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  • The Luna motors are available at Speedworld Raceway. 916-783-8864 or www.speedworldraceway.com or [email protected]. All motors are hand wound by Mr. Ishizuka in Japan. Very consistant, good quality. The only change I make to the motors out of the package is to put Orion 135 degree springs or Trinity Purple springs and run 15 degrees of timing. With a 9 turn, I gear 8.4-8.5 and with a 10 I gear 8.2.
  • WOW!
  • Matt / Mo

    Did your kits come with the front One-ways? I'm assuming it did..since you guys got the Japanese kits. and the US version does not...
  • Yeah, I've got a 1way. The U.S. kits are going to have diffs.
  • Shaft or front one way?
  • Mo you're my hero. It's going to be hard to beat you and Matt if you guys stick together on set up's.
  • Hi Guys,

    We also have a local Sponsored Yokomo driver that is testing his at SoCal. He should be running in 19T class this Tuesday in preparation for the up coming Reedy Race, I'll let you guys know how he do this Tuesday when we race.

    Don't forget, we are giving one of these kits away to one lucky customer that pre-orders with us before the shipment arrive good luck!

    Steve Wang
  • Quote:
    Originally posted by Kenneth Tan
    looks like someone is really hooked
  • Fully loaded would you say the car is light in terms of ROAR min weight? I think the report you gave was really cool...always like to get a win with the cars first race...good job! I see that nothing borke day one, but if a person was getting one, what spares would you recommend?


  • Since everything is pretty much the same left to right, like hubs and such, you really don't need to carry alot of parts. Even the arms are the same left to right and front to back. I would say just get the regular breakable stuff like a set of arms, castor blocks, hubs, and you should be set.
  • Jeff, probably just the normal spares. Suspensions mounts, arms, caster blocks, steering blocks and rear hubs. As for the weight, I haven't had the chance to check it yet. I would think it's maybe a little heavier than the special. Should be very close to ROAR min. weight.
  • Interesting......
    Funny how JimmyJ has not raced in 6-7 months and very little prior in the last year and how he is on pace with a car he just put together.....EVO3....actually in the same boat as the both of you in that you all are running new cars.But you 2 have been racing without a real break.Will be REALLY interesting when Jimmy gets up to speed in regards to running more often.We'll see how the Yokomo fairs.I know,I am just stirring the pot.
  • Who said anything about JimmyJ? He's one of the best racers in the country and I fully expect him to whoop up on me as soon as he get's back in the groove. At least the car he was driving he was able to get some kind of base setup to start with, me and Mo were winging it all weekend since the car was literally introduced not even a week ago.
  • Look back in the thread.....
    Just messin with you and mo, matt.I drive an Evo3 and talking smack like Clinton R. would about his P.o.s. losi
    The car,I expect will be one not to be overlooked,thats for sure.Good luck with it.
  • Went out and ran a few more packs today and got the car a little better. Thickened up the oil a little, 60wt in front and 55 in rear with stock springs. Also went to 2 deg rear toe and moved the front arms forward a little. The car is very consistant and is getting faster.

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