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Old 12-20-2006, 11:34 AM   #61
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Is there any carpet track in the country that has a regular turnout for mod? It's too fast for a lot of semi-pro guys, not to mention mere mortals.

I personally find the 19T class the most interesting at large races, because you see the fast stock guys come together with the pro guys in a class that's somewhere in the middle. It definitely separates the men from the boys, so to speak.
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Old 12-20-2006, 11:49 AM   #62
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X Man .. Call me tonight..
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Old 12-20-2006, 02:02 PM   #63
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Congrats on the new ride X . . .
hate to see it get so off topic, but i might as well be guilty too
i also agree with X that the pro driver just races/r&d works for the co. to make his living
i am new too the hobby again about 3 years ago, since my production class 3rd place season finish with the fox in dirt oval in 83' when Jackson was a just dirt oval . . .LOL but Tag knows what i am talking about
and i was one of those guys that watched the stock class at the big races cause that is what i race!!!
i also agree that there is no mod turnout at a club race so what do you want some of the guys to move up too???
and many of the FAST club guys are practicing in stock cause that is what they run when they travel to a birds,iic,reedy novak etc and then go get their asses kicked (except for my luck all the fast guys at those races are at my local club on sat. nites . . .LOL) i personally like running with all the fast guys not that i am faster or better then any of them cause i am not, but i am good enough to move over so they can make a clean pass . . .LOL . . .it takes two people to do that . . .
i think instead of always trying to slow the fast guy down maybe the slow guys need to stop and find a way to go faster (set up/practice) . . . or i would like to create a class called newbie stock for all the new drivers at a track and if they win their points series, 1st,2cd,3rd whatever get to move up and race stock, nobody is going to convince me stock is for the new guy, that is what 540's and mini coopers are for
give a schreff,cuffs, x-man a TC3 2-3 pratice runs an ok motor/batt and they are still driving circles around you . . .
my 2 cents
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Old 12-20-2006, 02:12 PM   #64
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I started this thread because I've known Craig for years. I've watched him race, admired his style and skill on the wheel, and over the years become friends with him and somewhat competitive with him. I did start it to truely congratulate him for making a switch since he has been a very loyal driver, and pushed the Losi cars harder than anyone I know, and got more out if it in Stock than anyone I have ever seen and/or heard of. It was also kind of fun with calling him "The Insurmountable One" after reading a race report from the Paved Nats where he finished 2nd in Stock. (Great run Craig!)

I don't really think this is the place to bring up all the talk (again) about stock drivers that are "cherrypickers" and "need to move up to mod".

I personally enjoy having these racers in Stock class because like Craig said, its simply more competitive. I feel as though I will be ready to move to mod once I can consistantly run with the likes of Cuffs, Xavier, Ellis, Schreven, etc. I would also personally like to win a Stock race or two before even really considering making the move, and I think thats the case for most drivers in stock class as well.

just my opinion.


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Old 12-20-2006, 02:13 PM   #65
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I would like for some of you to think about this!

Craig (I hate to say this)- Has he won Cleveland, Snowbirds, IIC, Novak, ANY ROAR nationals or any of the other Major races? NO! Has he been close, YES! Can he put it in the show, sure can. But until a "STK. Racer" has won atleast ONE major STK. race I would think that if he or his sponsors want him to run stk. so be it!

Now for the ones that have won major races in stk. they may fall under a different category.

Also, seem that some don't like the INCENTIVES for stk. drivers.

So with that being said, IF ANY sponsored racer goes to any of the 8-9 MAJOR races and IN stk. THE biggest class, wins over 150 other guys. Should "X-Y-Z Company" not offer him/her some sort of INCENTIVE? I would think its good business! Since after winning said race your company is for sure going to sell a few extra kits.....

Also as Craig said before, MOST of the FAST STK. guys don't have the time or resources to spend most of thier days at a track practicing MOD. They are everyday "joes" who happen to be VERY GOOD AT A HOBBY! So until thier hobby can pay the bills JUST AS THE REGULAR JOB does, then I don't see this every changing..and they for sure, and neither would anyone else, quit your job to TRY and see if you can/could turn your hobby into a TRUE INCOME! And from what you read from the "factory mod." guys thier pay isn't all that much anyway!!! RIGHT!

But again Craig Congrats! I know you hate that this thread has turned to this. Just be thankful that you are "fast enough" that ppl want to talk about ya!
eXpress Motorsports
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Old 12-20-2006, 04:13 PM   #66
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I don't know Craig, but he seems like a good guy. I remember the first big race i ever went to, the 98 carpet nats in Joliet IL, he was racing an Xpress (as in Roadrunner) and he kept coming by to tweak his car on my table. i think it may have been the only flat table in the building

I think that 19t should be the place for the sponsored guys who are racing stock now. Get the factory guys to stay in mod, and the sponsored/have a regular job guys into 19t. Most tracks I go to have a 19t class. Not many have a mod class.
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Old 12-20-2006, 06:28 PM   #67
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Old 12-20-2006, 06:45 PM   #68
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I met Craig last year at the Track's East Coast Shootout. He definitely is one of the nice guys. Good luck to you no matter what car you're running, and great job to Corally for picking you up. Hope to see you again soon.
Tony Rumple
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Old 12-21-2006, 09:37 AM   #69
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Originally Posted by robk
I think that 19t should be the place for the sponsored guys who are racing stock now. Get the factory guys to stay in mod, and the sponsored/have a regular job guys into 19t. Most tracks I go to have a 19t class. Not many have a mod class.
I don't think there are as many "practice all day every day" sponsored racers as everybody thinks. Jon Orr TQ'ed Cleveland, and I know he works a "regular job" and has a wife and family. He often does not even practice or club race between races. The first time he won Cleveland in 1994, he did not even have a local club track to race at because it had closed the year before that.

Also, Jeff Dayger has moved up to mod despite the fact that NOBODY runs mod at our home track. We also don't get any turnout for sedans, yet he won several stock sedan races last year with virtually no practice or club racing.
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Old 12-21-2006, 10:05 AM   #70
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I might not be a full factory driver, but learning about racing with a 19t from a 27t this year (my first year) has been a good experience, even if it has been a more costly one.

The speed difference too is good, but not too much either. You just have to learn how to set the car up for the extra power in the corners, and how to use the power wisely. It can make you a smoother driver if you have the desire to do it...

Unless I have to, I would not consider 27t as my first choice of racing from now, it just feels so slow in comparison to 19t and with a new chassis on its way for 2007 im confident things will get better for me.

But,I can also see the reasoning behind many team drivers racing with 27t, its where the majority of drivers feel comfortable, both expert and not so expert to drive well and not have to worry about the entry and exit speeds of cornering.

But those with less knowledge of motor tuning will never likely to have a motor thats as good as the top runners unless they get one tuned somewhere and its looked after for their racing.

Sure, you get that in any class of racing, but when 27t is the slowest motor of the groupings I do start to think its not so fair on the slower guys who are in 27t for a genuine reason.

*these are my own thoughts and possibly do not represent the thoughts of my sponsor*
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Old 12-21-2006, 10:21 AM   #71
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Congratulations Craig! I can't believe you made the switch!
Jeff Mohn
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Old 12-21-2006, 10:59 AM   #72
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Originally Posted by T. Hodge
I will give Craig Xavier a ton of credit. This guy has stuck with Team Losi through thick and thin. I appreciate and thank you for all your support. You are a great driver and I wish you the best.

However I must ask myself something. Five years ago, no one was talking about this guy going to this team or that team in the stock class. How is this getting so big? Why are these companies trying to fill the stock realms with Factory Drivers? Tell me why? So they fill all these stock realms with these great drivers such as Xavier, Cuffs, Robinson, Ellis, Dayger, etc. Only one of the mentioned drivers has made the step to Modified. Good job Dayger! You want to be the best. Not discounting these other drivers however how can we let the Factory Teams beat up on the consumers who pay for their stuff??? I had one manufacturer tell me "this factory stock racing is stupid" and now he has a main stock driver to run his motors and batteries. I am sure he receives contingency when he does well with this companies batteries and motors. That is absolutely insane and we all wonder why TC is starting to fade away.

*These are the views and opinions of Todd Hodge. None of these opinions are of the companies he works and races for*
You are wasting your time. If you want to change this you need to talk to Rob, Ralphie, Brent, PW and the rest of the team mangers not the stock drivers.

Half the time they are told they are sponsored to run stock and half the time they want to stay in stock

What incentive to stock drivers have to move out of stock?

A. They stay in stock and collect win bonuses or get paid travel as long as they keep winning.


B. Run 19T or Mod and get nothing for being in the B main race after race.
Adrian Martinez
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Old 12-21-2006, 12:00 PM   #73
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Congrats Craig! Good luck with your new ride...
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Old 12-21-2006, 03:37 PM   #74
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I would offer the following observations:

generally who runs mod? typically the factory sponsored guys and the ones who actually cost their sponsors the most in terms of equipment provided and in the most extreme cases ...paychecks written and travel paid for.

who runs stock? most everybody else (including "gifted" guys such as Craig who have the skills to excel at whatever class they choose to focus on)

who spends the money? mostly the stock guys of lesser skills or experience. they are the ones at the local track who are the backbone of the hobby, supporting the manufacturers and the shops (and indirectly the sponsored racers) with their hard earned dollars.

how does the local "regular guy" decide which equipment to buy? I'd contend that he observes the best guys locally that he knows personally and who he sees run regularly. The hobbiest who is the one actually paying for his equipment, I'd say he pays close attention to what the best locals run, what they can help him with, and what they say is the best equipment. Guys like Dumas or Baker or Blackstock.....they can make most any decent equipment compedative as they have all shown. But the local guy.......he's better off following the best guys around his area since those are the one's who can point him in the right direction and really offer him help to figure out his own stuff so that he can do better and enjoy it more.

So if I were a manufacturer deciding who to sponsor.....with the choices being a few of the world's elite (each of whom cost a bunch in terms of support), or a supremely talented local guy such as Xavier (who rubs elbows constantly with the local guy who's actually dropping his cash, and who isn't really costing a ton in terms of sponsorship expenditure). I think I'd choose Craig and a few more like him. GOOD FOR CRAIG! GOOD FOR CORALLY! GOOD FOR THE HOBBY! AND GOOD FOR THE NEWER RACER WHO HAS QUESTIONS THAT NEED ANSWERS.....UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL. Everybody wins. Meanwhile Dumas, Blackstock, Baker, Cyrul, Hara and those guys still win all the major races......and we all get to watch. All good.
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Old 12-21-2006, 07:00 PM   #75
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...and that's why we call him the "Godfather".... ....I'm a stock racer for life and I hope there are always guys like Craig around kicking my a$$....just makes me want to get faster....
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