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Old 10-19-2006, 01:32 PM   #76
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You have lots of great ideas, good luck with the election! If you win, you have my support!!

It is great to see two guys interested in the position rather than the current that inherited it.

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I have a question for ya Eddie.

In your initial post you talk about allowing non-ROAR members race in level 1 events. How will this affect the insurance coverage for the track? Our track is leased to us from the State so we are required to carry that insurance to keep them out of liability. The other track I race at, has their land leased to them from the City, so they need it as well. I'm wondering what would change at these 2 tracks. Level 1 races can vary from the ROAR rules as they see fit, and as their club's interest dictates. Our club doesn't follow the strict stock motor rules, as we'll allow newcomers with RTR's run the motor that came with the car which is 90% of the time not legal. (Especially nitro classes)

I'm not sure what eddie thinks about lipo or brushless, but I can surmise from old Trinity ads, that had Ernie P. been made prez we would all still be running brushed motors and lipo would have even less of a shot. So think carefully about who you vote for. Does the person you vote for believe in making changes with the times or keeping the status quo? In the year that the incumbent prez has had, do you like the changes he's been able to make so far? Do you like the idea of the RMT? racing in your neighboring region for a regional race?

Remember, our current prez has only had 1 year to make a difference. What can he do if he's given the next few years?

Undecided voter,
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Old 10-19-2006, 05:37 PM   #78
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Our current president may have only been there for a year, but he was the vice president for a number of years before getting his current posistion.
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Old 10-19-2006, 05:46 PM   #79
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I have run for EddieO/Team Brood since pretty much the beginning of the company. I might be a little biased, but EddieO is a person that is VERY proactive... its easy for people to sit on the internet and TALK about what needs to be done, but he has always been one to get up and GET IT DONE. I think being proactive is the most important thing we need to look for in a president. nobody knows the industry better than EddieO, for crying out loud, he can do Qual points in his head!!

EddieO for Prez (of the world)
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Old 10-19-2006, 05:59 PM   #80
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Silva....this is part of my stricter and enforced product rules.....along with the Manufactuer Affliation....it will work.....

Tubaboy.....I think brushless is fine right now in modified and I think we need to wait a year and see how the supposed brushless stock and 19t works and looks. Right now we only have one company making them, so I think it would be best to see what the other companies come up with and then hopefully a set of rules can be drawn up and worked out.

I think in general motor techonogy needs to be opened up.....right now the rules pretty much limit, but brushed and brushless....I think in the end, both will end up coexsisting, as neither will eliminate the other. The problem being at this point is they are very different, so the rules need to be changed to put them on the same level. Right now brushless has a few rules that are really dumb, namely no sintered magnets and no delta winds....brushed rules have them living in the stone age......time to open them up and let the companies develop new products that won't blow up so easy, especially with todays batteries.

LiPo is still really new.....we also have two new version of Lithium stuff making their way into RC (Lithium Ion and Lithium Maganese).....Lithium also still presents a few safety concerns....as when stuff goes wrong with them, its a more violent situation than a NIMH or NICD. The good news is the techonology is rapidly improving, especially now with companies like Orion and LRP into the fray.....I think by 2008, ROAR may be ready to move on LIPO techonology....but it really depends on what we see from the companies.

Adamnlieher, I actually am getting an oval car and we are going to race it this winter.....Oval has its spot in ROAR....I just think we need to maybe work to get it more press from the magazines and clean up some of the rules to work more with the others.....the fact they have their own 19t rules has always caught me as odd.

Orbital, well....my region still struggles, as we have a unique crowd up here, that in general are all good people, but we like to nitpick certain stuff and let personal differences cloud the overall good. Our previous director pretty much did nothing and left a pretty big mess to clean up. I got a few new tracks to committ to ROAR in 2007 and it looks like we have most of the regionals a home for 2007, but there is still a lot of work to do. I have my replacement in mind, so hopefully he can take over the reigns and finish what I started. Still a lot to work to do, but I feel my talents can be better utilized as President.

I think Mike Queller has done umm....not much. He implemented a massive change with RMT, without even consulting the membership. I think the RMT is something that should be used only if no capable tracks bid....I also think the budgets for these RMT races should be published BEFORE the race....so people can see how the money is being spent.

I think the race in whatever regional rule is fine, as it would allow other racers to possibly qualify for nationals if they could not make their race. I think there should probably some form you fill out though.....that way we don't got people just running around racing every where with no check and balance.

And to clarify the rule thing.....The rule requiring 1 year of experience was supposedly passed just before Gabe Bordeua ran. Gabe lost and lost bad....he had some really weird concepts, but I think his intent was very sincere....The rule prevented me from running for Vice-President last year like I intended...No rule changes were made to stop Ernie from running or anything.....many people just feel the election was won like Bush did in Ohio and Florida:P Funny thing about this rule.....there are no minutes to the meeting and it was not published on the ROAR website for like 6 months....

Later EddieO
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Old 10-19-2006, 07:00 PM   #81
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I am in support of you Eddie. I always believed Roar has a potential part in races like the 'birds. I really know that without them we would not have racers to pull from, or rules to make great racing. Good luck!
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Old 10-19-2006, 07:00 PM   #82
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I posted this before, but i think it is worth mentioning to you since you support expanding regional level racing. This program would also allow each region to assign a ranking number for the year, as motocross does. I like the idea of having a number to run on your car, especially as personal transponders reduce the importance of car numbers.

Good Luck

"Increased regional activity:
A regional points system, letting racers all over the region compete & gain points for a championship from their home tracks. This has already been proposed to ROAR. If the major scoring software producers could add a option to markup the results for internet transmission, it could all be handled via database. Tony (SKipGear) Hines had a complete proposal, including a programmer willing to create the software for the points calculations.

Qualifying into the nationals from regionals also would create a greater aura of prestige to the nationals. Even if the nationals became slightly smaller, it would allow longer range planning by both the track operator and the racer.

Both of these ideas create greater value in the ROAR membership for the racer. ROAR becomes more than just insurance. Many racers never attend a national race. Many do attend races close to home. Regionals which become an "event" will increase membership. Local racing for a championship that includes a large group of tracks increases local excitement. The ROAR product becomes something that is wanted, vs. something that is a a requirement to race at one event a year."

Regional points thread:>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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Eddie - you got my vote...

All the ideas look really good and currently we have someone doing nothing so if you do 1 thing, thats more than we have seen for awhile..

ROAR has a bad rep and needs something and someone positive that is in the Industry and knows laws and rules - Eddie is that man!

I really like the Industry Affiliate idea, as being a Industry Affiliate I am able to use the ROAR Logo for advertisement purposes and $100.00 a yr. is NOTHING to a Company and looking at the list of Affiliates now vs. the number of Companies out there advertising with ROAR wins etc. it should be 20x as big..

Go EddieO-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O
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Old 10-19-2006, 07:31 PM   #84
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Eddie will take it! I see a ROAR reform for the better in our future.
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Old 10-20-2006, 01:40 AM   #85
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Unless Borat announces his candidacy, my vote's with Eddie!

There is actually a lot of great discussion in here, making it worthy of a sticky for a few days at least, I think.
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Eddie - Itís very refreshing to see someone step-up and be proactive to get ROAR back on track. Have you given any thought to ROARs racing infrastructure? I think racing as a whole would benefit by condensing classes! I would love to only see a Novice, Stock, 19t, and Modified class. Also, have a national system in place, that if your a sponsored driver and win a National Level Event in Stock you will be required to move up in class the next year, i.e. limited to running 19t or modified, etc. With all the national level events being run per year you'll have a handful of guys moving up with new winners the following year and so on. I think this would make ROAR a more structured and professional racing organization.

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Old 10-20-2006, 08:32 AM   #87
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Eddie, You mentioned the ROAR bylaws. Are they available on the website? I could not find them anywhere.
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Originally Posted by dasdaman
Eddie, You mentioned the ROAR bylaws. Are they available on the website? I could not find them anywhere.
Generally you must ask the Secretary for a copy of the by-laws. And it may depend on where the organisation is registered because some places may not require them to give out copies, but you can still look at them first handed.

doug - i thought those were the only electric classes we have?
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Old 10-20-2006, 09:14 AM   #89
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I think I've got a copy of the ROAR bylaws on my home computer. As long as there are no objections from a ROAR official, I will post a link when I get home.
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Originally Posted by Mason
doug - i thought those were the only electric classes we have?
Mason - I wish, don't forget about Sportsman Stock, Sportsman 19t, Brushless, and Masters, etc...Its funny to see on a lot of "Big Race" entry forms on the regional level "5 Cars Make A Class" which usually pertains to the additional classes mentioned above ....
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