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Old 12-14-2006, 05:16 AM   #91
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Originally Posted by POOKYT
(These two Associated cars were used during my College years! I was experimenting!!! )
didn't we all do that experimenting during our college years
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My first RC Car was a Radio Shack Desert Viper

My first hobby grade RC was a RC10T3 RTR (which Id love to fix up and sell someday soon)

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Old 12-14-2006, 05:31 AM   #93
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Originally Posted by SteveM
I had a Marui Galaxy as my first R/C vehicle. The stock mechanical speed control lasted maybe 5 seconds before frying. Next was a Kyosho Scorpion buggy.

Got one of those in my work shop now

My first car was a Futaba FX10
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Old 12-14-2006, 06:05 AM   #94
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Originally Posted by Frans H
didn't we all do that experimenting during our college years
A Reedy sonic or Trinity p2k2? .....hmm ok not that kind of experimenting
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Tamiya monster beetle, marui big bear, RC10T2, RC10 graphite edition buggy.

I was by no means a rich kid either. Hand me downs from my dad and coincidental purchases etc.

Speaking of which, Ya'll know where I can get a second hand marui big bear? I want to get back to my roots, as it were
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Man, this brings back memories.

My first official R/C car was a Tamiya Blackfoot. That was a kick but little truck for what it was.

I won't list my R/C cars I've had since 1990 as it's well over 50. I believe I went through about 15 touring cars in the past 5 years alone.
-Jason Schreffler-
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Old 12-14-2006, 07:19 AM   #97
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My first car was Tamiya TA03F with Mitsubishi body in 1999 ;-)
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Old 12-14-2006, 07:21 AM   #98
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traxxas rustler
with the msc and 20 turn stinger moter
"Hey, thats racing"

on the car:

Kelowna Speedway and Hobby

High Octane Hobbies


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Old 12-14-2006, 08:10 AM   #99
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Wow so many people list a Tamiya as their first r/c car/truck
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Yep, dollar for dollar you cant beat a Tamiya. Great way to get into R/C inexpensively, can take a beating, and many models to choose from. I'm proud to still have some big T's in my lineup.
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Old 12-14-2006, 08:37 AM   #101
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Originally Posted by StoneMan
Wow so many people list a Tamiya as their first r/c car/truck

and since tamiya beginner cars have been shoved aside for more exotic cars which are more expensive , there are less & less newbie`s coming into this hobby
i think Tamiya should be given special permission to have there cars promoted @ club level to bring back the good times & cheapo times
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1986 Tamiya Blackfoot. A few months after came the Bolink Eliminator 10. Bruiser, RC-10 (gold tub), Clodbuster all helped my addiction. Threw money into R/C cars from there. I think it was 1996 when I bought HPI's RS (rear tranny) converted it to RS4 (rear belt) and was loyal to HPI cars through the Pro4 (2006) . Never was real satisfied with that car. Now I have Xray T2. It really has my interest. May have to get T2'007 though.
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Thanks to Tamiya Hornet (my 1st RC car)........now, still spending time and money on RC. Here is my collection of what I still have and had...but don't remember the order.

Tamiya Hornet (couple pieces left)
Tamiya Frog (couple pieces left)
Tamiya Fox (sold)
Tamiya Hotshot (sold)
Tamiya Boomering (sold)
Tamiya Bigwig (sold)
Tamiya 959 (sold)

Tamiya TamTech 1/24th scale Ferrari Testarossa
Tamiya TamTech 1/24th scale Porsche 959

AE RC12L1 1/12th scale pan car (sold)

Delta 1/12th scale pan car (sold)

TRC Pro 12 1/12th scale pan car (I think that is the name, sold)

AYK Sandwinder (is that what it called?) (sold)
AYK Boxer (sold)
AYK Radient w/2-speed (still have)
AYK Boost w/2-speed (still have)
AYK Viper (sold)
AYK 1/18th Micro 4WD buggy (forgot the name now..sold)
AYK 101 1/12th scale pan car (sold)
AYK 201 1/12th scale pan car (still have 80% of the pieces)

PB Mini Mustang 4WD with 2 speed (sold)

Mugen Aero 1/12th scale pan car (sold)
Mugen Aero 2 1/12th scale pan car (sold)
Mugen Templus 1/12th scale pan car (still have 80% of the pieces)

Yankee one and only 1/10th Electric off road (called Electra? Sold)

Yokomo Dogfighter YZ-834B (my first 4WD off road and still the best looking RC car by far...sold)
Yokomo Dogfighter YZ-834B World champion by Gil Losi (sold as a collection item)
Yokomo Dogfighter YZ-870 (still has this one...will sell it soon)

Kyosho Optima (sold)
Kyosho Optima Pro (sold)
Kyosho Gold Optima called Salute (sold)
Kyosho Mid Optima (sold)
Kyosho Mid Optima Pro (sold)
Kyosho Mid Optima Custom (still own)
Kyosho Ultima (sold)
Kyosho Fantom 4WD 1/12th pan car (sold)
Kyosho Fantom 2WD 1/12th pan car (sold)

Hirobo 44B 4WD (sold)
Hirobo Zerda 4WD(sold)

Schumacher CAT XXL (sold, my first RC touphy was won by this car)

Then moved to America..............and a short time out for College.

AE RC10L2 10 scale pan car (sold)

Tamiya TA01 Skyline (sold)
Tamiya TA01 Mercedes 2.5-16 Evolution 2 DTM (sold)
Tamiya TA01 Opel DTM (sold)

Tomy 1/10th off road (sold)

Then....Hello NITRO

Serpent Impulse (sold)
Serpent Impulse Pro (sold)
Serpent Impact 2 (sold)
Serpent Impact M2 (sold)
Serpent Impact M2 2002 (sold)
Serpent 705 (still active)
Serpent 710 (sold)
Serpent 835 (still active)
Serpent 950R (still active)

AE NTC3 (sold)
AE NTC3 Factory Team (sold)

HPI R40 (sold)
HPI Super Nitro RS4 (sold)
HPI Pro 4 (sold)
HPI Micro RS4 (sold)

Trinity SwitchBlade Spashette Edition 1/12th scale pan car (sold)
Trinity SwitchBlade 1/12th scale pan car (sold)

Xray FK05 (sold)
Xray T2 (sold)
Xray M18 (sold)

Team Losi XXXS-G+ (still here collecting dust)

Schumacher Mi2 EC Euro spec (still active)
Schumacher Mi2 EC Carpet spec (still active)

AE RC12L4 with Hyperform chassis (still active)

TAMIYA BRUISER 4WD......my childhood dream, 20 years later, I own one brand new fully built but never driven and with 3 channels radio for $200.

Thats all I can remember now..........I am sure there are several in between are missing, good old memory............

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Old 12-14-2006, 09:42 AM   #104
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Howard....thats one impressive list you have there.

My first car that was given to me by my older brother was a RC10 with short arms and 6 gear tranny.....I think I upgraded that thing for about 2 or 3 years with all kinds of Hottricks, CRP, AG and A&L parts before I bought a Tamiya Super Blackfoot. But the first surface RC car or thing with wheels that I had was a Kraft Motorcycle.

Wow lots of memories going through the lists on here.
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Old 12-14-2006, 10:25 AM   #105
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Yes, the TRC cars where the Pro12 for 1/12th and the Pro10 for the 1/10th pan car.
After thinking about it, I guess my real first car was a pre-rc, made by Cox, it was a string circle burning gas car, I think it was a Gurney Eagle.
From there I had a Cox Dune Buggy, that wasn't rc, but there was this great article in a mag that showed how they made it into a rc car. I couldn't afford that but had a electronics teacher show me how to convert a walkie/talkie into a very simple remote device that would drive a motor on demand, which I made into a steering servo, this was very much like what the real cheap drag link type rc toys now use. Made for some real interesting trips around the street, LOL.
Then I graduated up to one of those killer Jerobee 1/12th gas Canam cars, this was all pre-electric era, then those guys at Associated started playing with batteries, which where way more dependable than those little .049 gas motors.
Really sad story about the Jerobee cars is that our LHS way back when, had a closing out sale and couldn't get rid of those cars, so the guys that worked there took out all the crystals from the radios and trashed the cars, man what would they be worth now.......
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