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Old 02-10-2008, 12:14 AM   #46
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Originally Posted by mild seven View Post

heres a link to our clubs code of conduct (u have to download it) which basically has what is right and wrong in a overtaking manovure or what do when lapping or being lapped etc


hope this helps
i take it you guys like your tamiyas
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If I have a pretty good lead, I just follow the slow guys until they crash. You'd be amazed at how much they are susceptible to pressure. I'm not trying to be an a**hole, but too many ppl complain of how they get "passed" so I just wait for them to screw up now. But I'm getting complaints now that I am harrassing them...

Either way, being fast is not easy.
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Old 02-10-2008, 02:48 AM   #48
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Originally Posted by Darkseid View Post
A couple of my thoughts on this issue.

-As previously stated...a good race director is key He/she should not only call out that the leader is coming up, but should call out which car its coming up on and who it is trying to get by. And of course, it helps if the race director knows the racers. But if he doesn't, use car discriptions.

-Racers have the right to race whether its for the lead, or for 9th and 10th. So if the leader is coming up on two cars battling for their position, he/she can't expect both cars to just park and let him by.

-Sometimes its hard to get out the way I think we make getting lapped sound a little easy sometimes. I mean if you have someone coming up on you, they're likely faster. Question is, where do you let them by? A good spot for you, may suck for them, and vice versa. And if they're A LOT faster, the person getting lapped may not have much time to think about 'how' to let the leader by.

-The leader doesn't own the track Believe it or not, the leader doesn't own the track. Blue flags and race directors may say that people need to let the leader by, but that doesn't mean they have to park off the racing line to do it. Sometimes the LEADER is the one who has to go off line to get by. It may not be ideal, but it may be required.

-Learn to drive straight!!!Many of the lap traffic problems I have seen have occured...amazingly enough...not in the corners, but on the straight away. Why? Cause people can't drive straight! The leader, who usually has more motor...thus why their the leader , tries to make a clean pass, but 'bucky crocked eyes' down the stand can't drive his/her car straight. So you end up with a leader rear-ending a lapper, and the leader looks like the bad guy.

-Racers do have memories So when guys simply plow lap traffic out of the way to get by quicker without even giving them a chance to move, you can expect that person to not be so inclined to get out the way in the future...so play nice.

A race director should warn overlapped cars ( slower cars ) when leaders, or overpassing cars are about to pass him.

This is just my tip : When my car being approach too rapidly, I can assume a better driver is about to overlap me, and I should open wide or slow down on the next corner.

I also try to remember the color theme of my friends' car before start, so I know who can pass me easy ( better driver ) and who has to fight first ( same skills ).
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Originally Posted by Mitchell View Post
i take it you guys like your tamiyas
lol yeah. tamiya supports our novice and mini classes or sumfin like that so yeah its a very tamiya club except for 5 cell mod which is pretty much all RDX's and my cyclone.
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Old 02-10-2008, 11:17 PM   #50
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bunch of filipino's in Saudi Arabia racing RC cars?

Sounds like the plot of a movie!
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Old 02-11-2008, 02:55 AM   #51
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I usually say "red car lapping" or something like that and usually I dont have a problem, I always like to say thank you too. Manners dont cost anything and the lapper remembers you for that too, rather than hack and run.

Trouble is some people are too concentrated on their own car to hear you, or just dont want to listen...
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Old 02-11-2008, 03:41 AM   #52
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Default It's True

Originally Posted by chicagokenji View Post
bunch of filipino's in Saudi Arabia racing RC cars?

Sounds like the plot of a movie!
No, it happens that we meet by this thread....

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Our annoucer usually will call out names to who is the leader and who is in danger of getting lapped.....Qualifers.....I do the Harry Gant thing and run my race and give room but try not to ruin my run...In the main....well... it is a race. If your off .....well move over a bit and tuck in and follow if you can....If I was caught up in a wreck and was down in the order from it.....well I keep going and make them earn the pass....everyone bobbles a section ....so they can pass then. Anything can happen...I've seen almost lapped cars come back and win..
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Usually there is a reason someone in hanging inthe back of the pack.Some my have there cars damaged sometime during the race and just want to finish. Some just don't have a handle on how to drive the car.Some get nervious while you over take them. And then their are some that know who you are and will take you out every chance they get.At least that what I've experenced over the many years.
Now if you've got a group you've been racing with just talk to one another on the drivers stand.Even if you don't know their name a quick description of the car your trying to over take and which way your trying to pass them will help.
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Old 02-11-2008, 10:03 AM   #55
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and that's why so many newbies get turned off by racing. This is a hobby, not the indy 500 people. I am lap traffic, I go to the track maybe 3-4 times a year. When I do I hear the same crap at the track. Get out of the way, Im coming behind you, and I get ticked. We are not at the Birds or even a state race. These are club races where newbs practice and just have fun. I can understand if I am in a state race or a national event, but at the club level?? When one of the fast guys tells me get out of my way I usually end up wrecking, its hard enough to keep my car in the groove and up to speed. In some occasions I have caused more trouble by accomodating to the faster drivers in the form of massive wrecks!! My new rule is if you are faster get around me, Im not giving an inch. Some of you guys need to relax, this is supposed to be fun..
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Old 02-11-2008, 10:59 AM   #56
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We have guys locally that have a hard time getting around the track let alone pull over. The thing is, these guys aren't the problem for me. They go off line every few corners anyway. You just go around them and it's no big deal. As they get better, you might even have to move over for them.

It's the "better" drivers that are the problem. In qualifying, you're supposed to let the faster cars go. Maybe not in the first corner that they catch you but within 3 at least. If you're 3 laps down in the main, just move over a little and the faster car can go by. It's not all that hard if you're a decent driver.

So, the leaders need to give the slower guys a little time and the slower guys need to move if they can. It's not that hard.
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Old 02-11-2008, 12:03 PM   #57
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I've always used good racing etiquette at the track even if it costs me winning a race: Stay out of the leaders' way if he's lapping me and wait for a car to overtake me in case I accidentally hack someone. That said, I have a $h!t list and once you're name is on it, it never comes off. If a driver can't extend respect to me, I quit playing Mr. Nice Guy with him, but that doesn't mean I ever start screaming at anyone. I prefer to get revenge on the track.

One thing I've noticed is that most of the hotheads who scream at noobs for not getting out of the way aren't even very good drivers themselves.
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only read the orginally post,,

first off let me say, i understand your pain, oh boy do i understand you pain, (my next paint job will be of a football, let the punting begin).

however you make a couple of statements i have a different view of, you say the race for 1st is more important then the race for 8th, sorry can't agree, and i sure the guy in 7th,8th, and 9th would also disgree with you,

as far as getting hit by a back marker, well there is a reason hes in 8th and not in 2nd. probably just thrilled to death to make the a,

some tracks call the leader, some don't, some guys "let" you pass, some make you "work" for it.

at a recent race, myself and another driver were in a heated battle for position, 1st place came up on us, RD called leader, but he was gracious enough to call out on the drivers stand, you guys keep racing, i'll stay back. (he had enough of a margain not to worry and it was close to the end of a race) most guys don't do that either.

is there a answer, yes, its call a RD and a drivers meeting. at least thats my take on it.
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Old 02-11-2008, 09:55 PM   #59
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Originally Posted by T-Money86mcss View Post
but just realize that if you are battling for 8th place; the battle for the lead is more important
Why is their battle for position less important then yours?

Edit-This is an old thread.....
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Hi guys. Here's my add to this thread:

I was racing at the weekend and happened to get into the lead of the 12th a fainal. The top guy from the club was in second position right on my tail for over 30 laps (8 minute racing). The other guys in the final know who's colour scheme is who's so when we went towards back markers, they kindly pulled right out of the way for us to continue with the lead battle (which was really good of them). At one point I made a mistake which caused the other guy to hit the back end of my car and end him up on his roof. Because it was no ones fault, I waited until he got marshalled and then continued with the race (another good point to do). In the end, I went flat on the last lap and he got past for the win, I got second, but we got a round of applause from the watching crowd because they had seen a great race, with no one doing anything dodgy. No take out's from back markers and clean racing from the leaders. I have also raced at national level, and that was no where near as good an experience! I had someone in my heat that was ment to be one of the better guys from the series but in one of the heats, I was clearly quicker than him but he did not want to accept it. I got held up for ages by this clown, even though I had said "yellow car on the straight, could you let me by mate coz you're holding me up" in a polite manner. I then thought that the race director would say something over the mic, but as he was one of the guys friends, he did n't say anything either. In the end (after 20+ laps of being held up), the guy went wide in a corner and I went through. He then totally shut the door on me sending both his and my cars off the track! To top it all, he then shouted a rude ramark out from his end of the rostrum and the race director gave me a stop and go penalty!! I complained at the end of the heat that the guy had been holding me up for most of the heat but as the director was one of the guys friends, it feel on deaf ears. There you go, my experiences....

All the best, Chris.
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