help me decide!!!!!!!!!

  • narrowed it down to three cars.

    schumacher SST Mission

    tamiya TRF414MII

    and a XXX-S Graphite plus

    please help me decide.
  • I decide almost always with 2 questions in mind:

    - What do you look for in a car?

    - Parts availability?
  • tc3
  • MISSION is way cooler,
  • TC3
    TC3 all the way!!!!!!!!
  • XXX-S G+
    I've never owned a schumacher SST Mission nor a tamiya TRF414MII but I do have the XXX-S G+.

    The XXX-S G+ is awesome!

    For me the XXX-S G+ is a great car for a tight track, but the TC3 is better when more straight-a-ways are involved.

    These cars work better for my driving style.
  • I say mission
    but some info would be handy
    are u street racing or with a club
    are u good at set up or looking for something straight forward
    what parts does ur local hobby shop have more available
    How much of a budget are u racing with..some manufacturers more expensive..up in canada schuie is a bit more $$
    I still say mission
  • the TRF is my dream car.
    can parts availability be an issue with tamiya?not unless u live with penguins or somethin'

    my $0.02
  • The problem with the tamiya is not parts availability it's the cost of parts,The Schumacher is a nice car,but parts availability is a problem in some area's,and from what I've seen they do have a problem with belts(breaking)and the front end.The xxxs is a good car also but it to has it's problems,it has breakage problems(but parts are cheaper & easy to find.)Is the car for race or play?If you plan on racing,go to the local track and see what most racers are running and who's willing to help
  • Listen to Kenneth Tan and RacerB.

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