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  • I said before, I have used them, they hit, I had an indicating noise going round the corner. Only hit when I turned, ran them for long enough and eventually the piece it was hitting on did it's job and wore them down.

  • Just had a look at them, about a cm out from the axel hole they hit, for about 1/2 cm. You would have to file off no more than 1mm to get them to work. 0 offset.
  • Hmmm....Might be worth a look then. The rear arms are cut so they hopefully won't be a problem.
    I also have some Tamiya wheel adapters which widen the car ever so slightly and they might be helpful too.
  • Thanks guys.
  • Unless you use the beefy rear arms they won't hit in the back, I know my Dad put some of the worlds arms on and they hit a little.
  • Hey guys, I have a Yokomo special for sale on Ebay, auction ends today it has ZERO bids ....kind of surprising to me, but maybe an opportunity for someone to pick up a great car real cheap!!!

    Here's the listings:

  • Thats a pretty impressive list! You getting out?

  • No a friend of mine is getting out and I bought all his stuff. Kept what I wanted and selling the rest.
  • Yeah, I've done that...haven't sold all yet, but got an awesome deal on it, plus there is alot I want to keep.

  • I just heard from a reliable source that the new Yok may be a front shaft driven rear belt car. Interesting...
  • wow, front shaft, rear belt? That is different! Where did you hear this?

  • Sounds like TTT gossip to me..
  • whats ttt?
  • Quote:
    Originally posted by was ist los?
    whats ttt?
    Trinity Tech Talk

  • front shaft, rear belt?

    doesn't sound right..........in fact from a design point of view it's weird to implement something like that.

    guess we have to wait and see.

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