Glow Plug problem?

  • I just got my fuel and what not on for my new Jato. Anywho I put the E-ZStart starter thing in and the motor part lights up, but the glow plug doesn't. I was thinking maybe the battery pack isn't fully charged yet? Thanks for input guys, I feel like such a newbie.
  • sounds like a bad plug to me ,time to get a new one and atleast 2 .should always have a spare plug, that atleast would tell you if your initor is dead or your plug
  • I charged my battery pack up a bit and I had the glow plug out but still attached to the wire, I tried and it lite up, now when I put it back in it wouldn't fire, could it have something to do with the wire not being down enough on the glow plug?
  • I think what I did was when I pulled it out the first time the spring in there sorta stretched, could that cause it?
  • sometimes on those ez starts the glow wire doesn't work so I always find it best to get a glow igniter
  • Well I charged it up and it still doesn't show that it's lighting much do glow ignitors go for?

    Also, do you think I could find it at my local hobby shop?
  • I stuck a piece of foil in the slot where the glow plug wire would stick into the EZStarter, and I pushed the button and didn't feel anything, does that mean it's messed up?
  • do what andy said and get yourself a glow ignitor i seen a lot of those easy starts fail
  • For the moment I'm just charging up my EZStarter and see if that helps. I'm going to see my mom on Monday, which she is filthy rich, but hopefully we'll find some stuff up there.

    EDIT: I put the blue wire without the glow plug in it against the engine? And it I think it is my glow plug. Anywhere I can get new ones online? And how do I know what kind I need?

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