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Lightbulb Keep it Cool

New Thermal Cooling System

see here
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Last time I checked, they aren't making these cars with any extra room. Is this for real?
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The endbell is where heat is the worst though. Neat though.
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Things I want to see:

1)Power of pump (max. head)
2)Design of block
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this is quite a neat idea except i think they should of taken notice to what we run on our fast electric boat, brushed and brushless.....

We have cooling jackets that wrap around the can, now i know thats not going to be possible with the motors sitting on the chassis but with abit of modification to the jacket you could get then to fit really easily.

My preference would be for the manufacturers to start to add water cooling to the motor end bell just like Platenburgs boat motors, this keeps the brushes cool when we run 12 to 32 cells.....
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The makers say

Thermal Conductivity (a little data at the end of 12 months research & development)

Heat in an electric R/C race motor is generated by current flowing in the com windings. This heat is conducted through the bearings and brushes and the air inside into the end bell and can.
Because all of the major components in a R/C race motor are extremely conductive of heat, you can remove heat from any part of the motor and it will and does cool the whole motor. Because the motor is small dense and thermally conductive.

We discovered this through our many tests and experiments on the bench and on the track using temperature sensors and telemetry to send and record data whilst the car was racing.

The motor mounting face of the motor provides an ideal and practical area for the cooling plate, providing great thermal contact to the motor and hence very effective cooling.

The graphs on the website were recorded by temperature sensors and sent to a lap top through on board telemetry.

Those particular tests were recorded at Barham using an Xray T2 and CheckPoint 8 double and the results are typical of what you can expect.

Richard Weatherley
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Originally Posted by bs6ef
going to be possible with the motors sitting on the chassis but with abit of modification to the jacket you could get then to fit really easily.
Do you have a link to those cooling jackets? Sounds interesting!
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Hmm great idea and does look downright Quite expensive though and how heavy? Have thought about a semi water jacket before myself but would that provide such an even cooling? Richard Weatherly used to import xray into GB through centrepoint (gone bust again i think) and i think makes ttech stuff (s**t in my opinion)! But have to say looks good!
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im not trying to dumb down this invention,but if its so good why are there no others which are known to the market? Ive never used one so I cant comment on how well they work but you would think theres a big market for these things (if they work well) so why no competition from other manufacturers?
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I talked about this yesterday, and although the idea is there, the implementation leaves a little to be desired I think.

The cooling is going down on the wrong end
No forced air over the Rad
Chassis balance (motor spaced to the left even more)

A water jacker would be better, or creating a spacer so that a cooling fan could be fitted to blow air into the motor would be just as good.
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That is the most ridiculous looking setup i have ever seen there probably coming out with turbo kits including turbo exhuast manifold, down pipe, blow off valve and intercooler for nitro engines. to be perfectly honest team brood has come up with a solution. we are working on a liquid heat sink. that actually works and concentrates on the can and endbell. alot cleaner and doesnt have all that extra crap going all over the car making it look like a tyco. im sorry but do you have to go to schucks auto supply to get the coolant for this set-up. haha
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They just forgot two minor details:

-1 there is a foam bumper at the front, and no openings on the front of the bodyshells.
-2 there is a GOOD REASON for 1 : we hit stuff
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I thought about how the air would cool off the radiator through the bumper. I have no explanation for it either. Maybe they used a wind tunnel or something to find what they needed for thier design............... By the way for those of you who do buy one, I have magic beans for sale if you're interested.
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Interesting idea... however, what happens when we hit stuff? With the g-forces that our cars take, we may even knock the hoses off the system send water all over our electronics - this is me after that happens ->

But - there is room for development like this in the hobby - great to see someone trying.
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Hmmmm... Looks VERY similar to a prototype I was working on a few years ago. But due to high cost/complexity and the results I got from pre-cooling I went with pre-cooling.

I had made a version that had this same type of manifold between motor and bulkhead and a version that I had made that attached to the brush hood side. Suprisingly, with the manifold at the base of the motor there was much better thermal transfer. I had sent both prototypes to Big Jim (RIP) for testing and he concured with my initial test results.

The pump used pulls very low amps (aprox. .5watts), less than on-board fans.

The radiator I used was a little smaller than this one, and did a good job of heat disipation. My testing was done on a TC3 & a XXX-S. On the TC3 I mounted it to the battery brace, & the XXX-S to the center spine and I was again surprised at how well they cooled. There is a lot of airflow under a TC body and a few well cut holes in the body helped even more. I hit evrything on the track (like normal) and never had a breakage/leakage problem. But if mounted to close to the front end, you could experience damage.

I did use glycol instead of water, for better heat exchange.

My total weight of the entire system, full of fluid was 32 grams (1.25 oz.)

Anyway, its good to see that someone is still experimenting and reaching for new ideas with motor cooling. With a few modifications this could be a winner. I wonder how much 149 pounds UK is in US currency???
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