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junn 05-28-2006 05:42 AM

ESC for Stock

Can anyone please give some info on what is the best ESC for stock silver can racing. At the moment I have a Tekin G12 but my car is so gutless, it has no punch, batteries are good.

thanks for your help

protc3 05-28-2006 06:55 AM

i like the keyence rapida pro.i run it in stock,19 and mod.you can adjust the speedo to whatever type of racing you are doing.and its alot smaller than ther tekin.

terryh 05-28-2006 07:10 AM

For price and performance, I think the MRT MX PRO is about the best on the market, limited lifetime warranty and fully waterproof. Personally, I wouldn't use anything else now. Have a look on there website http://www.team-mrt.com/

Joel Lagace 05-28-2006 08:45 AM

The ESC you have is a high end ESC. So there is no point looking for something else in the quest for more speed. I have a wide range of high end ESC in my pit and i can hardly say that of my 4 esc's i own (all high end) that one is the abosolute top of the 4. In other words i dont feel one will make my car go faster then the others.

Your running a silver can motor and that there is why your car is gutless. If thats the class your running in and you have to run those motors i suggest grabbing a couple of new onces. We used to run a spec TL01 class with these motors and the variance in performance from one motor to the next was incredible. Some are just dogs and some a fast(fast for what they are).

Make sure you running a clean car with very free bearings, also make sure your gearing the motor properly.

Unfortunatly there is no drop in solution for your problem.

I would suggest:
-new motors
-high voltge matched packs... forget run time
-new bearings degreased.
-keep your esc

rc_bam226 05-28-2006 09:01 AM

I agree with Joel. You have a really good ESC. You probably need to lower your gear ratio, get another silver can motor, high voltage batts, and free up those bearings. BTW, how you long have you running the same motor? And, have you performed maintenance on it?

junn 05-28-2006 12:10 PM

thanks guys

I know that the G12 is a good esc, I just got my ass handed to me in stock at our local club by a guy with a TA05, he had heaps more punch out of the corners. He did have new 1300scr batteries that peaked at 1900mah. I am still using old tamiya 1400s.

The motor I have been using is old, I have had it on my old mini. What sort of maintenance do you perform on a silver can?

As far as bearings go my Evo 4 has ceramic bearings which have had about a months use, I clean my car after every race meeting.

Does it help to run the silver can in? if so how do you do it? I have a pulsar 2 with the motor run in function if that helps. I have heard about running them in in a cup of water?

Maybe I should get a motor dyno

Joel Lagace 05-28-2006 04:51 PM

FYI: Getting your ass handed to you is rarely a result equipment unless you have a defective peice. In your case it sounds like the motor and possibly battereis. Does your class force the use of such low capacity batteries? IF so you better get on par with the fast guys and use the same batteries.

Dont take any offence: But is it a possiblity your driving could be to blame? I have seen it many times at my track where guys complain about speed or lack of it and many times they have the best of the best but are simply not driving well enough. The other thing i see go wrong for guys is there driving is good but there gearing is way off and can be off by 2 or 3 pinion teeth. This can really mess up your speed.

The silver can motors have very hard brushes and should be broken in. SEt your charger to 2 or 3 volts and run the motor in for 10 minutes. Make sure you lube the bushings first. Run a fan on it if you can.

PS: dont wast money on a dyno just buy a few motors. Althoug the APS dyno charge is cheap and is a great charger. I have 2 of them and i use the dyno to maintain my motors. With silver cans all you will be able to do is monitor the motors life and select your best motor that you own.

junn 05-28-2006 11:33 PM

thanks for that

I know that my driving is not the problem, I can keep up in the infield but once the track starts to open up I get left behind, out of corners its pathetic to say the least

I have been looking at the Trinity Monster Dyno, I do want to get one as I think it would be a useful tool for monitoring and comparing various motors.

Well Id better go and find a few new motors

thanks to everyone for your help

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