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racerb 02-26-2003 04:56 PM

my first big race weekend and I got ??'s
hey all, I am entering in my first big race weekend and practise starts at 7:00 friday evening...my questions pretty much relate to batteries.....I have a couple of crappy batteries that I will use for practise runs so that is all right..but for qualifying on Sat and then the mains on Sunday I am just wondering how about I should use my batteries......ok here goes..I have 1 matched 1700 pak 2-2400 matched (that are pretty much the same in performance) and I have recently aquired a panasonic 3000 stock metal hydryde...and a sanyo 3000 HV...I have not run these batteries and I have never charged them so I not even totaly sure how they run...but I was garunteed that they work!!! what should I do in preparation for these batts...I have heard that some guys bring them down with a tray or just disghasrge them the nite b4 and then give them the charge the day of the race?? I do not have a tray (but I want one) so should I bulb discharge them the nite b4 ?? I was also considering racing them in the qualifiers on saturday...is this going to hurt them for the mains sunday??...I have a Tekin 112c charger that will charge NiMH's so that is no worry ... can you seasoned veterans give me some hints on what would be the best way to go about things :nod:

Fastburn 02-26-2003 05:06 PM

Im not a battery expert, but I found with the 3000's I used that they were the best after a handfull of runs.
I would cycle them a few times, or go to the local track and put a few runs on them.
Im sure there are guys here that can give you more specific advice though.

by the way.....good luck this weekend

racerb 02-26-2003 05:33 PM

ya thanx
the battery situation wouldn't be such a big deal but I have never used these NiMH's or any at all b4 so I am kinda jumping in head first :rolleyes:

Fastburn 02-26-2003 05:37 PM

its all good, id say for best advice, go to a couple matcher's websites like SMC or World Class.
See what they have to say for proper running and maintenance.
You can learn a lot from the guys that know :)

bigd4343 02-26-2003 05:42 PM

hey dudes,
Discharge all 3000's down to 5.4 amps and leave them that way storing them away from each other so they dont short each other out.if you need more punch and run time is not an issue(such as in STOCK class)then discharge them on a smartray from promatch and no others(just my preferance and experience) for it will give you more punch but takes away from runtime.charge at 5 to 6 amps.run it at 5 amps for 1st charge and then charge it at 4.5 amps for 2nd heat after it cools for 1/2 hr. or so.:cool: :tire: :tire: :tire: :tire:

sup 02-26-2003 05:45 PM

dont have an idea about batts too but would like to ask you a question about the charger you have? what feedbacks can you give me on the tekin 112c charger? tnx! :)

Fastburn 02-26-2003 05:49 PM

I used to use one as well, they are a good charger, make sure though if you buy one, that it has H27 or higher software on it.
Also, Tekin is out of business, at least they were last time I checked, but there is a place that does all work on any Tekin item, as well as upgrages chargers to H31 software for a fee.

Express tech does all the service on these chargers.

sup 02-26-2003 06:18 PM

ahh.. thanks fastburn.. am from the philippines and am new to rc so i'm searching for a good charger and i found one thats for sale here.. thanks. :)

popsracer 02-26-2003 06:23 PM

my first big race weekend and I got ??'s

Those 1700's used to be all the rage. They are supposed to have more voltage than anything else. I use 2400's for all of my packs. 3000-3300's are supposed to get better each run.
I would start with the 1700's and see how they feel and if they give you enough runtime. For the qualifiers and the Main charge at a MINIMUM of 5amps. If your not worried about extended pack life, charge at 6.5amps.

Good luck and be sure to tell us how you do.

sup 02-26-2003 06:45 PM

how about feedbacks on the novak rhino charger.. i checked the novak web site and saw that this charger is discontinued.. just wanted to ask coz there is a charger like this up for sale too.. thanks again! :)

racerb 02-26-2003 07:50 PM

thanx Pops ...I was kind waiting for your opinion
In the past all the info that I have found useful has pretty much come from you....:D

also thanx to everyone else..I am fairly new but never done a race like this...and yes I am racing a stock class..I own a Schumacher Axis2 with a tunned P2K and I might play a little with the Monster as well...anyways Keep the info about the batteries coming in please..I like to get a wide range of ideas

bigd4343 02-26-2003 08:14 PM

here is s-thing for u!
since u r new at racing here r some pointers so pay attention!!1st~~get a long 1/8th inch reamer to run thru the motor can with the endbell attached and the com out of it.then~~get some mothers aluminum metal polish and polish those bushings with a wire type pipe cleaner(smokin pipe like grandpa smokes!) and then get big jims rc motor black book.<<very important!!MORE TO COME TMROW NITE!:cool: :tire: :tire: :tire: :tire:

Fastburn 02-26-2003 08:14 PM

Yeah, pops has got the idea, and from the 1700s I used to use, I remember they took abuse pretty well, i mean, once the cool down, put em back up again and youve got another charge to practice with. Check your run times, and see what kinda times you are getting out of them. The Nimh you cant abuse as much, but last season, I was able to get some pretty good runs out of my SMH's and Sanyo's, never had to worry about run time and I run Mod Touring.

SUP...id stay away from the Rhino, I believe it was only meant for Nicd's.

good luck to the both of you

racerb 02-26-2003 08:43 PM

don't waste your time,(and I mean that in a nice way), I am a frequent forum reader and I have already tunned all my motors the way Jim does it (well as close as possible

sup 02-26-2003 08:57 PM

thanks fastburn! another thing rctech gurus, can you give me feed backs on the novak millenium chargers (not the millenium pro)? i am choosing between the tekin bc 112c charger and the novak millenium charger. both are selling at the same price for a 2nd hand charger.. thanks again! :)

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