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Eddie has been one of the best region director`s ever for region 11...
He`s hosted the regionals for us all in off-road & even organize the stock off-road National`s for us this year....

Hard to find another regional director that can equel his efforts ....
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George - I hate to say it, but I actually agree with you...

Debbie - Eddie infact submitted Articles for Rev Up and I have a copy of it as I was CC'd on it, so I think before you make false statements you should check your facts with your friend. The article supports all tracks in the NW and our racing venue, however your friend failed to publish it since they were not so called ROAR Events, even though the tracks involved are ROAR Tracks.

So then you go to other Regions articles and there are articles on NON ROAR Events but for some reason our Region is unable to advertise those when IMO its all racing regardless and its good for the Hobby to promote all Events in our Region to help it grow...
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Wow, I find it amazing about the responses. So what exactly has Eddie done for our region other than host a few races that any track owner would do if able?

Rev up is a ROAR mag. It is not for a series race that is not a ROAR race. You know that. I am sure some articles get thru and are not noticed. Whatever you THINK it should be doesnít matter. Itís what is allowed.

I heard from another track that they offer free ads for some nats. RC CAR for one. Check on it and see if it was not offered. Maybe no one uses them, but still good advertisement for Peel It. Because you did not take advantage of that is not anyoneís fault for the turnout. Not that you had to use them, but they were available. I have had many people in my store see the ads for a nats and buy the mag just for that. Well, and probably the chicks too.

The PT rule as been mandatory since 2005 and there are no problems at any other track. ďThere was over 20 local guys who did not come. I got over 40 emails from people across the nation and we had over 50 calls......ROAR refused to allow a deviation.Ē
That's a good one. On the forums there were maybe 4 or 5 local guys who complained. And PTís were offered for loan. They didnít show.
Well as regional director you explain itís mandatory and thatís it. Itís a rule. No other track hosting a nats had the problems with the PTís.
I do know a few locals couldnít make it, the money involved, vacations, gas prices, or they were involved with the other series going on. I know that was a big hit for you. But there were also guys who just didnít want to go to your track. Period. I had about 6 of MY on road racers go to Nats. I told many people just to go and have a good time. They borrowed trucks or buggies and some went.
Yeah, weíre all mean at our track. And no other track ever says anything unpleasant. Our group of guys goes to more tracks in the area than any other track in the NW. I have always encouraged people to travel to learn how to race better and to meet new racers.

Yeah, no one from your track or any other track in the area ever says anything bad. It's always everyone elses fault.

Iíve held many regionals in my seven years, and yes, I take a loss too. But it matters to me. I donít have the money you do and can drop $10,000 at Vegas at the casinos. No biggie. Itís your money to spend. But donít whine about taking losses on races when you have said on forums and to others that the track is just a tax write off and donít care if the track EVER becomes popular. Itís for R&D. You donít care about the racing. And thatís a fact. I have the e mails.

I didnít say you had to be at the regionals, but find a representive of ROAR. I do believe itís in the rule book. Isnít that what itís about? To keep the rules and regs the same and make sure the rules are consistent throughout the area? And that the racers understand the qual points and what ROAR is about. Youíre right. Most donít care if you are there. But they want to know that if they are going to spend money on a membership and entry fee that a ROAR director will make sure itís a good race.

Look what is going on at the ROAR on road regionals in a couple of weeks. SIRís format was to do 7 heats with points to determine the winner. Is that a regional race? Why didnít he know about formats? Isnít that the regional directors job?
I had to explain to the guy at SIR what a ROAR race was about and the regional titles had to follow certain rules. I suggested he read the rule book. He did and has changed it. He had never even been to a regional event. Shouldnít you make sure they are ready to do one? Luckily there wonít be much of a turn out and it will be easy. But what if he had 50 entries and not a clue. Good job on that one.

So we canít judge you on 10 months of what you didnít do. The promises you made at election time. But we can vote for you for the highest position at ROAR because you have ideas.

And we should kick out Queller who has also had about 10 months to get things organized since he took over.
And he has had 32 years experience in ROAR.
Yep, itís a long time. But I donít think he would continue if he hated it and didnít want to keep working at it. And I would rather have someone with a history of working together and trying to make things better. ROAR hasnít been too bad lately. One or two years ago they really were scary. There are things that still could be better. It wonít happen over night.
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I appologize for all these long posts. I do feel they are important or I wouldn't take the time to do it.
These are a few things that I find questionable from Eddies postings. Some are my concerns, some are from a former IFMAR rep, some are from previous ROAR directors, and some are from Manufacturers.
But these are things that need to be addressed and thought about regarding Eddieís ideas.

It makes it difficult for Tracks to see the point in hosting a regional event and sharing money with ROAR for little/no benefit for the track or the racer.
In all my years as a track owner I have never had to give any money to ROAR. Not sure what that is all about. Itís a starting place for racers to learn about ROAR on their local level.

National Qualifier system:
Right now, simply anyone can get into Nationals if they sign up quickly enough. The problem is this just creates a large club race. Presently club racers and team drivers alike need simply sign up for national events. With the regional qualification system in place, drivers will ALL earn their spot in the national, preventing factory teams from flooding the classes with team drivers. All drivers at the national will have to have qualified at some point before the entries are open for the national. Nationals are usually events that factories can show their product. Pro drivers earn their ranking systems by the national titles they hold. ROAR prevents 'pro sandbagging' at stock events and have rules in place preventing pros from competing. I think the rule book would be helpful for anyone to read.

To have a national qualifying system means NOW you need people to monitor 6,000 members and where they race. Sure, would be ideal to have some kind of ranking system but who tells the guy racing he should be in sportsman and not expert in a class. ROAR members are invited to participate in ANY sanctioned event where they know the rules and will be stable and consistent.

Results from regional championships should be used as the main qualification for nationals. Obliviously a system will need to be in place to allow waivers and such for others who may not of been able to attend regionals, just as IFMAR does with the world championships. However we need to get serious, and send a message that nationals are the biggest title around and you need to earn your spot to be there, not just be the lucky guy who signed up first. Worlds is done like this our nationals should be no different.
IFMAR offers no waivers. IFMAR allows each bloc 30 spots for participation and spots that aren't used by a bloc may be used by others outside that bloc. IE: a WC in the USA will be filled with all our 30 spots with our drivers due to locale but the last off road one in Jarkarta had about 10 ROAR racers due to travel and expenses. There are no waivers. There are alternate lists that a driver may request addition to with the use of a resume that proves their ability to participate at the Worlds level.
Minor local events:

Make it where level 1 events can be sanctioned by ROAR, but do not require ROAR memberships to compete in. This may seem counter productive. Many people donít see the value in ROAR. Allowing these events to be sanctioned will allow them to utilize ROAR rules. Racers will appreciate a clear and concise set of rules that easily accessible to everyone. The goal will be that racers and tracks will begin to see the value in a ROAR membership and hopefully join. If enough of these races begin to happen, they would be the first step in developing a national point system.
The first sentence is nuts. So, have ROAR events but not enforce membership. I thought you wanted to increase membership and the whole organization? Now you donít require it? If a track is a ROAR track and are going to be doing a ROAR race, then let them provide a race that follows ALL the rules to give racers an idea of what ROAR does for rules.
Ok, so letís give liability coverage to somebody who has not paid their premium. Does that work when you get into a car accident? No insurance but youíre covered? Hmmm
If many people don't see the value in ROAR, then do something about it. Thatís the job of regional director. Offer more sanctioned racing at regional level.

National events:

(Snowbirds, Cleveland, etc) --We need to use a similar process with these large-scale races. These events all use a ROAR based rule system for the most part, and 2005 saw the US indoor champs in Cleveland, WAIT for a ruling from ROAR on Two-Stage tires before allowing them to be used at the event. Why let these races use ROAR rules if they are not going to sanction the race? I am confident that if we allow these races to be sanctioned and use ROAR rules but without requiring ROAR membershipsÖ within a few years, we could probably get them to require ROAR memberships. A majority of the racers at these events are more than likely ROAR members already. We need to show the value and importance of ROAR before we shove it down peopleís throats.
If a large race advertises ROAR rules apply but are not a ROAR sanctioned track, yes, I believe it was mentioned before that it is a violation.
But what better advertising of an organization that the most prestigious events, Snowbirds, Cleveland, etc want to use the ROAR rules?
Sure, if Snowbirds was sanctioned, the entry fees would increase due to the membership fees. As President, why not petition the track to go ROAR sanctioning and find a way for participants to utilize the single event membership to cut the costs in half. Why criticize the very organization that this event obviously respects?

We need to quit preaching the main reason to join ROAR is the insurance. To be frank, the insurance is pretty much a joke unless you are a CLUB that uses a park or something to host a race. Any permanent hobby shop with a track or affiliated with a track already has insurance, as do the big race events. The insurance is also very limited. It should be a side benefit, not the main benefit to being a member.
This country loves to sue. ROAR offers liability insurance for protection. Even Eddie has stated he has no problem using his legal staff to enforce what he wants. ROAR insurance allows business tracks to get a reduction in their primary policies because of the secondary policy. I checked on it in the beginning of my track 7 years ago. But all areas of the country are different in their pricing and coverage.
Manufacturer support:

Simply put, we need the companies to step forth and support ROAR. They continue to capitalize on advertising for winning ROAR events. ROAR continues to allow the use of these products in their events. Many companies are becoming more and more race oriented, so itís in their best interest for ROAR to exist and for these titles to be the most prestigious in the land around.

I suggest ALL companies who have approved products be required to be ROAR affiliates. If at any time, they are not, the product becomes unapproved for use at ROAR races. I know this may sound harsh, but the simple fact is, they are using these races as means for testing, developing, and marketing of their products. ROAR needs to capatilize on this and use this for additional funding.
Is Team Brood an industry affiliate? I didnít see your name. Not supporting ROAR unless youíre prez? The affiliate program is specifically for industry persons to have a say as to rules and changes. Industry affiliates are notified before anybody regarding ROAR rules and suggestions for changes.
I have heard you personally and in forums continue to alienate Trinity and they are the only company who have followed the rules for 19T motors and did this based on the rules in place.

Requiring companies to be affiliates also gives ROAR more authority to discipline them for breaking ROAR rules. Again, this may sound harsh, but it happens in a lot of other sports. Fine or Sanctions against teams caught breaking the rules and such will help keep things on the up and up.

Lastly, we need to get the manufacturers to include a ROAR membership form in every car kit and possibly expand this to include information on how to get into racing, where to go, etc. The cost of this would be minimal and would certainly help raise awareness of ROAR to a ton of potential new racers. Go buy a set of poker cards and chips, donít be surprised when you see the information in the package on where and how to get started in playing poker.
I think ROAR membership is always offered at track affiliates and well, again, a good region director is always on the look for new tracks in the area and makes appearances to promote the organization they asked to be elected into. And who will pay this cost for inclusion to kits? The manufacturer?? Force them to become an affiliate so you can force them into your way of thinking? Or.... allow ROAR to be what it was intended.... an organization promoting and providing sanctioned racing for its members with clear and fair rules applied to all.
We all know that about 90% of RC cars/trucks sold are to bashers. Yes, it may bring a few in to check it out, but we know that most just want to play.

Does that mean ROAR now determines rules for products before they are made? Again, is Team Brood an affiliate? If not, why?
If so, do you want ROAR to tell you what kind of motor you can build or do you agree that you should build motors that follow the rules set by all forms of RC racing and apply to all MFG's?

Establishment of National Tracks:

The money saved from the printing and distribution of rev-up can be used to fund National ROAR owned tracks. Non-Profit organizations can have assets, so what better way to use the money? Give us permanent tracks across the nation that can be used for regional, national, and world events. This is a long-term goal, but easily doable with the right support from the membership and the manufacturers.
Is it really worth it? So, ROAR owns a million dollar piece of property to be used, uh... 10 times a year?? Again, who pays for this? Who maintains it?
The leftover $9K in the operating fund at the end of the year? Does the membership fee increase so ROAR can buy and build this facility? Who are you kidding??? Read the financial statements and use some of that accounting knowledge you claim to have... think Eddie. ROAR is non profit and ensures the end of year figures end up so TAXES are not spent. Non profit means.. no assets. No property tax on assets. That's means land and anything else of tangible value. Google 501-c and then talk.

Consistent, Precise and Fair Rules:

Consistent product approvals with ample lead-time and notification of the membership are needed. No more last minute approvals before a race. However not to limit advancements in the technology. The doors need to be opened up to allow for better equipment that lasts longer. Our stone age pricing limits and outdated technology rules are doing nothing but holding back or slowing product development, thus costing racers more money.
Last year, motors were increased by $5.00. Each motor manufacturer was asked what do they need in this day in age and this is the amount EVERY motor company stated. Sorry OEM's didn't find the value in that. Talk about self serving. Of course, if you had read the rule book, you would know this price just increased.
We also need to start publishing when products were submitted, that way the membership will be up to date on what is possibly going to be legal. Not to single out any manufacturer, but the two-week lead-time for the approval of brushless systems that were not commercially available nor gone through the approval process was complete bunk. It tarnished the outcome of the race and made ROAR look very bad.
Yes, I heard from ROAR that the brushless decision last year was bad. We aknow all know that and so does ROAR. Mistakes are for learning. So letís move on. Approval lists are found on the website. Approval rules are listed in the rule book and on the website, under approvals. Each product under an approval policy is very clear as to deadlines for submission. The two week deadline is stock. Check the rule book.
Amendments to the Bylaws to protect the membership from unrecorded meetings and ďgood ole boy clubĒ currently running ROAR from the top. The bylaws of ROAR are meant to be followed; yet they get broken multiple times per year. Accountability is required for Non-profit organizations, and is needed to give the members faith. So what bylaws were broken? I have checked with many of the ROAR people that I have known for hundreds of years and they have no clue.
Rumors do have a way of becoming truth if said enough times.
The bylaw change to include running for president and vice president was done per the bylaws and ensures somebody with commitment and experience will hold the top offices of ROAR.

Isnít that what we want as citizens in ANY election? Even if someone has LOTS of money and talks the talk, doesnít mean he is capable in running ROAR, the state, a hospital, a school or the country.
We want someone with a history of working to make things better. Not a lot of blah, blah, blah. We want someone who works together to make things better for their membership. And someone who can follow rules. And deadlines for reports.

Not to much to ask of somebody wanting to run this organization and prove they are not in for their own ego. What good ole boy club? Isnít that kind of sexist? Time to move on.

So yes, I am saying spend the money in a few different ways. We may come up short, we may need to increase fees, and we may need to get the manufacturers to chip in moreÖ

The proposed uses of the money I am presenting gives a much better and more progressive value than what is being proposed, or has already been invoked by my opponents. Do we really need a national race management team, when we have hundreds of capable tracks around the nation who can run these races? Do we really want to spend the money sending our regional directors to races? Or would we rather reward the members? Maybe I am wrong, but who would be more likely to attend an event because the regional director is going to attend, or because they are given incentive to have faith in and support the organization they are members of?

I know some of my ideas may sound or be similar to ones others have posted, but I have been preaching many of these since last year when I intended to run for vice-president, but because of the new backdoor meeting rule that ExComm had passed, I did not qualify. Many Northwest area racers can back it up that I have been discussing my ideas for a while now.
Rumors again. I checked at the time that it happened and it was NOT backdoor. It was passed and announced. Guess it wasn't sent to you personally. I heard that Randy did mess that up but regardless, the bylaws are required to be reviewed every two years and they were. The policy of what kind of candidate may run only protects the integrity of ROAR. If the whole reason that you ran for region director was to become president, then why didn't you do anything as region director to prove your passion for ROAR is in the right place?
If you wanted to be Vice President, why didn't you state your class committee membership at that time? You were eligible but it makes for better copy to say he was prevented.

As I said, I think Eddie is a nice guy. But I do not feel he has shown any true work for our region to prove that he is capable of taking on a ROAR presidency.

And yes, Eddie may win. All I ask is to think about it logically and how a group of people are supposed to work together.

Yes, I do believe ROAR needs some changes. Itís had a lot of issues in the past and those are being addressed. Why not go with a guy who has the time and knowledge and passion to make it better. Send ROAR some of the ideas that YOU think are possible and better for ROAR.

As I said in my previous post, I donít believe Eddie has the time. He may want to do these things. But you have to have time. With four kids, baseball, 3-4 businesses, magic cards and lots of money, not sure that is equal to lots of time to do a good job.
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Silver I will response from my perspective as the current and retiring region 4 director about the insurance. You mentioned at it is a joke unless you are trying to get land from the city/county or state. I have help numerous persons in the past years get land to promote r/C tracks all over the state of florida. It might be a joke to you but to the tracks we've gotten it is not.Just in the last few years I've talked to people and we have two track either going to be built in stages or already built.
When you make a presentation to a city/county or state person a national organization with insurance and rules is the biggest selling point to get the land to build. Without it you'll have nothing until you use your own funds.
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Why can't a non-profit organization have assets? If no person financially gains from those assets and money made from them and the organization itself uses those assets to better the organization, I would think those assets would also be tax free, unless I read 501-c wrong.

(7) Clubs organized for pleasure, recreation, and other nonprofitable purposes, substantially all of the activities of which are for such purposes and no part of the net earnings of which inures to the benefit of any private shareholder.

Can someone clear this up?
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Hmmmmm.....This is getting interesting.... Eddie?
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Regional qualification for nat's only requires that the host track or regional director, provide a list of racers who qualified. Does not require that one person oversee 6000 racers!
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I know ppl who race up in the Northewest and have read the forums, Debbie just likes to be involved in some sort drama IMO. You would think she was running against Eddie.
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Confusing......first you complain I don't put anything about races in the NW.....then when you were told I did, you complain that they weren't ROAR.....let me bust the news to you debbie....other than regionals, there are very very few sanctioned ROAR races.....in ANY region. Go look at the ROAR website. This region ROAR system has been in decay for years, so I figured it was best to talk about what we HAD going on, then nothing at all. You know...PROMOTE RACING.....regardless of it being a sanctioned race or not. We have to start some where....but I was denied......only to see other regions do it a couple of issues later.....it didn't slip by either. It was simply allowed...

You can hear from another track all you want (aren't these those rumors you are talking about)....I CALLED. It was a $1000+ per ad from RC Driver, RC Car Action, XRC, or RC Car.....yup, I am lying. Thats it....I did some research from other tracks who recently hosted nationals and found they had little return on ads placed.....I felt it wasn't worth the money.

You do know that NOBODY bid on stock offroad nationals right? Randy came to me and ask if I was interested......there was a reason nobody bid on it.....plummetting attendance.

I talked to MANY MANY racers......the calls, PMs, and emails were in the numbers I posted. Local racers do come from the state of Idaho and Oregon....there was over 5 guys from Oregon who did not attend because of the PT rule mainly along with all the other costs.....it was an expensive race to attend as it is....and another $100-$300 in PTs put it over the edge. I had probably 5 guys up from my own track who wanted to race, but didn't because of the PT requirment. They love those house transponders. People actually saying something on RCtech actually only represent a very small percentage of the racers......the calls came nationwide.....always asking the same question "are you going to change the PT requirement".....we had people calling into the week before the race.....yup, but me, maybell, mike, and garrett are all making it up.

As the race host and regional director I explained and explained that the rule was a rule.....I had Dawn go on there and explain also. Feel free to look up the thread....you will see my posts...

ROAR stock nats is unique from ALL of the other nats, because its mostly a privateer race.....there are very few if ANY factory fly boys there.....we had one, Jermey Felles, who was the Losi rep. At other nationals a large percentage of the racers are factory racers. And feel free to ask around......while onroad PTs are the normal.....they are not full accepted in offroad yet. In onroad, if you race, you need 1, maybe 2.....stock and 19t or 19t and mod are the same car.....one PT required. In offroad......3 required for offroad electric if you race all three classes.....gas 1-4 required....now sure, you could switch them.....but then, you might as well just use a house transponder and save $100-$400......

I never said everyone at our track.....I simply said some. You know....the ones that like to post under fake names, like xxxrayted, etc....you know, right after they log out from Silver....

I have tons of friends from your track.....they gotta come up here to buy batteries or motors.....mainly because you have refused to ever stock my stuff, even though I never did a single thing wrong to you....but got kicked out of your shop for giving my three sponsored guys their product cause you didn't know what was going on......remember than NW rule where I must inform Debbie of who I sponsor and such....Debbie must know all.

Please show me an email where I say I don't care about racing.....I have long said I am not going to give into complaining or whining....let alone change who I am by kissing but to get people to my track. They can continue to walk around with their nose in the air....

As for the paved regionals.....Doug asked about switching it to a one day event....I told him that was fine. He posted an idea about the point thing.....he then called and asked if that was legal, I told him NO....that he needed to run qualifiers and mains as per the rule book......he reposted. But I am lying about that too right? Call Doug an ask him....I can provide the cell phone records.....he didn't change it until he talked to me and I had not seen the change he made in his thread until he called.....certainly not my fault and I took action......plain and simple.

There are two ROAR reps in this region.....Randy and I.....thats it. There was promise to get me two assitants.....nothing. I have a asked a few....nobody is really interested in taking the bashing.

I didn't make promises at election time.......make sure you tell the whole story. I posted what I wanted to do, I've done the best I could with this region. Remember NOBODY wanted to run for this spot.....we had two saying they would, then they both dropped out.....so I finally said I would do it. Then you talked Dave back into running because "I would be horrible for the region" I simply did NOT want the job. I wanted to run for Vice President, but there back door rule prevented that....but I did it cause nobody wanted to....and it all worked out in the end, as it gave Dave the time to do the

Honestly Debbie.....if you think you could do such a great job....why didn't you run? Why didn't you fix this region in a year....please, tell us why.

Seven years in business?.....right about the time racing started going to crap in the NW.....

Again, while Queller has been only president for about a year....he has been VP for a while.....VP is still an important spot and he has done little with it, other than be part of the SCARY 1-2 years ago.

Simply put, its time for new blood......me or carl, either works....

Later EddieO
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He shoots, he scores and thats the game!!!!! Eddie is President

Time for change and it needs to start NOW and get rid of the dead weight in there currently!

When you are President Eddie you can always keep Mike around and use him as a paper weight which will be more than he is doing now

BTW - Can someone please pass the Popcorn
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Just wanted to chime in on the non-profit & owning land. Non-profit organizations may own land.

Non-Profit organizations can have paid employees, provided that person does not hold a board vote.

Bullfrog, It wasn't silver that said insurance is a joke, that was Eddie. I agree with you. That was the basis for my track getting approved. Same with the other track I visit in Rock Springs.

Eddie, the question I had before regarding allowing non-ROAR members to race at a ROAR track. How would that affect the insurance? If that happens, you could very well put my track and the track in Rock Springs, and many tracks across the nation that are leased from the City/State out of commission.

Do you like the idea of the RMT? Personally I think the RMT will promote and has already promoted more tracks applying for National events.

I'm not sure which races you are referring to that were posted in the Revup. I do know that the Tumbleweed classic was a ROAR sanctioned race. This was sanctioned under the new rule put in by Mike to allow for ROAR tracks to host ROAR sanctioned events that are considered on a national level, but not a national race. I think this rule change is great, as our track is considering using this to start hosting an event. Currently our track normally only hosts the state race each year. But now that their are 3 tracks in Wyoming, that will change.

The race at 301, I'm not sure about, but any thoughts of conspiracy are out of the window on that race. 301 is located in Carl's region. So no conspiracy there.

Still undecided...
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You are so amazing how you have perceived things in your own mind.
And the hits you made about my track and it went downhill. Attack the sender.
I opened up when no one else would. Spent a lot of money and have had the best record of an on road track. I opened because I love racing. You opened for a tax write off.

Hahaha. I threw you out? How about I go into Peel It during a BIG race, open up a box of products for some Rain racers and in the middle of the pits I start handing out piles of tires, wheels, batteries and motors to racers. making a big commotion and people all wondering what the hell was going on! Yeah, that's very professional to the track.
So you were asked to go out to your car and give them out.
I didn't care that you were sponsoring people, it was fun to see the guys you picked do well. It's just the magnanimous way you did it.

I am not and never was xxxrayted.
SIR? Kevin called me about 3:30. Didn't know anything. Was at the track when Doug came in and I told him to read the rule book. I bet then he called you. You are so full of it.

As I said, it's a ROAR mag. Isn't it important to follow the rules? Yes it's great to promote other racing. How about on this forum? Much better visibility. But doing things your own way is more important.
Promote ROAR, remember?

Yeah, people go up to your track because I don't carry your stuff. So what? I have other companies I like to promote. I don't carry a lot of different companies product. I am not the only one in the NW who doesn't carry your products.

ROAR reps? Isn't that your job to find one? I know Randy, Gary and others have always asked and people helped out.

Eddie we have always had our issues. I think you have done the minimal amount needed as director.
But I don't think you have the time or the background to take on this job of Prez. And that is what this thread is about.
This is my opinion and the opinion of a lot of people in the NW, companies and others.

I have known you for quite a while and I don't hate you. Although the way you dredge up all the things I have done wrong, and you have NEVER done anything wrong.
That seems to be your way is to attack the person who makes comments that you don't like.

I know what you have said about me in the back rooms. I know your plans and I know your ego. As long as everyone goes along and never argues they are safe with you.

And not everyone in the NW feels as you do about me. I have some of the best turnouts of racing in the NW. I am fair and honest with people as much as I can. Yes, I made comments and so have you. Get over it.
You are doing well.
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Originally Posted by Tubaboy
Do you like the idea of the RMT? Personally I think the RMT will promote and has already promoted more tracks applying for National events.

Still undecided...

Can you please explain how having the RMT show up at the nationals helps promote the track or event? I know they do the race tech but instead of flying in 3-5 people along with lodging for 1 week. Couldn't tech be handled by the local track and maybe have one roar official oversee decision making or judgement calls.
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Well somebody has to oversee the qualified people. Who is going to volunteer for that job?
With anything new that happens requires extra help to make things happen. Who is going to do it?
Remember this is a voluntary job.

Yes, getting land can be done. We have a group up here who have got a track going with the city. Some places let you do it.
But can ROAR do it? I and many other owners know how much it costs to start up a track. Who's paying for that?
Maybe in Kansas or North Dakota. No offense, I love those places. Don't think it will happen in Cali at their prices and they have the most racers. Nor up here or in NY. The tax part and laws are just a part of it.
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