference (3-5 laps) with each individual successive change?


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