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  • this body is serious stuff!!! If you don't like how it handles, don't mind, you buy the special tunning pack and ends up with a christmas tree!!!
  • I actually like the body. It looks pretty cool to me. Certainly beats the hell out of running the latest 'modled after a 5 year old design' Stratus clone that body makers pump out every 3 months or so.

    Considering how badly attendance is dropping in R/C, maybe we need a few more 'just for fun' bodies on the track. Instead of people obsessing over whats good for carpet...whats good for asphalt.

    If they could find a way to mold the main body as one piece with only the winglets as add on pieces, then I would certainly run one. The design itself isn't too far off from a body like HPI's NSX, so I don't know why they can't make it one piece.

    As is though, the multi-piece design wouldn't last one day on the track, especially during practice when we sometimes share the track with the nitro and/or monster trucks.

    Still cool though.
  • Quote: If you don't like how it handles, don't mind, you buy the special tunning pack and ends up with a christmas tree!!!
    Thats pretty funny!
  • reminds me of the tamiya mini-4wd... on steroids
  • IMO They need to make the cars actually look like cars we see on the road, Lambo's, Porsche's, Ferrari's BMW's etc all look so much better when running around a track than a Stratus or a 6. They just look like they belong on a racetrack rather than an average family sedan
  • cyber formula.... hahahaha wow...

    oooo i love the tamiya 4wd minis...

    i miss this kind of racing...

  • Ahhh... that's fantastic...

    So bloody ugly!! i love it!...

    Does make a nice change from the sea of identical looking stratus's cruising the tracks. I love the look of those tamiya TCS races, and HPi challenge classes where they actually run "real" looking bodies.

    It makes this whole RC thing easier to identify with for spectators. Puts some fun back into racing. I know whenever i'm bashing around with friends, onlookers love spotting their favourite car in our impromtu races.. the whole family gets involved.. Much better than going "for that fast one... the one that's less white than the other one.."
  • Oh man, that is way cool, some old skool stuff. I remember Cyber Formula, I was a teenager! It was actually in 1991 when this cartoon was released. Sure beats Speed Racer.

    Drifting??? That's funny. Drifting wasn't even invented when Cyber Formula was out.


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