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Default VRC racing

Any of you guys play this game. Also, have any of you heard about a electric version or someone else that might?
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Yes, I do... It is great... It really helps you to improve you driving skills, provided you get the adaptor and use your radio. It is only on-road, and it is only nitro, 1:10 scale and 1:8 scale. Elec version, maybe you will see it in the next 1 to 2 years. I really does not matter if it is nitro or elec, if you turn off your speakers, when you have have elec.

You can get the software and 2 tracks for free, by just going to the web site http://www.virtualrc.com/downloads/freedownlstart.aspx and download the game...

The downside, it is a new simm, so expect some bugs, and do not expect a lot of customer service from them. However, there are a lot of us the check the boards daily and help each other out.... Remember you get what you pay for... and in this case, free really tells the story on the Customer Service side of it... Yes, you can purchase additional tracks, and also run events online, (they use a time trial format, because of the people around the world in different time zones). In the next major release 4.0, you should be able to race with up to 4 of your friends on the same track at the same time, over the internet, currently 1 people can race each other at the same time.

Personally it has helped me greatly... On a scale of 1 to 5, I give it a 3, (I really do not give 5s on anything) but growing with the all the enhancements they are working on.
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Good software, the physics sometimes are strange but the handling of the car is the best i've seen on a simulation so far (closest to what it really is). It's hard to drive without mistakes because it doesn't really matters if you crash, you're not going to break your car. So if you can concentrate in that software it should help with real racing.

An electric version is in the works but no release date yet, don't even know what it will be like.
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Default Driver stand Perspective a little difficult

The game allow you to view the race from the perspective of the drivers stand, behind the car or at the car

Even though I have a 19" monitor the driver stand perpective was tough to use. The "over the shoulder" perspective seamed like the easiest to drive.
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i like vrc, specially for newbie like me
i only been to one track so far, the closet one to my place
so in vrc, im able to try different track without going anywhere
but you must buy the adaptor to use your own radio
controlling with keyboard is a bit frustrating
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Originally Posted by ickvanovs
controlling with keyboard is a bit frustrating
It is more than a little frustrating. I do think the game play is very good though.
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Anyone found adaptors yet ?
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Originally Posted by HVFracingwilly
Anyone found adaptors yet ?
none available in my LHS
my friend bought one from hong kong
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Horizon is going to start stocking them. I highly recommend the game
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Originally Posted by EricO3
Horizon is going to start stocking them. I highly recommend the game
Yep, Horizon should have them mid June...

Eric - have not seen you in the events lately, Francis is all alone in the top 10, he needs you.... LOL!!!! I'm just can not keep us with you guys.... But gaining ground.....
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I strictly race sedans with foam tires on carpet, and I've noticed a dramatic improvement in my driving, racing lines and overall confidence since I started practicing with VRC. I can't give the game enough praise, it's absolutely a wonderful tool to improve your driving skills. Don't be cheap, spend the $40 on the adaptor. It's good to start with Oslo, because after a while with that lame ass track, you'll REALLY appreciate the beauty that is Sydney. Get that one next, but not until you've spent a few weeks with Oslo so you can fully appreciate how lame it is. :-D

I've never raced nitro, or much asphalt, so it took some getting used to. Racing on carpet with all the traction in the world leads to bad driving habits, like the slot car effect. It's so easy to dart into a corner and then dart out, and it's even fast if you get good at it, but it's not the best way. Smooth lines are the way to go, with as little steering as possible. VRC will feel like you're pushing like hell, but once you take the right lines, it's incredibly fast. You'll almost definitely take a ton of steering out of your carpet car the next time you drive it. I went from 100 to 60 on my steering D/R, and was quite a bit faster through the turns.
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i love the game i have never ran nitro before as well and i would have to say it is the best rc games i have ever played. i started with the key board but since i bought the adaptor my improvment is been quite significant.

10/10 for vrc
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Anyone have any good setups to share for this game, I just picked it up, started with oslo and it took me a good 2 hours to even run a 17 sec lap there, it's a lot different than carpet racing. I'm mainly looking for more steering.
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Originally Posted by HVFracingwilly
Anyone found adaptors yet ?
go this web sitr give them a call they have about 3 in stock right now

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