What body would be good

  • what body would be good for racing at so cal.
    And exactly what are the overall effects what makes a body have good cornering how can yuo tell.
    also do the wings really do much for such a little car.?
  • I'm not to sure what good at so-cal. I had the same though when I started racing last year. About the wing. Till I got hacked and got sent into the boards. ripped my wing off(use screws that is supplied not just shoe goo like I did) I could not control the car. So yes it does make a difference.
  • Mazda 6
    or stratus 3
  • Applebees food tray...
  • Quote: Applebees food tray...

    Someday, Sean's going to show us that he's running in the A-main with a 12-can fridge pack Dr. Pepper box on his chassis. Then I will believe that aerodynamics don't make a difference in racing.

    While many of us would like bodies that look like real race cars and also perform at the highest level in racing, those two characteristics are usually autonomous.

    Until then, start with what everyone else runs on asphalt until you can tune your car to behave how you'd like with the bodies you enjoy using. For now, stick with the Protoform Mazda 6 or the Protoform Stratus 3.0 All Purpose. After that, some like the Protoform Cadillac CTS-V and the Protoform Nemesis.
  • Sorry I just can not help this, after reading the topic header... (I'm a little supprised someone else has not "jumped" on this one...)...

    Here is a body I would consider "good"...

    What body would be good-heidi-klum-cleavage-max.jpg  

  • Hmmm... FAST looking body -- good on the CURVES -- I'd definitely like to see how it HANDLES...
  • i race at so cal and the best body to me is the protoform mazda 6 overall best handling

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