my first big race weekend and I got ??'s

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  • Batterie's!!
    you should run 1700's for practice on friday,2400's 1st qualifer onsaturday 3000 second qualifer, 3000's sunday for qualifer and main. .....that way you'll ba able to really test your pack's (3000's) Have good luck in your race.........also running 3000's twice isn't a bad Idea..second time bat's run stronger...
  • My experiences from stock class. I'm always charging at 6,5 amps to get the most punch.

    1700: Takes a lot of abuse. Plenty of punch for the first minute or so, then they flat out. The higher the charge rate, the more steap the discharge rate is.

    2400: Much more consistent performance. Can take some abuse, but might false peak if too much abuse.

    Snayo 3000 HV's: Even more consistent than 2400. Becomes better and better for each run (havent tried more than 3 on a night though...). Abuse? I think they'll take more than people say, but I'm not sure.

    An equalizer improves performance. Personally, I'm using an active one with 0,6 volts cut off. This prevents a lot of false peaks. You'll probably be amazed about your practice packs, if you tray them.

    I think you should get 2-3 practise runs on every pack, to see what suit your best.

    In your planning, I think it'll be best to use the NiMh's every second run, to get as many runs as possible out of them. Fill up in between with other packs, to ensure proper cooling. At least 30 minutes, preferable 2 hours. Also, save the best batteries for the mains.
  • Oh ya sorry I forgot to mention
    there is practice on friday evening...then 3 maybe four qualifiers on saturday and depending how many qualifiers on sat there might be 1 on sunday mornig then the mains on sunday..just to givwe you guys a better idea

    oh ya I REALLY APPRECIATE all the good lucks guys..I just started racing in about September and this is my first indoor season and it has been a struggle..but I have been able to pull off a couple of wins
  • Hey guys thanx for all the help
    You asked for a race report and here it is...I won!!!!!!!
    it was a hard battle and I couldn't have done it without the help from the guys at my club and even my competitor since he gave me some of his foams......this was my first big race and I got to see some really good guy's race and see how things are done

  • congrats
  • First Time
    Well, it's my first time in the long have you all been racing? Update me on what's going on so I can catch up!
  • racerbabe?
    howd u come up with a screename like that?
  • Racerb, congrats on your win!

    Sup: If you haven't already gotten a charger, the millenium is good, as is the pro version. We had one of the reg. ones, and it worked fine but we didn't really have much use for it anymore. (We already have 2 pros and 2 turbos).

    RacerBabe: Nice to see that there's other chicks on here! If you have any ?'s people here are usually glad to help.

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