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Alvin 10-24-2001 10:45 PM

Balancing a touring car
I just bought some HPI weights yesterday to balance my car. My ESC weights in around 100+ grams with the wiring+dean plug. Receiver and Servo around 90 odd grams together. While I guess I can balance the car left and right more or less with a kitchen scale, I'd like to know about weight placement front/rear. How should I place such weights, or should I just balance the car left/right and leave it like that?



PS: I use Tekin G12, 3003 and TA04r, and some futaba fm receiver. Fully loaded without weights the car is ALREADY 1.6kgs :(

imataquito 10-25-2001 12:24 AM

um ... i think u will have to balance the weight all around the car but the front/rear balancing isn that important it will only enables u to shift weight balancing during acceleration and slowing down it can be helpful as it will help determine the understeer/oversteer chateristis of your car during entry and exit ftom a turn - this effect can also be achived by adding spring preload or spacers

the left right balance is more important
it helps keep the car turning neutral on both sides(same radius) and by balancing the left and right sides it will enable the front -right and left and the rear-right and left to have same amount of preasure when turning in their respective directions thus enabling better control and stability..
it also eliminates the pulling to one side effect during hard braking( if u use brakes - i dont LOL )

ok i will try to keep my post short lol ..

and about the kitchen scale ... well actually yes u can but i think an electronic scale would be more accurate but if u have to compromise on a kitchen scale i think its ok
after all nothing's PERFECT and even if ur cars balancing is perfect a slightly bent rim might screw things up

u should make the car flat/same level with the scale when u take the measurements thats all ...
example left side support and right on scale - same level and vice versa
then add weights till its balanced ...

Alvin 10-25-2001 02:31 AM

Do you do this chassis tweak after or before balancing the car?

Previously I did not have weights, and I just did the tweaking thing above, after I got the tweak removed supposedly I found that the heavier side of the car was higher (i.e. left higher than right side in my case). I guess that's wrong as I think the springs on either side should not have too much difference in compression.

I also felt my car could turn better to one side compared to another.

LOL I am back on my tb01 again while my TA04 awaits parts (dun let ppl drive your car!), and that is a one-way equipped car. I had to re-learn how to drive! I think that after I played 4wd and then play one-way, the one-way IS faster! The turn radius off-throttle is amazing! No brakes too :)

Speedo 10-25-2001 05:08 PM

Most touring cars come fairly well balanced already, and if it is already heavy, I would leave it.

imataquito 10-25-2001 09:17 PM

Do the tweak after balancing ur car with weights.

try http://www.rccaraction.com and look 4 untweaking suspension in the articles - just found it

make sure that your car does not have any part of the suspension *binding* when iu tweak it cause it will make make tweaking the car WAY off ( after tweak it will b worst cause the binding will cause some inbalance in the suspension )

the suspension must be smooth and move under its own weight or naturally with the cars weight without any other external force applied to it it must compress nicely and extend fully with out any binding while its fitted on the car

check the oil in the suspension and the rebound on it .. make sure they r the same - extend at the same time or equal from left to right the check shafts for bent or scratches cause they cause binding also check if the inbound stroke (compress) has Equal resistance while compressing and while extending they move together at the same speed check the piston to see if they r binding up and lastly check the psiton holes to see if they r stuck

(once i had 3 hole on my right and 2 hole on my left suspension)
lol a RUSH job the car was weird left turn it oversteared and the right understeared

i think most cars come balanced so there should not be too much tweaking or compression when u compare it from the right to left .

HAHAHA :D :p ;) what happen to the o4? what did u/the person u lent it to smash ?
hehe u using dual one way?? lol its hard to control need some gettin used to
not only the turn radius is amazing ... do try this when the parts arrive

go to a asphlat/tarmac car park which is clean and big go full trottle then let off fullt and turn hard into a imaginary apex and when the front end of the car reaches the middle of the apex FULL BLAST out u will see how the car turns :D it will NOT* drift out like full 4wd imagine that if u could master this skill on the track. :D:D:D
and yeah if u spin while punchng the trottle comming out of the imaginary apex try to tune for more REAR grip untill u dont spin
if u r using a mod motor say 10x3 dont punch the trottle soo soon - u WILL spin

learn how to drive one way setup and in no time u will very fast in the track
good luck learning :p

Alvin 10-26-2001 02:10 AM

Thank you for the tips people! I will be getting an el-cheapo kitchen scale soon plus a caliper.

No lah my 04 problems can be summarised as: Too many cooks spoil the brooth :) I still can't believe after what happened to my tb01 before (lent to ppl, and broke stuff!) I still let ppl drive my new car :(

The 04 is still 4wd, another reason I not using it because I'm waiting for my one-ways and alum steering to come in. The LHS owner refused to order in for me because she knew it was my exam time :flaming:

I am kinda using my 01 as the platform for my one-way learning (relearning).... problem between shaft and belt is the bloody 01 off throttle can still carry alot of speed. But I am getting the hang of the one way, drive without braking etc. I feel the key to driving one-ways is the proper lining of teh track. If I manage to drive along the correct lines it is a blast!

Whereas 4WD, if I misplace my car on the wrong line I can still tap brakes to "drift" the car through. And since can brake it makes much easier to avoid collisions :) Fun to watch but I am sure the timing ain't as good as taking proper lining.

Next time if I got the time and funds I must go malaysia and play with ya bud! The tracks there seem super!

imataquito 10-26-2001 09:04 PM

hehehe i know but if u dont lent to people they kinda like avoid u in future :( i got it already .. now NO -MO trying unless we r on a OPEN space where all the bumps are way apart :)

hehe theone way is a blast but if its too diff to get used to it with dual one way cause its a bit twichy try using the center one way (04) tbo1 well unless they have a one way in the shaft :p .....

lol the track 'LOOKS' super but its actually very bumpy... i kinda stopped plaing there 4 more then 6 months or should i say stopped playing my car 4 6 months :(
ohh well maybe its time to get back once i upgrade my stuff

i m still using equiptment which i bought for my 1st car a TL01 kinda low-end and dated stuff :(

stuf in malaysia a bit EX- la compared to sing so once i have time and everything goes well Sing here i come :D
hehe i want to learn most things about the car so once i upgrade i dun need to ask too many questions...
and i wont get the problem u call -"too many cook spoil the brooth" - i know hows it's like i am also a newbie b4

Alvin 10-26-2001 09:48 PM

well next time I will be butt steady in my refusals to lend my transmitter :)
Unless they pay deposit of S$50 bucks for any damages suffered :)

At least u guys got a proper place to play! Singapore here no space for such stuff. Wish got something BIG like the tracks I see in the Tamiya website, whoa cool boy. Can host touring car championships maybe :sneaky: then I can snoop around learn some stuff heheh.

imataquito 10-28-2001 08:08 PM

hehe go to the seremban 2 track ..... um how to get there is a big problem .... i know how to get there but dunno the directions- just know where to turn when i get there :D

its infront of komplex sukan ( new one ) and its surrounded by tall 'lalang' around its perimeter so u wont see the track but if u have sharp eyes u whould see part of drivers stand above the lalang at about 50 m away

i think u can play go kart on that track lol :p
and it makes a mod car looks SLOW HAHA
and they also have 1/5 scale cars -sometimes:blush:
the road is super sooooth and u can run a super stiff setup - u better run super stiff setup or u will flip ....:sneaky:
and its a no-brakes track
and dont b mistaken ... its a CLEAN TRACK ;)

i dont play there often - only once and i almost fell asleep waiting 4 the car to cross the finishing line feels sooo slow !!!!!:weird:
10x3 on 5.6 gearing - stillll slow paced on thet track compared to stock on the track in JB !


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